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  1. Project name: Biometrics (physical security) • Group no: • Collage name : Ganpat university / B.S Patel Polytechnic • Class: Computer-B(CE-52) • Project by: 1)Patel Riddhi 2)Patel Saxi 3)Patel Shital • Guidelines by: Prof . Ankit Raval
  2. CONTENTS • Introduction • Definition • Procedure • Terms of Biometrics • Characteristics • Recognition Techniques • Applications • Conclusion
  3. INTRODUCTION Information security is concerned with the assurance of confidentially , integrity and Availability of information in all forms. This is the ancient Greek word: bios=“life” and metron=“measure”
  4. DEFINATION Biometrics refers to the automatic identification of a person based on his/her physiological or behavioural characteristics. Terms of biometrics
  6. Fingerprint Recognition This includes the following: 1.Small ridges 2.Spaces between to temporarily divergent ridges 3.Spurs (a notch protruding from a ridges) 4.bridges
  7. Hand geometry Hand geometry is and automated measurement of many dimensions of hand.
  8. Iris scanning Iris scanning measures the iris pattern in the coloured part of the eye.
  9. VOICE RECOGNITION Voice Recognition uses vocal characteristics to identify individuals using a pass phrase. Telephone or microphone can serve as a sensor.
  10. SIGNATURE VERIFICATION An automated method of measuring individual’s signature. This technology examines speed , direction and pressure while writing.
  11. KEYSTROKE IDENTIFICATION It is an automated method of examining an individual’s key strokes on keyboard. This technology examines speed . pressure and total time taken to type particular words. Also the time elapsed between hitting certain keys.
  12. APPLICATIONS •Prevent unauthorized access to ATMS, Cellular phones Desktop PCs. •Criminal identification. •In automobiles biometrics can replace keys with keyless entry devices. •Airport security.
  13. CONCLUSION •Biometrics is an emerging area with many opportunities for growth. •Possibly in the near future , you will not have to remember PINs and passwords and key in your bags or pockets will be things of the past.