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Virtual reality ppt

  2.  Introduction  The history of VR  Types of VR  Architecture of VR system  How it works  Technologies of VR  Applications of VR  Advantages  Future scope  Conclusion  Reference 2
  3. 3 Virtual Reality refers to a high-end user interface that involves real-time simulation and the interactions through multiple sensorial channels.
  4.  In 1950s, flight simulators were built by US Air Force to train student pilots.  In 1965, a research program for computer graphics called “The Ultimate Display” was laid out.  In 1988, commercial development of VR began.  In 1991, first commercial entertainment VR system was released. 4
  5.  Windows on World.  Immersive VR. 5
  6. 6 World Database Position & Orientation visual, a uditory, hap tic, touch …
  7.  The primary subject of virtual reality is simulating the visio n Every headset aims to perfect their approach to creating an immersive 3D environment.  Each VR headset puts up a screen in front of eyes thus, eliminating any interaction with the real world.  Two autofocus lenses are generally placed between the s creen and eyes that can adjust based on individual eye mo vement and positioning.  The visuals on the screen are rendered either by using a mobil e phone or HDMI cable connected to a PC. 7
  8.  Head-Mounted Display (HMD)  Binocular Omni-Orientation Monitor  Data Gloves.  Control devices 8 Technologies of VR--Software  Toolkits  Authoring systems
  9. Entertainment  More vivid  Move exciting  More attractive 9
  10.  Practice performing surgery.  Perform surgery on a remote patient.  Teach new skills in a safe, controlled environment. Manufacturing  Easy to modify.  Low cost.  High efficient. 10
  11. 11 Advantages  High-fidelity system  Cost-saving  Collaborative  High-level contact between participants in distributed VR
  12.  Virtual reality will be integrated into daily life and activities and will be used in various human ways.  The technology of virtual reality is advancing rapidly and it won't be long before it becomes a most exciting source of entertainment in our homes 12
  13.  Though the disadvantage of virtual reality can distrub human's perception ability, its advantages in different fields makes it user friendly.  The technology of VR is advancing rapidly. It long before it becomes a exciting source of entertainment. 13
  14. 14 References  [1] What is Virtual Reality?, VR/frames/WhatIsVR4.1.html.  [2] Virtual Reality Applications, http://vresources.jump-ga  [3] K.-P. Bier. Virtual Reality: A short Introduction. http:/ /
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