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PROEXPOSURE Training courses

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PROEXPOSURE Training courses

  1. 1. PROEXPOSURE is aphotography enterprisewith a difference.We support traineephotographers indevelopingcountries, empoweringthem to change the waywe see the world.
  2. 2. “PROEXPOSURE’Straining is great. Beforethe course I had nevertaken a photograph. Infact, I’d never seen adigital camera!”Ataklti Mulu fromEthiopia is now a jobbingphotographer.
  3. 3. “I’ve learned more thantechnical skills - I knowhow to work with peopleand gain their trust. I amproud to be a traineddigital photographerbecause many people inEthiopia still use filmcameras.”Ataklti Mulu
  4. 4. Our trainers come to you. Our trainers have recentlyworked in Rwanda, Brazil and Cambodia.
  5. 5. Our training of trainers approach gives local NGO staff theskills to teach photography.
  6. 6. We specialise in working with children and young peoplefrom the UK and across the world.
  7. 7. Our tailor-made coursesinclude photography, filmand audio training to suit allyour needs.To find out more aboutphotographytraining, contact our friendlyteam on +44 (0)20 72758472or emailproexposure@gmail.com