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The ProActive Network's PRISM product

This is a PowerPoint presentation of ProActive's PRISM product.

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The ProActive Network's PRISM product

  1. 1. ProActive DigitalInvestor Relations andStrategic MarketingCommunications Program
  2. 2. The ProActive Networkn  A digital investor relations and strategic marketing communications program provides our clients with the tools for achieving fair valuation and liquidity in the capital markets.n  The ProActive Network strategically leverages digital communication tools, inbound marketing techniques, online networks and personal networks to deliver a Path to Liquidity .n  ProActive Capital Resources Group develops, provides and distributes communications materials, marketing materials and Wall Street oriented information.
  3. 3. The ProActive Network Includesn  Institutional Investors Representativesn  Retail and Individual Investors n  Research Partnersn  Thought Leaders n  Business Partnersn  Influencersn  Industry Bloggersn  Users n  Distributors and Sales
  4. 4. ProActive s PRISMn  $2500 per month PRISM is an  PRISM (PRoActive Integrated Strategic destination and Messaging) leverages social and new distribution point media technologies to help companies for information on deliver their strategic message to emerging growth individual and institutional investors companies. using: n  Blogs/Articles n  Press Releases and SEC Filings n  PRISM Distribution (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) n  Client Specific Landing Page(s)   n  Corporate Videos n  Emails n  Social Media Websites
  5. 5. PRISM s PlatformsProActiveNewsroom.com ProactiveCapitalForum.com
  6. 6. PRISM s Platformsn  ProActiveNewsroom.com is ProActive s open platform, which is a leader in Inbound Marketing for investor leads.n  Its simple: ProActive Newsroom: Helps client Provides client companies get found Converts visitors into analytics to help online by more leads. make smart qualified investors marketing investments.
  7. 7. PRISM s Platformsn  ProactiveCapitalForum.com is a virtual investor relations conference with a closed platform that hosts dedicated client exhibit booths with robust market intelligence and company-specific presentations. ProActive Capital Forum Includes: • Breaking News • Intraday Stock Charts & Quotes • Corporate Videos • Corporate Blogs • Research Reports • Investor Presentations • Social Media News Feeds • WebTV Telecasts
  8. 8. PRISM s Platformsn  ProactiveCapitalForum.com The closed nature of The Capital Forum makes it a retail and institutional investor lead tool for clients. Historically a "Forum" was the marketplace or public square of an ancient Roman city. It was the center of business affairs and a place of assembly for people.
  9. 9. PRISM s Platformsn  ProactiveCapitalForum.com Today, with our partners at Onstream Media, we present the modern Forum for capital markets at "ProActive Capital Forum" which we believe will be a leader in presenting accurate, complete, and transparent information to the capital markets community.
  10. 10. PRISM s Distributionn  We are ranked in the top 2% of all websites by WebSiteGrader.comn  Distribution includes: n  Email – We distribute content to our proprietary email database of up to 145,000 investors n  Twitter – 9800+ followers n  Facebook – 24,000 + followers n  LinkedIn – ProActive and the individual partners accounts n  Seeking Alpha and a number of other Wall Street oriented distribution points.
  11. 11. PRISM Deliverablesn  ProActive performs a monthly PRISM Social and Traditional Media Audit and Analysis including 98+% of all social and traditional conversations by Bloggers, Influencers and potential investors and clients.n  In partnership with Yahoo Finance, Barrons and a number of other media sites, PRISM generates on average 500+ new investor leads per month, which are specific to a client.n  ProActive creates a company-specific Landing Page at www.ProActiveNewsroom.com and www.ProActiveCapitalForum.com which function as the central hubs for all corporate news and developments, social media accounts, news feeds and market data.
  12. 12. PRISM Deliverables, cont.n  Company-specific Search Engine Optimization for Inbound Marketing.n  Listing of relevant downloadable files, including corporate presentations, video presentations, profile reports, stock research reports, etc.n  Monthly conference call with ProActive s management and staff to review and develop client s Traditional and Social Media footprint.