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Baron Bic Was A Genius

Innovation is alive

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Baron Bic Was A Genius

  1. 1. The Wrap-up SessionBaron Bich was a Genius Networks & Platforms for Business Development May 31st 2012 NOVANCIA Business School - Paris Copyright Eugenio Pozzolini 2012
  2. 2. “”Done is better than perfect””
  3. 3. INNOVATIONS WERE PRODUCED/MARKETED IN FRANCE IN THE PAST 100 YEARSCould you name four of them some of which you may use every day and the innovator behind ?
  4. 4. Baron Bich
  5. 5. born in Turin
  6. 6. Roland Moreno
  7. 7. born in Cairo
  8. 8. Pablo Picasso
  9. 9. born in Málaga
  10. 10. Maria Curie néSalomea Skłodowska
  11. 11. Nobel laureate of Physics in 1903Nobel laureate of Chemistry 1911 born in Warsaw
  13. 13. What federated them ? France They all belonged to France They all become French They all died French
  14. 14. Why ? Land of opportunity !The opportunity is to be found where money flows!!!
  15. 15. Steps and Process
  16. 16. Fit the pieces of the jigsaw of life in your mind
  17. 17. State of mind and mindsetin the search, identification, recognition, exploitation of the OPPORTUNITY
  18. 18. Open the cone of opportunity
  19. 19. reach your dream close the cone X X X Output = Solutions make & take a decision, any decision choose by assessing risk & daring measure the opportunity select the opportunity detect the opportunity slim down the conex x x x x x x X Discover & Exchange & Discover EXPLORE open the cone of search put your curiosity & ingenuity to work !!!!
  20. 20. IMAGINE Detect the opportunity Select the opportunity Choose by riskingMake and Take a decision THINK SOLUTION reach you dream
  21. 21. How do you do that ? WHAT WHERE HOW WHEN Missing is WHY Why ?
  22. 22. A toolTHE O.O.D.A. Process
  23. 23. A toolOLAP MENTAL CUBE
  24. 24. A an example of a your multidimensional personal business queryGiven what are my needs, where I can find in 3 areas/regions (France,Europe, R. O. W) and from 2 countries (India and China) the offers thatreflect the needs of the industry whom I can fulfil with my educationalskills , acquired know-how, time and experience?This personal question describes both the data that you need to examineand the way you need the data structured .Some of the questions contained in the above query :  What is my product ? (“…my needs…”)  Where can I sell it ? (“…3 areas/regions…and from 2 countries..”)  Who wants to buy them (“… the offers…”)  How much ? (the market will decide…) 33
  25. 25. OLAPIn an OLAP data model, information is conceptually viewed as cubes, which consistof descriptive categories (dimensions) and quantitative values (measures).The multidimensional data model makes it simple for users to formulate complexqueries, arrange data on a report, switch from summary to detail data, and filter orslice data into meaningful subsets.Cubes is an easy expression to describe a form.In the business world OLAP can be multi-dimentional & multifaceted with5,6,7,…x… dimensions and measures 34
  26. 26. To simplifyDimension is What/Where/Who/ Time When Geography Product Channel Organization Scenario (budget/actual)Measure is How Much Sales Unit Sales Inventory Head counts Income Expenses Profits/Losses 35
  27. 27. Multidimentional Data Model MEASURES : quantitativeDIMENSIONS : valuesdescriptive cathegories 36
  28. 28. A meanIN & OUT OF THE BOX
  29. 29. Solution & Process work “”out of the box””Product and Services work within the box
  31. 31. End of the day you may be Lone rider or Co-entrepreneur or Entrepreneur or Manager or Manager -Entrepreneur
  32. 32. “”Done is better than perfect””