hotel management 1st semester front office second semester hospitality industry front office operations revenue management 3rd semester hotel front office hotel accounting institute of hotel management hospitality education settlement check out check-in arrival tourism types of listening levels of listening listening on the job history of tourism booking pace booking curve demand forecasting forecasting evaluating operations ihm night audit property management system hotel french credit control cash control selling techniques hotel tariff overbooking guest services réservation departure communication inter-departmental coordination semester second tourism in india hotel core areas left luggage room types of hotels hotel classification history hotel overcoming the barriers to lis barriers to listening why is listening so hard? chapter 2 business communicati nchmct noida solved communication questions application of non-verbal comm occulesics intonation artifactics chronemics para-language proxemics kinesics non-verbal communication connected speech esl mother tongue influence secondary stress primary stress accent in pronunciation syllable articulators phonetics and phonology ipa phonemes pronunciation of english why listening is difficult? effective listening models of communication need for communication purpose of communication what is 7 star rating what is 5 star rating hotel typologies hotel rating systems modern era tourism in india colonial era tourism in india ancient era tourism medieval era tourism biggest hotel chains in india hospitality management evolution of tourism tourism origin & growth retail shopping leisure & entertainment accommodation sector lodging industry introduction to tourism reservation cancellation policy in hotel industry reservation amendment in hotel industry hotel reservation procedres guest cycle in hotels hotel operations overview hotel front office theory syllabus how hotel room rates are calculated? hotel tariff how to fix hotel guest room tariff hotel room rates 1st semester practical proformas hotel documents forms used in hotels hot keys keyboard shortcuts ids peculiarities of french pronunciation french pronunciation tips prevention of accidents emergency situations in hotels first aid fire extinguishers safety at workplace hotel security hospitality accounting checking business accounts end of day system update problems during checkout automated systems of hotel checkout concept notes hospitality automation factors affecting buying the hotel pms hotel property management system operations microsoft management trainee recruitment & selection induction process in the hotel management course orientation program freshers in hospitality freshman in hospitality stress in interviews interview tips extempore speech elimination in interviews interview selection process group discussion introduction to travel vth semester planning and evaluation function variance analysis master budget hotel budgeting process budget potential revenue achievement factor yield% yield management granualr pricing open pricing demand pricing surge pricing differential pricing dynamic pricing hotel pricing strategy goppar revpar occupancy% adr key performance indicators room inventory control sixth semester discount allocation minimum length of stay duration control capacity management competitive set booking lead time booking window pick- up glossary market segments marketing & sales discount choic-of-doors technique foot-in-the-door technique door-in-the-face technique mid-rate shift method bottom-up method top-down methos upselling cross-selling complaint handling log book wake-up call locator business centre safety locker message handling mail handling co-operation national council for hotel management india patna bihar hajipur polite service guest handling role play scripts rev. par a.d.r. a.r.r. budgeting functions of manager planning forms introduction self introduction personal introduction how to prepare a cv cv bio-data curriculum vitae resume campus interview discrepancy report types of accounting errors day end process cctv red tag system red flag behaviour surveillance single lady traveller security safety api hardware purchase cosiderations account aging cash bank imprest charge privilege city ledger non guest account guest account express check-out semester third hubbart formula cost-based approach market based approach salesmanship confirmed reservation tentative reservation guaranteed reservation cut-off date retention charge amendment cancellation b & b plan bermuda plan modified american plan american plan continental plan european plan inquiry post-departure stay pre arrival accounting cycle guest cycle semester 2nd pre-registration pre-arrival fit check-in vip check-in group arrival frro c form grc registration hindi courteousness polite phrases polite words duplex suite suite parlour room efficiency room studio patio penthouse cabana lanai types of rooms war babies dharmshala sarai referral chains interval international rci condominium timeshare months and days in french days of the week les jours de la semaine events travel and tourism sectors of tourism food and beverage service food and beverage production accommodation operations cashier front office manager sections of front office front office organization facility planning power lobby lounge lobby lay out entrance hotel lobby concierge luggage tags arrival/ departure notification slip movement slip errand card lobby control sheet bell boy bell captain bell desk categorization of hotel industry importance of tourism computerized electro-mechanical traditional equipment punctuality appearence ordinaux cardinaux french
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