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Prediggo In A Nutshell

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See in one slide why Prediggo has the most comprehensive personalized selling solutions for online shops.

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Prediggo In A Nutshell

  1. 1. Patented Semantic Layer User Profiling Business Rules Collective Behavior Landing Page Search Auto-ComplétionSearchandising A/B E-Merchandising Multi-Devices M-Merchandising A/B Testing E-mailing Ads In-StoreCall-Center Intelligent Search Semantic Merchandising 1 to 1 Marketing « It's a great and flexible solution for many functions in our shop. ! The best thing about Prediggo, in my view is… I've never heard something is not possible, they make it possible! Fast. Reliable. Great service » ! Fabian Kossmehl, MediaMarkt « Prediggo is a real added-value for us. We have a catalog of 6'000 references with a wide price range. Thus, an efficient recommendation tool is a Must Have in order to optimize the customer experience in our Shop. !Prediggo is very proactive which makes the collaboration easy and enjoyable. » ! Maxime Staszewski,Urech