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Company presentation fabricator feb20_2016

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Steel Detailing and Connection Design

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Company presentation fabricator feb20_2016

  1. 1. 20 Feb 2016 CA, USA Presentation to Bechtel National Bank of Kuwait
  2. 2.  Established in 2002  An ISO 9001: 2008 certified company  Executed 200+ projects  A team strength of 250 Engineers  Offices in California, USA, Bangalore & Mysore, India with 350 work stations  Projects executed for Fabricators, Engineering Companies, General Contractors and EPC Contractors  Project size up to 40,000 tons, simple to complicated structures executed to the satisfaction of our customers  Experience in Power, Petroleum, Chemical, Airport, Manufacturing, Commercial & Architectural structures  Experience in designing and detailing projects in seismic zones  Have not lost a single customer in last 10 years  Consistently 70%+ revenue through repeat business from existing customers  Projects executed in US, Mexico, Middle East, Hong Kong & India About US
  3. 3.  250 Engineers  30 Connection Design Engineers  120 BIM/3D modelling Engineers  100 Engineers in checking and Quality Control teams of which 30 Engineers with experience in Fabrication and Erection  Support Functions  In-house software development team  Support and admin staff  Sales and pre-sales team  Partners  Professional Engineers  MEP firms Our Team
  4. 4.  Software expertese Trimble/Tekla Structures – 62 licenses  DESCON  STAAD AutoCAD Rivet 3D Max  In house developed Tools  iConnect – Connection design suite ASC, LRFD – 9,13 & 14 th Editions  iSoft – In house developed automation tools running on Tekla Structures  iManage – Project Management & workflow automaton tools Software & Automation Tools
  5. 5.  ISO 9001 2008 certified company  Matured Process – in use for over 9 years and continuously improved to handle changing environments  Process Tracks  Critical aspects of project  Traceability – Revisions, RFIs  Process Helps in  Allocating right people for the projects based on employees’ skill certification and experience  Identifying training needs  Improving efficiency  Improving Quality  Ensures checks and controls at every stage  Timely delivery of Projects Process
  6. 6. Services offered to Fabricators  Connection Design services and stamping of Connection Designs services  BIM Development and Maintenance  3-D Modelling of both Structural and Miscellaneous Steel  Detailed Shop Drawings and CNC files for Fabrication  Coordination with joists, decking, grating & facades service providers  Review and stamping of shop drawings  Project Estimation and take off services to assist Fabricators in bidding
  7. 7.  A single source for connection design and detailing services  A great partner for Design Build / Design Assist projects and Material take off  On-demand, scalable resource mobilization leading to quicker delivery cycles with no long term commitment from the customer  Access to 3D Modeling software, custom applications and tools (over $2 million in investments) and trained professionals  On Schedule, Error free drawings delivered at a very Competitive Price through a combination of on-site and offshore resource utilization  On demand customer support during Fabrication and Erection stage Benefits to Fabricators
  8. 8. Projects & Case Studies Project Name Owner Location Engineering Consultant Tonnage Plant Scherer Southern Company Juliette, GA, USA Worley Parsons 40,000 (Units 1 to 4) Kemper County IGCC Project Southern Company Kemper County, MS, USA Southern Company 24,500 Dow Poly 5 Dow Chemical Company Freeport, TX, USA Dow Chemicals 20,000 IOC Paradip Indian Oil Corporation Limited Pardip Valdel 20,000 Dow LHC9 Stick Builds The Dow Chemical Company Houston, TX, USA FLUOR 5,000 Plant Bowen (Unit 3&4) Southern Company Cartersville, GA, USA Southern Company 4,500 Oak Grove Power Station Texas Utilities Robertson County, TX, USA Neil & Gunter 4,900 La Cygne Generating Stations (Unit 1&2) Kansas City Power & Light La Cygne, KS, USA Sargent & Lundy 9,000 Plant Daniel Southern Company Jackson County, MS, USA Southern Company 3,300
  9. 9. Projects & Case Studies Project Name Owner Location Engineering Consultant Tonnage Dow LHC9 Pipe Rack The Dow Chemical Company Houston, TX, USA FLUOR 2200 Williams Generating Stations South Carolina Electric & Gas Berkeley, SC, USA Stantec 1300 Plant Scherer Baghouse Structure Georgia Power Co., Juliette, GA, USA Worley Parsons 1500 Wateree Generation Stations South Carolina Electric & Gas Richland County, SC, USA Stantec 1900 Plant Miller Alabama Power West Jefferson, AL, USA Advatech 2900 USGC Petrochemical - ISBL Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Baytown, TX, USA JGC-FLUOR 2000 Brandon Shores Generating Station Constellation Power Source Generation Baltimore, MD, USA Wheelabrator 1600 Altamira Line 2 - C6774 Dupont Wilmington, DE, USA Dupont 1600 Shawnee Fossil Fuel Plant Tennessee Valley Authority West Paducah, Kentucky Stantec 1400
  10. 10. Projects & Case Studies Project Name Owner Location Engineering Consultant Tonnage Chana 2 & Thailand Power Thailand Siemens 1,600 Wangnoi 4 Mount Storm Power Station Dominion West Virginia Mill Creek 450 Clifty Creek Indiana Kentucky Electric Corporation Madison, Indiana 6,000 Bangalore International Airport BIAL Bangalore STUP 6,000 Baggage Handling System BIAL Bangalore Vanderlande 800 UT, Dallas, Brain Performance Institute UT Dallas Dallas Datum Engineers 800
  11. 11. Fabricator Engineering Company About the Project The Shawnee Fossil Plant is a coal-fired power plant owned and operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority located near Paducah, Kentucky. Our scope included SCR support structure Tonnage 1400 Tons Scope Design of connections as per Seismic Zone D, Review and Stamping of Connections 3 D Modelling & Detailed Shop Drawings Case Study - Shawnee – Fossil Fuel Plant Shawnee 1/3
  12. 12. Our services 1. Connection design as per AISC 341 -02 Basic seismic resisting system is OCBF (ordinary concentrically base frames) Complex Vertical Braces and Trusses as the brace loads posted were amplified loads Total connection types included 60 truss connections, 60 Brace connections and 130 special connections 2. Preparation of 3 D models in Tekla 3. Providing detailed shop drawings & CNC outputs Benefits 1. Turnaround time – designed, reviewed, stamped, modelled and released shop drawings for approval in 8 weeks. 2. One stop shop – Fabricator did not have to invest time in co- ordinating between the designer and detailing company 3. Faster completion of the project due to reduced coordination time and RFIs Shawnee – Fossil Fuel Plant Shawnee 2/3
  13. 13. Huge transfer force from beam to HB Shawnee – Fossil Fuel Plant Shawnee 3/3
  14. 14. Fabricator Schuff Steel Company Engineering Company FLOUR About the Project Dow is currently expanding its production facilities on the Gulf Coast in Freeport, Texas and Plaquemine, Louisiana with its Gulfstream Program. Tonnage 20,000 Tons Scope Design of connections Review and Stamping of Connections 3 D Modelling & Detailed Shop Drawings using Model based inputs Case Study - Dow Chemicals Dow 1/6
  15. 15. Our services Connection Design 3 D Modelling – over 100 sequences Completely Model based detailing – Inputs from Dow as an STP model, Revisions through STP, BFA comments through XSR files. No paper drawings were received in this project. Benefits  Design and detailing done at one location  Multiple sequences and coordination among various sequences  Impact analysis was carried out in less than 24 hours  Effficiently managed multiple revisions based on site requirements up to 9 revisions (in few sequences) which impacted sequences already detailed/ fabricated/erected. Suggested Field modifications wherever required and coordinated with earlier sequences to address the impacts Dow Chemicals Dow 2/6
  16. 16. Model based Detailing Process  RFI’s were reviewed by the client using model viewer.  UDA report in .xsr format were given by the client along with loads wherever connections need to be designed by iCAD.  All the connections applied in model were tracked using connection codes.  After completing the modeling activities and updating all the RFI responses in model, the assembly drawings and E-plans were generated, edited and checked as per customer standards.  Models along with the assembly drawings, E-plans and Fabtrol reports were submitted for approval (OFA). Dow Chemicals Dow 3/6
  17. 17.  RFI’s were tracked using member UDA in the model. Dow Chemicals Dow 4/6
  18. 18. BFA (Back From Approval) Drawings  Approver comments were received through .xsr file and the same was imported in to Tekla model using GUID number for future reference. Dow Chemicals Dow 5/6
  19. 19. Dow Chemicals Dow 6/6 Dow Poly B
  20. 20. Fabricator Engineering Company About the Project Retrofitting two WFGDs complete with Absorber Island, limestone preparation, and gypsum dewatering systems, with complete flue duct and structural steel components to integrate the WFGD system into the existing power plants. Tonnage 3300 Tons Scope Design of connections as per Seismic Zone D, Review and Stamping of Connections 3 D Modelling & Detailed Shop Drawings Case Study - Wateree & Williams Generating Station Wateree 1/4
  21. 21. Our Services 1. Designing Connections as per AISC 341 -02 Basic seismic resisting system is SCBF (Specially concentrically base frames) Designed and 3 D modelled connections for retrofitting WFGD (wet flue gas desulphurization) to the existing structure. 2. Preparation of 3 D model in Tekla 3. Preparation of Detailed shop drawings & CNC outputs Benefits 1. Quicker Turnaround time – designed, reviewed, stamped, modelled and shop drawings under one roof 2. Fabricator did not have to invest time in co-ordinating between the designer and detailing company 3. Faster completion as both Design and Detailing carried out parallelly Wateree & Williams Generating Station Wateree 2/4
  22. 22. Wateree & Williams Generating Station Wateree Wateree 3/4
  23. 23. Wateree & Williams Generating Station Williams Williams Wateree 4/4
  24. 24. General Contractor Larsen & Toubro Engineering Company STUP About the Project The Bangalore airport expansion involved four new link bridges, walkways, support structure for escalators and Travelator Scope Structural design of Fixed Link Bridge, Connection Designs and developing Detailed Fabrication Drawings Our Services 1. Developed a STAAD model USING the given preliminary load model 2. Designed specific connections to suit tubular structural steel and architecturally exposed (aesthetic) steel 3. Got the designs reviewed by another external consultant in addition to Airport Design team due to Airport regulation requirements Case Study - Bangalore International Airport BIA 1/2
  25. 25. 4. Visited the project site periodically to understand the site conditions and modified the design based on the studies carried out. 5. Was responsible for interacting with other agencies, resolving RFIs and approval of designs 6. Developed custom work sheets for validating the STAAD outputs. Benefits 1. Acted as single firm responsible for design, validation, site co-ordination and approvals 2. Co-ordinated amongst other trades to ensure there is no clash/fowling in the site 3. Ensured timely completion of project through deployment of resources as needed 4. Faster turn around of shop drawings & RFIs as design and detailing was carried out under one roof 5. Customer did not have to deploy any of their key resources in this project Bangalore International Airport BIA 2/2
  26. 26. EPC Contractor Vanderlande, Netherlands About the Project Design of Baggage handling support structures at Bangalore International Airport. This is a suspended structure based on site needs and required a very high precision. Scope 1. Member Design, Connection Design, 3D Modelling and shop drawings 2. Coordination with Airport Authority for review and approval of designs Our services 1. Site visits to understand the site conditions 2. Incorporated site conditions in the design as the structure was fitting to an existing concrete structure 3. Designed Connections 4. Developed 3 D Models in Tekla Structures and prepared Shop Drawings 5. Got the design reviewed and approved by the Airport Authority of India Case Study - Baggage Handling System BHS 1/2
  27. 27. Tools used STAAD, In-house designed connection design worksheets and Tekla Structures Benefits 1. Entire Structural Design, Connection Design and Detailing works were carried under one roof 2. Customer did not assign any of their design resources. 3. Coordinated with Fabrication and Erection companies 4. Coordinated all the approvals from Governmental Agencies 5. Assisted customer in executing the project with very few resources Baggage Handling System BHS 2/2
  28. 28. EPC : Siemens Scope Design of all connections in the two power plants Develop 3 D model to validate clash with pipelines in PDMS About The Project These two Power plants were designed by SIEMNS for Electricity Authority of Thailand. The steel sections involved Japanese and Thailand sections Tonnage 1600 Tons Scope 1. Connections were designed as per ASIC standards. Standard connection design software could not be used because of the load combinations for the given sections was very high as Siemens looked at optimising the steel Case Study - Chana 2 & Wangnoi 4 Power Plant, Thailand Chana 1/2
  29. 29. 2. Connection concepts were developed by us and approved by Siemens 3. Designed the connection work sheets for the approved concept 4. Designed 1000 plus connections 5. Provided detailed Calculations for all the connections 6. Resolved Detailer and Fabricators RFIs Tools Used STAAD, In-house developed connection suite & Tekla Structures Benefits 1. As modelling was done and validated with PDMS, there were no design revisions during fabrication and erection. 2. We were able to ramp up resources as required thereby ensuring timely completion of project 3. In many cases steel connections were modified to accommodate pipelines at design stage 4. With very few resources Siemens was able to complete the job 5. Our core strength of AISC knowledge was very help full to Siemens Asia Chana 2 & Wangnoi 4 Power Plant, Thailand Chana 2/2
  30. 30. UDH 1/3 Fabricator Indiana Bridge Inc. About the Project This is a complex building with hip and Valley roofs & Curved roofs. Because of the complexity, it involved coordination with lot of other vendors to ensure there are no issues at the site. Scope Developing 3 D Model & Detailed Shop Drawings Coordination with HVAC, Joist, Deck & Skylight vendors Benefits Lot of interferences with other desciplines were brought to the notice of the Architect which led to revisions in the roof slopes at an early stage to avoid costly field fixes. In spite of being complex architectural building, the fabrication and erection went of smoothly as we were able to identify the problems early and suggest possible solutions. This project was awarded the best BIM Model award by an independent jury in Tekla BIM competition 2015 Case Study - Hoover Dining Hall
  31. 31. UDH 2/3 Hoover Dining Hall
  32. 32. UDH 3/3 Hoover Dining Hall
  33. 33. Fabricator Schuff Steel Company About the Project The Brian Performance Institute - a new 62,000-square-foot facility will bring together the latest research and training techniques designed to improve cognitive skills and health. Brain training rooms, event spaces and other clinical offerings will be in an elliptical, three-story glass structure connected to a rectangular building filled with administrative offices. Tonnage 800 Tons Scope Providing Connection Designs Detailed shop Drawings for Structural and Miscellaneous Steel structures Case Study - UT Dallas, Brain Performance Institute UTDBPI 1/3
  34. 34. Work Carried Out: 1. Design of specific connections as per AISC 13th Edition, ASD method. 2. Created 3D model of elliptical structure using Tekla structure software - version 20.1 by interpreting design drawings supplied by customer, produced 2D shop and erection drawings for fabrication and erection 3. Provided weekly BIM model to General Contractor to co-ordinate with MEP, Civil, Joist, Fire safety, Deck suppliers 4. Identifying Architecturally exposed structural steel and design & detail steel as per AESS requirements. 5. Model Coordination with Joist, Steel deck, architectural stair, monumental stair and Mechanical equipment's. UT Dallas, Brain Performance Institute UTDBPI 2/3
  35. 35. UT Dallas, Brain Performance Institute UTDBPI 3/3
  36. 36. Fabricator NAFCO Steel About the Project Mount Storm Power station is a coal fired power station owned by Dominion located in West Virginia. Mount storm power station has three different building units namely Head house-A, Head house –B and Storage transfer tower. Tonnage 450 Tons Scope Structural Steel Connection Design Develop 3D Model and Detailed Shop Drawings Case Study - Mount Storm Power Station MSPS 1/3
  37. 37. Our Services Designed the connection using LRFD 14th edition 150 varieties of connections designed along with connection calculations 3D Modeling and Shop Drawings Benefits Timely delivery of drawings was very critical to this project Customer realized the need for Connection Design services after 3 weeks in to the project but could not extend the schedule due to Liquidated Damages clause. We took the responsibility of Designing the Connections without affecting the final Drawing delivery schedule Reduction in RFIs as Design and detailing were under one roof and faster turn around Mount Storm Power Station MSPS 2/3
  38. 38. Mount Storm Power Station MSPS 3/3
  39. 39. Our Automation Tools APPLICATION NAME DESCRIPTION BENIFITS MEMBER CHECKS - 132M17 Checks the Assembly Name, Assembly Prefix, Part Prefix, Material Grade and generates a report for the wrong ones. Used in QC. Helps the user to check part prefix, assembly prefix, material grades before generating the drawings to improve quality. GUSSET ON CENTER - 2A02 Verifies that Gussets are exactly placed to the center of BEAM/COLUMN/BRACES Used in QC to ensure gussets are to the center of the Main Member. ASSEMBLY NOT LINKED - 3A03 and PARTS NOT LINKED - 22P03 Checks to ensure assemblies are linked to the respective multi drawings and parts are linked to respective G-Sheets. Generates reports of Assembly/Parts that are not linked. Assemblies and parts will not be missed out in the MULTI DRAWING and PART DRAWING. K-ENCROACHMENT VERIFICATION - 32C03 Checks the material encroachment in to K- Value/K1 Value and generates a report when there is encroachment. Used in QC which helps to ensure there are no material encroachment into the k/K1 value. HANDRAIL VERIFICATION - 47HR02 Checks the parameters of Handrails Like Height, P-end Distance, Max Post to Post Spacing, Max length, Profile etc. Used in QC which helps to verify the handrail parameters are correct and reduces checking time. SIMILAR BOLT QTY. ON BOTH ENDS - 41B04 Checks if the GAGE and No of Bolts are same on both the ends of the Braces Used in QC. Helps to check the connection design requirement through automation. WASHER ENCROACHMENT - 59W03 Checks the Washer encroachment into K- Value/K1 Value and generates a report when there is encroachment. Used in QC to ensure there is no washer encroachment in the model.
  40. 40. Our Automation Tools APPLICATION NAME DESCRIPTION BENIFITS COORDINATION CHECKING OF BOLTS Checks if the location of bolts are correct between two or more coordinating tekla models. Used in QC to check if the location of bolts at the coordinating locations are correct. BENT PLATE VERIFICATION - 74P10 Checks Bent Plate Radius, washer encroachment into the bent plate radius. Used in QC. Helps to verify if the bent plate radius is correct and there are no washer encroachment into the bent plate radius. WORK POINT CHECKING - 130P17 Checks the work points intersection between BEAM To BEAM, BEAM To COLUMN, BRACE To BEAM and COLUMN Used in QC to check if work points are proper. VERIFYING SHEAR PLATE IS ONE SIDE OF BEAM - 116C13 Verifies whether shear plate is on the same side of beam. Used in QC to check if shear plates are one side of the beam. SET BACK VERIFICATION - 60C07 Verifies the set back value for the members like Beams, gussets, Haunch plate etc. Used in QC to check if set back value is proper at all the locations. BOLT CHECKS - 241B12 Checks the bolt errors which may occur in the TEKLA STRUCTURES like 1) Bolt parts are not proper 2) GAP between bolt parts 3) Multiple bolts at same location, etc Used in QC to ensure that bolt errors do not exist in the model. GAGE VERIFICATION - 8C01 Validates the bolt GAGE for W, Wt, Channel and L section profiles. Helps in ensuring the bolt gages are proper. EDGE DISTANCE - 7B03 Checks the EDGE DISTANCE of the bolt with respect to bolt Dia. Ensures that the required edge distance exists for all the bolts. CONNECTION DESIGN CHECKING - 125C15 Checks the connection design parameters Like profile, No of bolts, weld Length, Hole To Hole Spacing etc for Beam To Beam connections, Beam to Column connections, Vertical Brace connections, Horizontal Brace Connections. Quality and efficiency based application to ensure quality.
  41. 41. Our Automation Tools APPLICATION NAME DESCRIPTION BENIFITS BATTEN PLATES - 73C10 Automatically insert the batten Plates(Spacer plates) for the 2L braces in the model. Efficiency based application helps in reducing the time of placing the batten plate in the model . DELIVERABLES - 110D08 This generates customer related deliverables from Tekla, Like 1) bolt report, 2) .nc1, 3) .dxf, 4) .kISS, etc Also generates customer specified outputs as per the requirement like 1) DXF Splitter: Dxf separately for different Plate Thickness 2) NC File Splitter - To create NC files for Different hole Dia 3) .KISS File With Out Bolt and .KISS with Cost code information. Generates customized outputs as per the customer requirement. Since the generation is automatic, helps in efficiency and quality DRAWING CHECKS - 158DWG12 This application is used to check the 1) RD start point are correctly called out in the drawing. 2) Used to check the Precision and dimension format check. Quality based application, which helps to ensure RD start points are correct for the members (Especially for skewed and sloped member) and also the precision and dimension format used for the entire drawings are right. AUTO DIMENSIONING - 98DWG06 Providing the Dimensions automatically for the VERTICAL BRACES, HORIZONTAL BRACES, BEAMS Helps in eliminating the editing errors. COPE AND BLOCK OUT REPORT - 61C09 Extracts CopeX and CopeY (Left Top, Left Bottom, Right Top, Right Bottom) and Flange Cuts (X and Y) for the W-Section Members. Quality related application which helps to verify that copes and cuts are with in the limit of design. The application is also useful to checker to ensure that flange cut details are called out in the detail drawings BO - APPLICATION - 16B09 Generates hole report for each member from the model. The holes will be cross verified with the drawing output, to ensure that holes are correctly called out in the drawings. Quality related application, which helps the checkers while checking the drawings and also useful in identifying the wrong hole Sizes used in the model E-PLAN VS ASSEMBLY LIST - 189EPLAN01 Checks and generates a report for the assemblies which are not called out in the E- PLAN. Ensures all the assemblies are called out in the E- Plan.
  42. 42. Automation Tools - iManager
  43. 43. Automation Tools - iManager
  44. 44. Automation Tools - iManager
  45. 45. CONTACT SANRIA LIMITED WWW.SANRIAENGINEERING.COM 3080 ALCOTT STREET SANTA CLARA CA 95054 USA 6, SECOND MAIN ROAD 338 KIADB BG ROAD HEBBAL INDUSTRIAL AREA BANGALORE 560076 MYSORE 570016 INDIA INDIA SALES MANAGEMENT Pravin Patel Mahesh Nagarajaiah Senior Sales Manager President & CEO pravin@sanriaengineering.com mahesh@sanriaengineering.com P: +1 408 620 5878 x1017 P: +1 408 620 5878 x1015 C: +1 832 455 6071 C: +1 510 996 2022