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Smart Cars

Case of SMART(Diamler) cars vs Kia, Scion in smart car segment

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Smart Cars

  1. 1. THE SMART CAR Anastasia Alexandre Axel Prayag Simon
  2. 2. SMART POSITIONING AND COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE • Segment: People who want a small car for commuting • Target Group: • Urban upper middle class • Need to be cool (regular compact car are boring) • Sponsorship at young, urban events (customer targer are young people with money living in a city) • Customer targer : young / living in the city (easy to park) / fashion foward / car about the environement (small car are fuel efficient) • Positioning: High end design & technology
  3. 3. Smart's fortunes in the US With Penske: + • 300 franchised dealers • Distribution • Network • Visibility • Sales opportunities - • Less visibility on internet • Bad communication With Mercedes-Benz​ + • Better communicatoion • More visibility on internet • Better brand image - • Less sale point • Distribution less effective • Reduced Network Shift in strategy, communication should be way more effective in the future thanks to better communication campaigns. Indeed they want a better brand image to create feelings and emotion. Sort of balance between communication and distribution.
  4. 4. Smart vs Honda, Scion, Kia
  5. 5. Target Customers • Young Generation • Urban People • Parking problems • Cares about Environment • Fuel Efficient • Prices in the range of $10,000 - 15,000 Exclusive Focus: Western Market, Diamler customer engagement
  6. 6. Timing of Launch The Smart’s US launch is not too late, because: • Smart brand is capable of sustainable profitability • Company is trying to reduce the cost of production (and their attempts are quite successful). • French plant is shorter for the new model of car (20%) • 21 century’s trends and inbound marketing • Competition with the direct competitors can be won • Social Media • Car shall become very popular among young people who tend to live “a flexible life” and care about the environment • Traction has already begun, in coming days it will be much more successful
  7. 7. Online and social media strategy • Today their strategy are more on social media because of their target (young people living in cities). They are in Facebook and twitter. • Diversification of the strategy: • Creation of an app (with news, advantages of the brand, most beautiful personalizable cars etc.) -- > increase of brand image • Twitter challenge for the most personnalizable Smart with an hashtag challenge. We can elect winners and give them like promos on gasoline etc. --> two ways communication that allows the customer to feel connect with the brand. • Their facebook page has more than 100,000 fans so we can develop an online streaming strategy with Facebook Live. We can also think in creating a Snapshat channel. The streaming app are the one that are being bigger and bigger now. --> CRM strategy • Cooperation with innovative & new locals: The target being a people living in the city under 30 years old, we can cooperate with some "fancy" bars/restaurants etc to make them win some promotions.
  8. 8. T H A N K Y O U

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  • AZik1

    Jan. 30, 2019

Case of SMART(Diamler) cars vs Kia, Scion in smart car segment


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