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Why are you self defeating

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Why do we believe we cannot achieve greatness? What restricts ourselves? What are the steps one can initiate to overcome this mind block and set on the path of greatness/ success/ happiness

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Why are you self defeating

  1. 1. why YOU are self defeating
  2. 2. How are Champions made?
  3. 3. What’s nice about your brain…
  4. 4. … is that it can make anyone an expert at anything
  5. 5. Every man/ woman who triumphs against odds is a beneficiary of unusual circumstances
  6. 6. Once the opportunity is in place, high achievement takes off!
  7. 7. Child Prodigy is a myth
  8. 8. ‘Talent Theory’ continues to reign supreme
  9. 9. Why spend time and energy seeking to improve, if success is only available to people with right genes Our Belief System
  10. 10. Don’t listen to Self- Doubts
  11. 11. If you expect the best, you are given the desired results
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