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chiropractor massager

Professional Strength Massagers Invented by Chiropractor Dr. Edward Noble, for Chiropractic, LMT, Ahtletic Sports, Home and Equine Horse Massage.

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chiropractor massager

  1. 1. Dr. Noble's ProMassagers - Pro Strength Massagers For Clinic, Spa, Athletics & Home. 4 Deep Tissue Body Massagers. Welcome | Chirossager | PowerFingers Min. Runnerssage 10 Min. Fast Muscle Release. 60 | Massage in Only | Equissager | Buy | Contact Us Professional Strength Massagers For Clinic, Spa, Athletics & Home OVER 38 YEARS AND MILLIONS OF HAPPY PATIENTS! Our history goes deep. All of our massagers have been engineered by Canadian Chiropractor Dr. Edward Noble, who invented percussion massage over 38 years ago. Dr. Noble built his first percussion massager in 1974, designing a clinical massager just for Chiropractors, the Vibrotoner. In 1986 he released the Thumper* Pro model for Chiropractors & Massage Therapists. In 1997 he created the hugely successful Thumper* MiniPro for home massage. This one spawned over 100 copies worldwide. All new for 2013, he has developed 4 new percussion massagers. Each with new features designed for different needs. Clinical, Professional Use (operator required) or at Home (self use no helper needed). To see which is best for you - click on the images below for more details. CHOOSE OUR DEEP IMPACT MASSAGER THAT’S BEST FOR YOU FULL SIZE CLINIC & SPA DOCTORS MODEL COMPA CT, PORTA BLE PA TIENTS MODEL FOR TIRED FEET, LEGS & BA CK DEEP TISSUE MA SSA GER FOR HORSES converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  2. 2. OPERATOR NEEDED SELF USE SELF USE OPERATOR NEEDED WHY OUR PRODUCTS ARE DIFFERENT - PULSED ACUPRESSURE Typical massagers either vibrate (a shaking movement) or are orbital (a circular motion), while our products use an up & down percussion stroke (a tapping motion), producing strong waves of energy that travel deep into your muscles — penetrating far beyond ordinary massagers. DIRECTION OF FORCE OURS OTHERS We direct the massage energy into your muscle, not across the skin surface. Deep down, penetrating far beyond ordinary massagers. Blood Flow and Lymphatic Drainage are increased dramatically and may produce warmth to the area being massaged. The results are truly phenomenal! Our massagers do the work — not you. No need to dig in — our products are weighted to provide all the necessary force. Pressing or digging is unnecessary and does not get any deeper - a big difference between ordinary sanding massagers and our ProMassagers which operate by direct drive percussion action. DEEP IMPACT MASSAGE IN ASSORTED SIZES We offer controls to adjust both the power and firmness of your massage. Multiple speed adjustments plus interchangeable massage heads of different hardness and shape combine to give you a broad selection to suit your personal needs. Choose your own firmness of massage, from gentle to very aggressive. Each of our pro strength massagers works easily right through clothing, no need to undress. PHYSIOLOGICAL BENEFITS OF OUR PERCUSSION MASSAGERS 1. Almost immediate pain relief through local Endorphin release 2. Increased Blood Circulation 3. Increased Lymphatic Drainage 4. Trigger Point stimulation and release (Shiatsu action on muscle knots) 5. Stimulation of Parasympathetic nervous system (anti-adrenalin, relaxing and calming) 6. Release of Joint & Ligament Fixations (increases joint mobility) NO APOLOGIES The only criticism we sometimes receive, is that our massagers can be TOO STRONG. That is our specialty - STRONG THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE. If you don’t like it STRONG, then we suggest you buy one of those weak, drug store massagers instead. We recognize that we cannot please everyone. QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Dr. Noble has been manufacturing Pro, Industrial Strength massagers for over 38 years. These are not cheap Asian copy-cat massagers, these are the latest models from the original inventor of percussion massage. Costing less than his earlier models, yet still assembled in Canada with a 1 year warranty. We have customer service centers in both the USA and Canada. *ProMassagers LLC is a separate and independent entity not connected with Thumper Massager Inc. Thumper is a registered trademark of Thumper Massager Inc. Copyright © 2010–2013 All material presented on this website is protected by Copyright. ProMassagers LLC. All rights reserved. Welcome | Chirossager | PowerFingers | Runnerssage | Equissager | Buy | Contact Us converted by Web2PDFConvert.com