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media coursework

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  1. 1. Looking back on your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
  2. 2. Change in quality and colour from preliminary to main task. My preliminary task really helped to improve and make my main task to be completed to a high standard. From my preliminary task I learnt that I needed to improve my skills on the online and computer programs on the computer such as; Fronter and Photoshop. I knew that I needed to keep my house style constant throughout the magazine which is one thing I improved in my main task. This was great as I was easily able to see how I could blend my model into the house style of my magazine which made the difference between being scrappy and professional. I also learnt how to manage my time on making my magazine up to standard. Extra effort and time
  3. 3. Picture qualities change and angles within the process of preliminary and main task. Another skill that I learnt was from my camera skills, there was a major difference in picture quality between the preliminary and main task
  4. 4. The preliminary task was definitely a rush of work, I spent probably 2-4 lessons which wasn’t enough since I lacked most IT skills at the time and it was quite difficult using Photoshop to create the magazine itself. However for the main task I was able to spend equal time on each stage of the magazine. I spent about more than 10 lessons on doing three drafts of this main task and it was enough to produce my final draft. As my teachers were able to give me feedback on my draft, I was able to improve my drafts and conclude all of it into my final product.
  5. 5. The preliminary task was definitely a base line for a greater improvement on the course to the main task. Thank you! By Pranavan Kathirgamanathan