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  1. ETrax Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013
  2. Contents  How does it work?  Traxi – VTU / AVL device  Traxi– Technical Specifications  TraxiFeatures versus Benefits  Features  Live Vehicle Tracking  Fast Alerts  Route Replay  Remote Immobilization  Analytical Reports  Digital Dashboard  Management Reports  Role of Maps  Benefits  Target Markets  Advanced Telematics Options  Advantage Traxi Etrax Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013
  3. Fleet Tracking:“How does it work?” ETrax Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013
  4. Traxi – Smart Tracker Smarter Sleeker Sensible Anti- Jamming A-GPS with AssistNOW SuperSense Dead Reckoning
  5. Traxi Features & Benefits GPS Features Owner Benefits Driver/Vehicle Benefits Dispatcher Benefits Real Time Reporting Timely and accurate information to manage your business Eliminate discrepancies between hours worked and hours claimed by drivers No customer discrepancies or accusations Precise job time-performance verification  Accurate Time sheets : To the minute Timely and accurate information to route and manage employees Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use Vehicle/driver accountability reduce cell phone calls to drivers Pre-Set Alerts Reduce down-time Increase productivity Minimize liability Driver/Asset accountability Precise job performance tracking Instant reporting of service orders or deliveries Better Communications Reduce employee overtime pay Eliminate unapproved or extended journeys Route Information Increase efficiency Increase profits Lower fuel costs Reduce cell phone calls to drivers Real-time vehicle tracking that provides accurate start and stop times Validates hours worked Verify if service call was made or attempted Verifies whereabouts Deploy vehicles with greater speed and efficiency Accurately predict arrival times or delays Faster customer response time Decrease overtime Improve driver accountability Unauthorized Zone Alerts Reduce liability Increase efficiency Reduce labor costs Increased profitability Eliminate false accusations Increase efficiency Reduce labor costs Increase employee accountability Automated Vehicle Locator Reduce Liability Lower Insurance Costs Gain control over company assets Accurate job performance information Accurate log of stops Reduce paperwork Real-time vehicle location information Improve response time Reduce customer complaints Online Account Access 24/7 account access from any online location (Internet) 24/7 connection to HQ 24/7 account access from any online location (Internet) Additional Benefits Increase efficiency Increase profits Precise work-production feedback Provides verifiable tracking of employees productivity Notifications of special occurrences ETrax Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013
  6. Fleet Tracking Alerts and value adds… Monitoring unconventional or undesired behavior Timely Alert Notification via. an automated e-mail Advantages: • Instant notification of any unwanted behavior • Monitor vehicles through any internet enabled device • Take immediate action on an event Benefits: • Increase vehicle security • Improve safety • Increase fleet productivity 5 Types of Alerts: • Point of Interest (POI) Alerts • Vehicle Activity Alert • Red Flag Alert • Geo-Fence Alert • Seat-belt Alert ETrax Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013
  7. Live Vehicle Track  Traxi Live Fleet ‘Track ’ feature allows you to view your vehicles’ locations in real-time 24 hours a day  Each vehicle is represented on the map and in a vehicle list showing vehicle status (start-up, position, or shut-down), location, and speed.  Our superior mapping software enables you to zoom in all the way down to street level with complete accuracy so that your drivers can be helped with directions for their next job.  Nearest Vehicle Locator  Points of Interest (POI’s)  Search facility ETrax Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013
  8. Route Replay  The TraxiStar Route Replay feature enables you to view a live playback of each journey taken by your vehicles.  Watch your vehicle travel on the map from start-up to shut-down with arrows indicating the direction traveled.  Minute-by-minute location and speed details are displayed simultaneously.  TraxiStar Multi-Route Replay allows you to view journey playbacks for multiple vehicles at one time. Etrax Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013
  9. Remote Immobilization The vehicle can be remotely IMMOBILIZED by the authorized person either using the software or simple Mobile phone command. This command requires a special command with secured password to ensure no misuse happens! ETrax Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013
  10. Reports Daily Report Daily Report Idling Report Hours Worked ReportRed Flag Report Location Report State Mileage Report Activity Report Customer System Usage Report Fleet Summary Report Costing Report ETrax Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013
  11. Dashboard  The new Traxi dahboard feature is the first of its kind in providing you with a precise summary of your fleet’s activities in just one click!  Fleet performance is compared against user-defined Company Parameters through a series of simple graphs and pie charts.  The Top 10 vehicles in each of the following categories are showcased: engine on time, vehicle idling time, total vehicle mileage, and speeding violations.  You can also view individual vehicle performance in all 4 categories. Assess entire fleet performance Easily identify top offenders Reduce phone calls made to drivers Compare individual performance Advantages Improve safety Reduce fuel costs Improve overall operational efficiencies Benefits ETrax Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013
  12. Role of Maps Digitized Maps Web-based Maps Developed by GIS Companies Available from online resources Detailing levels very high Detailing varies from city 2 city Compared in terms of Resolution 1:100,000, 1:50,000, 1:10,000, 1:5000, etc from Country – State – City – Street Compared in terms of detailed coverage of city / streets – normally well covered in major cities in India Available in the form of Data & layers Available as standard services Layers are differentiated as – Country boundaries, Major Roads, Minor Roads, Streets, Rivers, PoI (Points of Interest) relating to hospitals, schools, religious places, Malls, etc. Information details are clubbed into one map and generally accessed upon “ZOOMING IN” Customized PoI can be added Customized PoI possible using Traxi’s KML coding toolset Requires a mapping engine software to compile the different layers into a presentation screen – mapping engine such as MapInfo, ArcGIS, ASPMAP, etc. These are licensed in the range of 1-6 lakhs pa per server Easily integrated into any standard software using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) made available by Google, Yahoo, MS, etc. Generally very expensive in costs – For eg. Mumbai City maps cost 8-15 lakhs Normal usage is FREE for the time being, may be priced in the future ETrax Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013
  13. Traxi Benefits Increased Productivity Eliminate discrepancies between hours worked and hours claimed by drivers. Key vehicle management reports such as Location Report, Daily Report and Hours Worked Report give you control. Reduced Overtime Eliminate false timesheet claims with detailed real time vehicle tracking that provides accurate start and stop times as well as recorded idling and extended stops. Time sheets are accurate to the minute! Lower Fuel Costs Reduce your fuel bill with Vehicle Activity reports. Eliminate unapproved or any extended journeys. Reduced Private Use TraxiStar Fast Alerts will instantly flag any movement of the vehicle outside working hours. Faster Response Times Deploy your vehicles with greater speed and efficiency and accurately predict arrival times or delays. Reduced Communication Costs Constant real time GPS analysis shows you at a glance where your vehicles are at all times so you can reduce cell phone calls to your drivers. Increased Fleet and Workforce Security Constant real time GPS analysis shows you at a glance where your vehicles are at all times so you can reduce cell phone calls to your drivers. ETrax Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013
  14. Product Offerings • TRAXI GPS- Advanced GPS based Tracking and Monitoring through a web and Mobile Interface. Target segments: Logistics, Car Rentals, Fleet Management companies, School Buses, Construction companies using JCBs, Luxury Bus Operators, oil tankers and Many more… TRAXI GSM- Low cost Basic Tracking Target Segments: Suitable for all Transporters and fleet operating companies who desire the lowest cost basic location tracking only. No frills, Plain Vanilla Tracker which provides locations and Traces of movement of a Map . Location accuracy is within 100 meters in city limits. ETrax Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013
  15. Product comparison TRAXI - GPS TRAXI -GSM Satellite Based Tracking , accuracy of 15 meters on locating GSM based Tracking through Cell ID, accuracy of 100- 200 meters depending on city or remote locations Provides Real time data on distance travelled, speed violations, running time/idle time,fuel pilferage, route violations, driving pattern analysis, SMS /email alerts on unscheduled stoppages Plain vanilla Tracker which provides Real time data on current location and past route Traces. Provides route replay and history Tracking for each vehicle to analyze events Provides Trace reports which gives an account of Traces of the past locations, not an exact replay of the trip on the map Can take external sensors like an immobilizer, cargo pilferage sensor, fuel anti-theft sensor, camera for still pictures of exceptional events Can take an immobilizer only Ideal for Large Fleet Operators, Logistics Companies, Luxury Bus Operators, Construction companies with machinery Ideal for budget driven transporters ETrax Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013
  16. Guaranteed Savings Savings with Traxi This is a measuring tool that you apply in the context of your business scenario and SEE for YOURSELF Reduced Operating Costs Current Cost Per KM No. of Vehicles Non-business KM/day Total Working Days (per month) Estimated Monthly Revenue Increase 2.0 1 8 25 400 Extra Hours Driven Per Day No. of Drivers Rate per hour (@ Basic SR 1500) Total Working Days (per month) Estimated Monthly Revenue Increase 1 1 4 25 100 Overtime Reduction Hourly OT Rate (@ 50% of BASIC) No. of Drivers Excess OT / Day Total Working Days (per month) Estimated Monthly Overtime Reduction 3 1 2 25 150 Increased Revenue through Billing Net Profit / Job No. of Drivers Increased Jobs / Day Total Working Days (per month) Estimated Operational Cost Reduction 50 1 0.1 25 125 Optimum Total Estimated Monthly Savings SR 775 ETrax Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013
  17. Savings with Traxi 55% 30% Performance Productivity Profits ETrax Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013 55%
  18. Advantage Traxi Knowledge & Experience (over 8 years and 2000 vehicles on road) makes the difference between solutions & products Solutions designed inhouse Premium international clients such as US Defense, SABIC – Saudi, MoI, United Transport UAE, TSG – UAE, Group4 Security, Globe Marine, Budget Rent a Car, Avis Rent a Car, etc… Indian clients include Thane Police, Time Technoplast, Jindal Transport, IOC,, Reliance Energy. ETrax Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013
  19. uBLOX module Input Voltage +12V ~ +24V DC Power Consumption Transmitting: 12 Volt – 100mAh ; 12 Volt – 130mAh (Peak) Power Saving Mode: 12 Volt – 30mAh ~ 40mAh Power Sleep Mode: Under 2 mAh Backup Battery Rechargeable Li Battery at 1600mAh Backup Battery Life Approx. 6 to 8 hours with GPS and Communication ONLINE Depends on set tracking interval, the estimated battery age, and time last charged Memory Backup Flash Memory 2MB Outputs 2 negative outputs (500mA max per output) Inputs 1 Ignition Input, 1 Panic Input G-Sense – Motion Sensor SiRFstarIII GPS Specifications Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz Tracking Sensitivity -159 dBm or -186 dBW Protocol NMEA0183 Ver3.0 Channels Up to 20 Position 10 meters Hot Start < 1 sec average Warm Start < 35 sec average Cold Start < 42 sec average Etrack Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013 Technical Specifications
  20. Target Markets Automobile Manufacturer Defense Insurance Publicity Dealer Troop Movement Automobile Insurance Company Mobile Publicity Agency Accessories Dealer Supply Chain Address Authentication Railways Service Dealer Ammunition Movement International Schools Wagon Tracking Adventure Sport Disaster Management Investigation Agency Passenger information system Trekking Emergency Response Agency Kid Tracking Real Estate Motor CAR-Bike Rally Forestry Logistics Safety – Security Bank Guarding Loan Recovery Agency Personal Tracking Automobile Finance Animal Tracking & Census Manufacturing Company Sales, Service Company Fund Management Fleet Management Field work force monitoring Address Verification Taxi, Cargo, Container Supply chain Schools Bus Document Movement FMCG Consignment Tracking Taxi Service Car Rental and Leasing Distribution Monitoring Mining Traders Construction Gem & Gold Traders Earth Mover Data Logger Cash Bag Material Movement Management GIS Company Navigation High value Earth Movers Survey, Mapping, POI builder Transport Company Call Centers Hospital Oil, Gas - Chemical Company Telecom Company Man Power Movement & Safety Emergency Medical Services Packers and Movers Tours – Travels Company Hotel Police Domestic & International Guest Safety and Security Investigation Tourism-Traveler Criminal Tracker Navigation Emergency Response System Baggage Tracking Urban Planning Vehicle owners Etrack Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013
  21. Advanced Options • Video Surveillance • Video Based Tracking • Mobile Tracking Interface • Personal Tracking – Senior Citizens – Children – Working Females Etrack Groups Pvt Ltd Copyrights@ 2013

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  1. The map updates automatically so you have the information as it happens. Advantages: View entire fleet locations on one screen Improve dispatching efficiencies Reduce phone calls made to drivers’ cell phones Monitor vehicle speeds Benefits: Pick-up more jobs in a given day Reduce vehicle mileage Improve customer service Eliminate vehicle down-time Additional Live Fleet Track Features: Nearest Vehicle Locator – Click on any point on the map or address and instantly see the Top 5 nearest vehicles to that location, including exact mileage. Points of Interest (POI’s) – One click and all your POI’s will be displayed on the map with easily identifiable icons Search facility - Pinpoint any address on the map and save it as a POI Reports – Run your Daily or Detailed Report right from the Live Fleet Track screen to quickly see where your vehicles have been that day.
  2. Advantages: View exact routes taken by any vehicle Easily monitor driver behavior Provide absolute proof of service for customers Quickly settle disputes Benefits: Improve routing efficiencies Reduce fuel costs Improve customer service Increase productivity Additional Route Replay Features Playback Controls – Just like watching a movie, you can start, stop, pause, and change the speed of the journey replay Points of Interest (POI’s) – Display POI’s on the map during replay Continuous Playback – Run each journey that day in succession
  3. Daily Report Vehicle daily movement by journey including vehicle activity summary Daily Report Minute by minute vehicle information including location and speed. Idling Report True vehicle idling times (when ignition is on and vehicle is not moving) Hours Worked Report Electronic timesheet showing actual hours a vehicle is on Red Flag Report All vehicle speeds exceeding a specified speed threshold Location Report Time spent at a Point of Interest (POI) State Mileage Report Total mileage driven by state including toll & non-toll miles Activity Report Compare vehicle performance against operating costs based on your rates Customer System Usage Report Monitor system usage by user including logins and reports run Fleet Summary Report Complete fleet overview including totals by vehicle activity Costing Report Complete costing analysis – tripwise, vehiclewise, driverwise, etc.