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Posterscope Guide to Convergent Out-Of-Home Belgium

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Posterscope Guide to Convergent Out-Of-Home Belgium

  1. 1. PosterscopeGuide to Convergent Out-of-HomeBelgium 2012
  2. 2. In collaboration with Isobar, Google, Havas Media Digital, JC Decaux and Clear Channel.The data contained in this publication is non-exhaustive and provided for general information purposes only. Please note that every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of theinformation at the time of its inclusion. However, Posterscope shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for the use that readers may make with the content shown in this document. Inthe event of any doubt or misunderstanding, we strongly recommend to contact Posterscope.All rights reserved by the authors. Partial or entire reproduction of the works and texts published in this book shall only be authorised with the agreement of the authors.Member of Posterscope Worldwide.Managing Editor : Benoît Van CottemCopy : Alessandro Asproni & Valérie De CosterPrepress : Tom Delahaye & Valérie De CosterPrinting : Imprimerie Triumph2
  3. 3. ContentsGlossary 4Introduction 6Drivers of OOH Convergence 7Impact on the Consumer 17Opportunities Arising 18 Video 19 Influencing Digital Behaviour 26 Gateways to Mobile Content 39 Networked OOH 48 Engaging Interfaces 62 New Planning Data 70Want More? 71 3
  4. 4. GlossarySMARTPHONEThere is no standard definition that clearly delineates a smartphone, however the following requirements arecommonly accepted for designating smartphones : PC-like functionality with a dedicated operating system,Internet connectivity and mobile browser, hardware or software-based keyboard, embedded memory, abilityto download applications and run them independently.QR CODE (Quick Response Code)Two-dimensional code used to provide easy access to information through a smartphone on which a QRCode reader is installed. Once the code reader app is activated the user must shoot a picture of the codein order to access to the stored content, which can be a phone number, text message, plain text, an URL, ...The code’s creator can track information about the number of times a code was scanned and its associatedaction taken, along with the times of scans and the operating system of the devices that scanned it.4
  5. 5. GlossaryRFID (Radio Frequency IDentification)Data collection technology that uses electronic tags for storing data. Unlike bar codes, which must be in closeproximity and line of sight to the scanner for reading, RFID tags do not require line of sight and can be em-bedded within packages. Depending on the type of tag and application, they can be read at a varying rangeof distances.NFC (Near Field Communication)Wireless technology that enables the exchange of data between devices in close proximity to each other,typically mobile phones. A NFC tag can also easily be affixed to almost any accessible poster site in order forusers in possesion of a NFC-enabled device to communicate with the ad.OS (Operating System)Master software on a computer or smartphone that allows it to run other applications developed for that plat-form.AR (Augmented Reality)Combination of real-world and computer-generated data. Use of live video imagery digitally processed and«augmented» by the addition of computer-generated graphics. 5
  6. 6. Guide to Convergent Out-of-HomeIntroduction osterscope is the world’s leading Out-of-Home Communications agency. We aim to continually buildP understanding of the role of Out-of-Home in the connected economy and make Out-of-Home cam- paigns easy and accountable for our customers to execute.Traditionally the past drove the present, but in today’s world, the future drives the present. Technology plays agrowing role in the way brands are built, which in turn changes how people behave, especially when they areout of the home. One unifying theme is that of convergence.You can now access the Internet through your TV, watch TV on your mobile phone, video content can be foundon all manner of screens and, of course, the number and variety of devices that enable web access out-of-home is growing enormously.Meanwhile the definitions of media, content and technology are increasingly blurring. This convergent worldpresents an enormous range of opportunities for brands to derive even more value from the Out-of-Homemedium.This guide outlines some of these opportunities and associated case studies. It attempts some segmentationbut of course the nature of convergence means that areas constantly overlap and blur. It is also not intendedto be exhaustive and you can keep up to date with the latest developments at PioneeringOOH.com http://pioneeringooh.com/6
  7. 7. Drivers of OOH ConvergenceConnectivitySource: Google / TNS Infratest - « Mobile,Tablet & Inter- Source: IAB 2012net Usage » - May 2012 - Target 16+ Smartphone users 7
  8. 8. Drivers of OOH ConvergenceConnectivitySource: Deloitte Source: Renub research8
  9. 9. Drivers of OOH ConvergenceSophisticated DevicesSource: Google / Ipsos - «Our Mobile Planet : Belgium» Source: Isobar - Chocolate Barometer - Feb 2012 - Uni- Source: Isobar - Chocolate Barometer - Feb- May 2012 - Universe 16+ verse 15-70 yo 2012 - Universe 15-70 yo 9
  10. 10. Drivers of OOH ConvergenceSophisticated Devices Worldwide Mobile Operating Systems Market Share Source: Isobar - Chocolate Barometer - Feb 2012 - Universe 15-70 yoSource: Digitimes Research 2012 Source: GFK Retail & Technology 201110
  11. 11. Drivers of OOH ConvergenceSmartphone User profile Dutch speaking French speakingSource: OPAb - Mobile Study - March 2011 - Universe: Surfer 18+ 11
  12. 12. Drivers of OOH ConvergenceDigitalisation & Networking OOH12
  13. 13. Drivers of OOH ConvergenceConsumer AdoptionSource: Banksys Bancontact / Mister Cash 2012 Source: Google / TNS Infratest - « Mobile,Tablet & Inter- net Usage » - May 2012 - Target 16+ Smartphone users 13
  14. 14. Drivers of OOH ConvergenceConsumer AdoptionSource: Isobar - Chocolate Barometer - Feb 2012 - Tar- Source: IBM 2012 Source: IAB 2012get: BE Smartphone owners - Universe 15-70 yo14
  15. 15. Drivers of OOH ConvergenceConsumer AdoptionSource: KCPB internet trends Source: eBay Source: Mobilethinking.com 15
  16. 16. Drivers of OOH ConvergenceConsumer Adoption 72 %Source: Google / Ipsos - «Our Mobile Planet : Belgium» - Source: IAB 2012 Source: Immobi - Average on 165 countriesMay 2012 - Universe 18-64 yo16
  17. 17. Impact of the Consumer Content Commerce The content What they buy they consume and how they and how they buy it consume it Mobility Social What they do and How they how they do it in connect, interact different places and share 17
  18. 18. Opportunities Arising NETWORKED OOH ENGAGING INTERFACES Mobile + OOH gaming Real-time optimisation Refreshed content Enabling sharing Digital control of physical world INFLUENCING DIGITAL BEHAVIOUR App downloads & usage Online OOH Web traffic Public utility Coupon redemption Personalised content Social media on screens CONVERGENT Social media usage Search Data as content OUT-OF-HOME VIDEO Live broadcasts Cross-Platform video Re-defining the video screenNEW PLANNI NG DATA GATEWAYS TO MOBILE CONTENT QR codes NFC RFID Visual search Mobile augmented reality18
  19. 19. VideoIntroduction ne of the most important changes to the OOH media landscape in recent times has been theO introduction of video-based content to the medium. This led many people to treat these new formats as outdoor TV which in most cases is entirely inappropriate. Having said this there are many digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) formats that can be planned alongside other video based media as long asdistinct audience measurement techniques, price benchmarking, consumer insight, spot length/frequencyoptimisation and creative optimisation are taken into account.Posterscope is the only OOH agency with a comprehensive proprietary planning system (Prism Screen) thattackles many of these areas and makes the planning of DOOH and cross platform video activity quick andaccountable.The nature of OOH video content can also be particularly broad. For example, projection technology iscompletely redefining what constitutes a video screen. 19
  20. 20. VideoIntroduction15-18 YO (155 AFFINITY INDEX)18-24 YO (120 AFFINITY INDEX)Source: Posterscope Belgium - Out-of-Home Consumer Survey - Target: Total 15-64 yo20
  21. 21. VideoCross Platform Video 15-18 YO (193 AFFINITY INDEX) 15-18 YO (144 AFFINITY INDEX) 18-24 YO (138 AFFINITY INDEX)25-34 YO (123 AFFINITY INDEX) MEN (130 AFFINITY INDEX)18-24 YO (120 AFFINITY INDEX) STATIONS VISITORS* (120 AFFINITY INDEX)Source: Posterscope Belgium - Out-of-Home Consumer Survey - Target: Total 15-64 yo(*) Min. once to 3 times a month 21
  22. 22. VideoCross Platform Video The proliferation of OOH screens allows brands to extract greater value from the production of video- based content, furthermore brands benefit from reaching light TV viewers who tend to be heavy consumers of OOH. Planning DOOH alongside TV, Video-on-Demand and the like might involve some creative adaptation but this is generally cost effective and OOH agencies can help with this. This is more about reach and targeting rather than innovation and is often overlooked by cross-media planners. In many countries the audience is huge.Credits: Belgium - BMW, Posterscope, Carat, G&Co Credits: Belgium - ING, Posterscope, Carat, Euro RSCG Credits: Belgium - Total, Posterscope22
  23. 23. VideoLive Broadcast Very few DOOH networks offer live video as an ‘off-the-shelf’ product but many can be enabled with some technical modifications. http://bit.ly/IwD4CFFive USAThe UK based TV channel created the first campaign to incorporate a live international video broadcast. A camera placed in TimesSquare, New York fed a video-stream to cross-track projection screens on the London Underground.Credits: UK - Posterscope, Vizeum, Brooklyn Brothers, CBS 23
  24. 24. VideoRe-defining the Video Screen The rise of projection technology, often combined allowing almost any surface to become a video screen. http://bit.ly/HCsBA7 http://bit.ly/HFD93jJordan sportswear combined building mapping with an For the launch of the new Toyota Auris Hybrid the car itself‘exploding’ water projection. was used as the projection surface.Credits: USA - W+K New York Credits: Glue Isobar24
  25. 25. VideoRe-defining the Video Screen Numerous campaigns have utilised ‘projection mapping’ but the vast majority of consumers will never have experienced them in real life. Earned media is key to driving value unless locations have enormous or highly relevant audiences. This technique is still very much in vogue but will no doubt be surpassedby one of the other jaw-dropping technologies that are on the market or in development.For the launch of the new Battlefield game: a combination of Nespresso: 3D building mapping.XXL and mobile projections.Credits: Belgium - EA / Dice, Mindshake Credits: Belgium - Nespresso 25
  26. 26. Influencing Digital BehaviourIntroduction he ability to influence the actions that people take on PCs, laptops, mobiles and other connectedT devices such as tablets, e-readers, media players, portable gaming consoles and internet enabled TVs is of course a core requirement for any media these days.The case studies throughout this section demonstrate the power of OOH media in this whole area. And thegrowth in the relative importance of mobile is making OOH an even more crucial part of the communicationsmix.This section is not just about mobile and portable devices. Influencing actions taken on fixed devices at homeor work is still important.26
  27. 27. Influencing Digital BehaviourMobile Internet UsageSource: Facebook Source: Latitude Digital Marketing Source: KPCB Internet trends 27
  28. 28. Influencing Digital BehaviourMobile/Internet Usage OOH Where Smartphone is used?*(*) Source: Google / Ipsos - «Our Mobile Planet : Belgium» - May 2012 - Target: Private smartphone users who use the internet in general - Universe: 18-64 yo28
  29. 29. Influencing Digital BehaviourMobile/Internet Usage OOH Place of use Time of use 100% 94% 88% 89% 90% 86% 87% 88% 83% 80% 72% 70% 70% 69% 60% 58% 58% 67% 62% 53% 50% 55% 48% 53% 51% 44% 40% 42% 41% 38% 30% 36% 95% 54% 38% 20% 10% 0% 6-9h 9-12h 12-14h 14-17h 17-20h 20-24h SMARTPHONE TABLET PORTABLE COMPUTER FIXED COMPUTER When I travel / commuteSource: OPAb - Mobile Study - March 2011 - Target: surfer 18+ 29
  30. 30. Influencing Digital BehaviourDriving App Downloads & Usage The nature of many apps and the times at which smartphones (& tablets) are used for non-voice activities is making OOH media a common choice to influence app downloads & usage. http://youtu.be/3eyGIzPjgmcBNP Paribas Fortis launched its Easy Banking app using a large size iPhone reproduction to let the public discover the benefitsof the application and to incite people to download it on their own mobile device.Results: 100.000 mobile banking sessions per month.Credits: Belgium - BNP Paribas Fortis, Havas Media, Publicis30
  31. 31. Influencing Digital BehaviourPrice Comparison & Coupon Services OOH media should be considered for brands that benefit from the use of coupon, price comparison and barcode scanning apps/sites. OOH can encourage usage when out shopping and of course the same technique could be employed to discourage usage and try to shorten the path to purchase.Source: IAB 2012 Source: Google / Ipsos - «Our Mobile Planet : Belgium» - May 2012 - Target: Private smartphone users who use the internet in general - Universe: 18-64 yo 31
  32. 32. Influencing Digital BehaviourPrice Comparison & Coupon Services18% IN CAFES & RESTAURANTS17% ON-THE-GO12% IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTS11% IN STORESource: Google / Ipsos - «Our Mobile Planet : Belgium» - May 2012 - Target: Private smartphone users who use the internet in general - Universe: 18-64 yo32
  33. 33. Influencing Digital BehaviourDriving Search / Mobile Search Plenty of evidence exists to demonstrate the effectiveness of OOH as a driver of search and the growth of mobile search is making the medium an even more critical component in marketing plans. Types of info sought using Search Engine (via smartphone)Source: Google / Ipsos - «Our Mobile Planet : Belgium» - May 2012 - Target: private smartphone users who use the Source: Posterscope Belgium - GO OOH Study 2012internet in general (*) and at least rarely notice ad - Universe: 18-64 yo 33
  34. 34. Influencing Digital BehaviourDriving Web Traffic As well as 3G/4G, the proliferation of Wi-Fi hotspots makes it even easier to drive people online immediately as a result of seeing an OOH ad. Location-based ads and apps can be placed on hotspot home pages and surfing can be ad-funded which also allows data capture. OOH creative that directspeople to a hotspot in the same location can be an alternative to other types of ‘interactive posters’ that linkto rich content. http://youtu.be/au0RUEUlTsgOnboard the ALLO Telecom BLuTRAM, passengers could connect free of charge to the ALLO telecom network using theirsmartphone or mobile phone. Once connected, the wi-fi users were able to download an application giving them free access tomusic, games and movie trailers. The Bluetooth users received new content everyday and every week a lucky winner was pickedup and received a mobile phone.Credits: Belgium - Allo Telecom, Mediaedge34
  35. 35. Influencing Digital BehaviourDriving Social Media Facebook 5.112 Youtube 4.242 Linkedin 766 Twitter 544 Google+ 503 Tumblr 233 Pinterest 53 0 1.000 2.000 3.000 4.000 5.000 6.000 BE Unique Visitors per month (x1000)Source: ComScore - August 2012 Source: Google / Ipsos - «Our Mobile Planet : Belgium» - May 2012 - Target: Private smartphone users who use the internet in general - Universe: 18-64 yo 35
  36. 36. Influencing Digital BehaviourDriving Social Media There are numerous ways of using OOH to influence behaviour within social media. Approaches include using the very public nature of OOH as a reward for online participation, creating real world experiences that people want to share, using location-based check-ins, or creating online experienceswhereby people can directly affect events in the real-world.Nivea Kissing Booth in Times Square (New York) from which consumer photos were uploaded to Facebook and three nearbygiant digital screens. Thousands of people took part during the four-week period and the Facebook page amassed nearly 500,000impressions.Credits: USA - BDF, Posterscope, Carat36
  37. 37. Influencing Digital BehaviourUsing Mobile to Control the Physical World: Check-ins ‘Non-venue’ locations such as poster sites can be created as check-in points on social networks, such as Foursquare. Facebook requires activity to be more centrally linked to the overall philosophy of sharing. This does not exclude Facebook from such campaigns but the mechanic needs to be morethan just issuing a consumer reward for check-in While there is still uncertainty regarding long term consumer adoption of the check-in mechanic this is partially due to consumer awareness and the appeal of the reward. This can be overcome by using OOH media to explain and motivate. 37
  38. 38. Influencing Digital BehaviourUsing Mobile to Control the Physical World: Check-ins http://youtu.be/u5Bu9UXe7VMA MINI Countryman was placed on a 15% slope at the BNP Paribas Fortis launched a national foursquare actionBrussels Motorshow, hanging only by a thick rope. A Bunsen in the different bank agencies and offices. For every cus-burner was place under the rope and whenever a person ‘liked’ tomer’s check-in, BNP Paribas Fortis Foundation offered athe Facebook page, a short burst of flame was generated. The lunch to Food Banks.person who broke the rope won the car.Results:+21.314 fans within 10 days134.716 microsite visitors1.000.000 page views14.961 fans talked about itCredits: Belgium - MINI, Posterscope, TBWA Credits: Belgium - BNP Paribas Fortis, Socialike38
  39. 39. Gateways to Mobile ContentIntroduction he proliferation of smartphones is of course making it much easier for users to access digital contentT especially with tools such as Google’s home screen search bar and apps from YouTube, Facebook, etc.The previous section highlighted the importance of OOH media to remind and motivate people to seek outcontent but OOH can also act as a more tangible gateway to content. This can either shorten the process bytaking people straight to the advertised item or destination, or it makes the whole experience more fun andinteresting.There are numerous ways of achieving this. We have outlined a few examples in this section. 39
  40. 40. Gateways to Mobile ContentQR Codes Quick Response Codes are not unique to OOH and are found on all manner of print material and even the occasional TV or digital screen ad. They enable mobile users who have a suitable app installed (and understand how to use it) to hyperlink to any form of content hosted online. Whilst QR codes are unlikely to have a long-term future (outside of Japan where usage is mainstream) due to more advanced technologies such as NFC (Near Field Communication) they are appearing on more and more ads outside of Japan where usage is mainstream. Common mistakes when adding QRcodes to campaigns include lack of consumer instructions, poorly optimised mobile content or user journeyand limited or non-existent tracking. Different codes should at least be assigned to different media or formats.Availability of mobile signal should also be considered. Postercope can provide tracking, production, andadvice across all of these areas.40
  41. 41. Gateways to Mobile ContentQR Codes Virtual stores: QR codes allocated to specific items that can be purchased immediately via mobile. http://youtu.be/olkoDyiHYW0To promote its online purchase service (delhaizedirect.be), Delhaize created a virtual supermarket showing 300 different productsand placed it in various environments (stations, shopping centers, ...). The campaign aimed to show how easy and time-saving theDelhaize Direct service is.Results:+22% of Delhaize Direct App downloads+30% of sales on Delhaize Direct websiteCredits: Belgium - Delhaize, Brand 41
  42. 42. Gateways to Mobile ContentVisual Search Various ‘visual search’ apps exist including Nokia’s Point & Find and Google Goggles. Smartphone owners with a mobile app can view objects and ads through their camera phone and are served on-screen links to related content. Some other operators deliver visual search results via SMS whenthe user sends a photo of the ad via MMS. http://youtu.be/cUrGXZKVNGoThe Absolut Blank campaign used the visual recognition technique provided by WiMO for the first time in Belgium. Once down-loaded, the WiMO app enables smartphone users to access an online content simply by shooting the poster with their phone’scamera.Credits: Belgium - PRB, Posterscope, Vizeum42
  43. 43. Gateways to Mobile ContentAR Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) allows virtual hidden content to be overlaid onto posters when viewed through a camera phone and mobile AR app. There are numerous providers of mobile AR apps which vary in quality, speed and handset compatibility. In addition there are often chains of technology re-sellers. Brands have the choice of integrating AR into their existing app, creating a new branded app (usually by re-skinning an existing AR app) or promotingan existing third-party app. Regardless of the route, serious consideration should be given to consumereducation and call-to-action. The cost of adding mobile AR to a poster campaign can often be minimal. AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) 43
  44. 44. Gateways to Mobile ContentAR http://vimeo.com/33296885 To announce its collaboration with FON leading to the activation of 500.000 free wi-fi hotspots all around the country, Belgacom launched an online based contest using the Google Streetview technology.Credits: USA - Volkswagen, Red Urban Credits: Belgium - Belcagom, Google44
  45. 45. Gateways to Mobile ContentRFID Radio Frequency ID is the technology found inside building security passes, inventory management, product tracking, passports, transit ticket cards and more. Simplistically, it allows individual items or people to be electronically identified. NFC (see next section) is built upon RFID.In China, Focus Media have deployed RFID-enabled screens that allow consumers to touch one of the ads with their RFID cardto trigger the sending of an SMS containing links to more information, discounts, content, etc. The RFID cards are pre-distributedand the user links the card to their mobile. 45
  46. 46. Gateways to Mobile ContentNFC Near Field Communication is a contactless technology that is starting to be integrated into smartphones. It allows users to touch their phone against an NFC tag or reader to instruct the phone to take an action such as opening a particular web page or app. NFC also allows phones to become mobile wallets, aswell as allowing users to touch their NFC-enabled phones against each other to share content. NFC tags caneasily be affixed to almost any accessible poster site.Source: Frost & Sullivan 2011 Source: IMS Research 201146
  47. 47. Gateways to Mobile ContentNFC NFC is highly scalable with most handset manufacturers releasing NFC-enabled phones in the near future. Nokia, Samsung, Google and others already have some handsets on the market and there is speculation as to whether Apple will join the collective commitment to NFC. For OOH, NFC allowssimple, quick, highly scalable, affordable interaction between mobiles and poster sites. There are somechallenges to adoption, in particular regarding ownership of the payment component with the banks, mobileoperators and players such as Google all competing, but overall we expect NFC to become the dominanttechnology for mobile and OOH interaction.PingPing is a platform of mobile micro-payments which allows to pay small purchases via your GSM, with a 25 euros maximumamount by transaction. Because at the moment very few mobile phones are NFC compatible, PingPing integrated a small NFCchip into self-adhesive badges or inside student cards. In Belgium, with PinPing, you can already pay in some places, your drinks,your buffet, your parking space, your bus ticket.Credits: Belgium - PingPing 47
  48. 48. Networked OOHIntroduction ith the exception of China where many content updates are carried out physically the vast majorityW of digital OOH screens are internet connected which allows content to be changed quickly and cost effectively.Screens can therefore be used on a much more reactive and tactical basis and content can be redistributedfrom other digital sources. This enables integration with other bought, owned and earned digital media, newdata sources as well as all kinds of interactive and content sharing options.Added flexibility also gives the potential for agencies to optimise activity in real-time based on outcomes suchas sales, search etc. Optimisation might be assessed in terms of creative, location, time, day and more.Exact technical capabilities do vary enormously by media owner and network. Some of the opportunities inthis section are available as ‘off-the-shelf’ options, others may require modifications to media owner systemsand some opportunities might only be possible on certain locations or networks.48
  49. 49. Networked OOHTriggered CampaignsFor its Summer Campaign, Coca Cola booked a digital screens McCain potato wedges ads only aired during goodnetwork and broadcasted its video spots only when the outdoor barbecue weather.temperature reached 22°C and more.Credits: Belgium - Coca Cola Company, Universal Media Credits: UK - McCain, Posterscope, PHD 49
  50. 50. Networked OOHReal-time Content Digital OOH content can be created from a myriad of data streams such as trending, mobile activity, public API’s, client or partner data, social media, websites, content management systems and more.CBS Outdoor UK have recently enabled their London Underground cross track projection screens with sophisticated live updatecapabilities. This will allow almost any source of real-time data, information, comment and images to be used as content.50
  51. 51. Networked OOHReal-time Content: Social MediaHuffington Post asked consumers to tweet their opinions regarding the day’s top news stories using the hashtag #Huffpostukand streamed moderated responses in real-time to OOH screens in rail stations.Credits: UK - Huffington Post, Posterscope,Total Media, MBA, LocaModa 51
  52. 52. Networked OOHReal-time Content: Social MediaCanadian Tourism Commission screens streamed content from twitter, YouTube and Facebook that related to real experiencesof vacations in Canada.Credits: Canada - Canadian Tourism Commission, DDB Canada, Tribal Vancouver, InWindow Outdoor52
  53. 53. Networked OOHReal-time Content: Product http://bit.ly/IQf0rCNew Country Radio in Kentucky USA used a live stream of Virgin Holidays in UK airports using the latest number ofthe song currently being played on the station. holidays sold to individual destinations as advertising content.Credits: USA - Cox Media Credits: UK - Virgin Holidays, Posterscope, PSI, MGOMD 53
  54. 54. Networked OOHReal-time Content: UtilityChannel 4 streamed the latest news stories to London In US airports, Marriott provided travellers with funUnderground cross track projection screens via a custom- suggestions about what to do that day based on up-to-the-created automated content management system (CMS). This minute weather information in the destinations relevant to thewas treated as a major content distribution channel in its own terminal, gate and even time of day.right with an assigned editorial news team having access tothe CMS.Credits: UK - Channel 4, Posterscope, OMD, Cloud & Compass Credits: USA - Marriott, Posterscope, Carat54
  55. 55. Networked OOHReal-time Content: UtilityYell.com interactive bus shelter screens providing local area maps and directories (2006) and constantly updated online consumerreviews for businesses in proximity (2011).Credits: UK - Yell.com, PHD, Rapier, Posterscope 55
  56. 56. Networked OOHReal-time Content: BehaviourBuildings that change colour based on current online Rokk Vodka screens embedded into telephone kiosk posterssentiment. Mood is determined by real-time analysis of acting as a live counter showing the number of gay marriageskeywords within blog posts. in New York, which had recently been legalised.Credits: Emotional Cities Credits: USA - Rokk Vodka, Carat, Posterscope, The GLADD organization56
  57. 57. Networked OOHReal-time Content: Connecting PeopleTourism Toronto and Tourism Montreal partnered on the “Cheating Wall” initiative, which consists of video screens located inthe two cities, giving residents a chance to discover all that their rival city has to offer using a live video and audio.Credits: Canada - Monster Media, Crispin Porter + Bogusky Canada. 57
  58. 58. Networked OOHReal-time Content: Personalisation Online behavioural targeting and social media sponsored stories are not the only way to deliver more personalised messaging to consumers. Networked OOH screens have the potential to be combined with facial analysis, text and object recognition, RFID loyalty cards, real-time human copywriting andmore. http://youtu.be/yd76BhO9iEAFord has launched a speaking ad campaign, called Glaceau Vitamin Water personalised messages written byFord Ad Miracles that speaks. The campaign site brand-employed spotters sitting in the vicinity with 3G laptops.even has a live webcam that is mounted to one of theposters to monitor viewers reactions.Credits: Belgium - Ford Motor Company, Ogilvy & Mather58
  59. 59. Networked OOHEnabling Sharing Custom made installations can be networked in much the same way as permanent DOOH screens. This enables real-world retail experiences to be socialised and for interactive OOH media and experiential activity to have built-in sharing mechanics to maximise earned media value. http://vimeo.com/18045229MINI video recording booth, real-time editing and video projection from inside the life-sized fibreglass model cars onto the window.Videos could then be shared via email and Facebook using adjacent touch screens. Thousands of dealer leads were generated.Credits: UK - Posterscope, Vizeum, Profero 59
  60. 60. Networked OOHMobile + OOH Gaming Internet connected OOH screens allow mobile phones to be used as controllers for all kinds of gaming experiences. This might require a custom created app or mobile website or there are various inexpensive off-the-shelf options that can be modified as required. In Wi-Fi enabled locations games can be evenmore sophisticated.McDonald’s ‘pong’ game allows players to control the game play via a mobile website. Redeemable coupons are delivered at theend of a successful game.Credits: Sweden - McDonald’s, DDB Stockholm60
  61. 61. Networked OOHMobile + OOH GamingLocaModa’s Jumbli word game can be played via Facebook with game A MINI Countryman was placed on a 15% slopeplay shown live on OOH screens in the US. at the Brussels Motorshow, hanging only by a thick rope. A Bunsen burner was place under the rope and whenever a person ‘liked’ the Facebook page, a short burst of flame was generated. The person who broke the rope won the car.Credits: USA - LocaModa, Clear Channel Credits: Belgium - MINI, Posterscope, TBWA 61
  62. 62. Engaging InterfacesIntroduction hilst content and location are of primary importance in attracting audiences to participate in digitalW OOH experiences, the nature of the technology that is used can also be a huge determinant in uptake levels. The use of new technologies in OOH situations often precedes mainstream consumerproduct applications. For example, touch screens in bus shelters and self-service kiosks preceded those inmobile phones, and gesture-based gaming campaigns were deployed well before Microsoft Kinect. In fact,Microsoft licensed part of the Kinect technology from a business involved in OOH advertising.An innovative or larger than life interface in the public domain can seem particularly cutting edge, engagingand fun, especially when experienced in groups which can of course drive earned media both digitally andface-to-face.Many examples of engaging interfaces have been included in earlier sections, in particular those with socialmedia or mobile integration. The following pages highlight some other particularly successful applications andpotential developments for the future.62
  63. 63. Engaging InterfacesTouch Screens http://vimeo.com/18079231 http://vimeo.com/32269760Cadbury’s Splat the Egg HTC created interactive screens that demonstrated the unique interface of their new1 million eggs splatted over 1 month at tablet. In cinema lobbies and on street furniture consumers could take and manipulate20 bus shelters photos of themselves and their friends then save them for email distribution and social media sharing.Credits: UK - Cadbury’s, Posterscope, PHD, JCDecaux Credits: USA - HTC, Posterscope, Deutsch 63
  64. 64. Engaging InterfacesGesture Based Games http://vimeo.com/18668405Disney Cadbury’s MarriottCrowd controlled game on ci nema Movement controlled game in UK Gesture based pinball game in USscreens. shopping malls. airports. Over 200,000 plays per month across 5 airports.Credits: USA - Disney, Posterscope, Carat Credits: UK - Cadbury’s, Posterscope, PHD, Grand Visual Credits: USA - Marriott, Posterscope, Carat64
  65. 65. Engaging InterfacesGesture Based Games http://bit.ly/IwMJJiPrototype of a display that uses an eye tracking technology to allow a user to control on-screen games, page scrolling and otherinterfaces purely based on the movement of your eyesCredits: Tobii 65
  66. 66. Engaging InterfacesSimulatorsBMW X3 driving simulator with an on-screen game, controlled using steering wheel and pedals inside a real car. Players’ scoreswere shown on a digital OOH leaderboard alongside live results from around the country.Credits: BMW, Posterscope,Vizeum66
  67. 67. Engaging InterfacesAugmented RealityNestle Green Giant augmented reality in UK shopping malls. Players had to jump to try and ‘high five’ the giant. Video content ofthe experiences was used within creative for online banners.Credits: UK - Nestle, Posterscope, Universal McCann, Work Club 67
  68. 68. Engaging InterfacesAugmented Reality http://bit.ly/IkPzg7To promote that Heineken is the ‘best friend’ for partying, Fanta’s cartoon character interactions in cinema foyers.Posterscope Taiwan launched an Augmented Reality campaign thatallowed people to interact with the characters from the Heineken TVCommercial and see the effect broadcast on a giant digital screen.Credits: Taiwan - Heineken, Posterscope, Leo Burnett Credits: Heartland - Coca Cola Company, Posterscope68
  69. 69. Engaging InterfacesOthersBarnado’s donation-activated digital Royal National Institute for the Deaf Holographic projection multi-touchcreative with coins making the featured screens and digital windows that react to screen allowing the user to mix musicgirl smile. surrounding noise levels. tracks.Credits: Barnado’s, Posterscope, JAA, BBH Credits: Posterscope, M&C Saatchi, Walker Media Credits: ICE AV Technology 69
  70. 70. New Planning Data As the web becomes increasingly hyper-local and businesses and consumers create more and more location-based data there are huge opportunities to utilise this data to inform and optimise the planning of both traditional and interactive OOH media and to measure effectiveness. Electronic public transporttickets, sat-nav’s, loyalty cards, mobile search, mobile wallets, and numerous websites and mobile apps arejust some examples of how technology is being used to create location-specific data trails, all of which havethe potential to help determine which OOH sites, dayparts and creative treatments might be most effectivefor a particular campaign.70
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