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Prodigy Game and How we help you in the classroom

  1. Introduction to Prodigy!
  2. Our Mission To help all students to love learning math
  3. How do we do that? Keeping Students Engaged Making math fun! Curriculum, content-aligned Grades 1-8 Adaptive Learning Initial Diagnostic Assessment keeps students in zone of proximal development Interactive Prodigy is a Role Playing Game where students can engage in friendly math battles with their peers and creatures
  4. Math within the game Correct answers are incentivized Students must answer questions correctly in order to cast spells and defeat their opponents They can’t just simply “click through” to level up their characters Questions and tools Students encounter 3-5 questions on average and 3 to 4 creatures per screen Students can use virtual manipulatives, hints, text to speech
  5. England India Ontario Common Core Texas (TEKS) New York Virginia Tennessee Colorado Florida (MAFS) Curricula across the globe More than 1,300 mathematical skills, and 50,000 math questions Australia
  6. Prodigy Growth 25 million 4 million 1 million 130,0003000 Since 2013, millions of students have created an account
  7. Free to play. Forever.
  8. Content and Memberships Features Non Members Members Access to all education content Catch all 100+ Pets Unlock member-only treasure chests Explore the infamous Dark Tower Activate cool mini game power-ups Level up 1.5X faster
  9. Helping teachers in the classroom
  10. Reporting View reports to pinpoint where your students are struggling Grouping Place students with similar deficiencies and learning styles together Differentiating Assign relevant content to each individual student Monitoring Use the student comprehension report to monitor progression How can Prodigy help you in the classroom
  11. Prodigy is for parents too! Parents will be able to see how their child is doing through various reports and weekly emails
  12. Resources Tools and Reports ● About Your Teacher Dashboard ● Using the Planner Tool: FAQ ● How to Create an Assignment ● Prodigy Reports Overview ● Curriculum Alignment Game FAQ ● Placement Test: FAQ ● Changing My Student’s Grade Level ● Helpful In-Game Features: Virtual Manipulatives, Text to Speech, Hints ● How to Generate Parent Letters
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  14. Thank you for your time today!