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India's best product thinkers on what a thriving product ecosystem can do for the country

On the first anniversary of iSPIRT, we got the best product thinkers in the country pledging to transform India into a product nation and to help in every way they can to get it there.

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India's best product thinkers on what a thriving product ecosystem can do for the country

  1. 1. We are witnessing the rise of India as a product nation. Slowly but surely. And on the first anniversary of iSPIRT, we got the best product thinkers in India to talk about what a thriving product ecosystem can do for the country.
  2. 2. “the means for India to showcase innovation leadership, just as the IT Services industry became the hallmark of India's ability to be the world's best in software delivery..” Shirish Deodhar
  3. 3. “a key player in the future economic growth of India & help drive entrepreneurship in general especially among the younger generation.” Dilip Thomas Ittyera
  4. 4. “the thing of pride for an Indian Software Developer, who is currently termed a 'code coolie‘!” Pallav Nadhani
  5. 5. “Biggest hub of product leadership talent in the world!” Pinkesh Shah
  6. 6. “A force to reckon with on the global landscape. A force that will revolutionize the face of the country.” Peter Yorke
  7. 7. “a Global Software Powerhouse! The Indian Market is fine but is not large enough to build a powerhouse ecosystem! Plus, when the whole world is your Oyster, why be happy being in a corner?.” Nari Kannan
  8. 8. “An ecosystem that grows together, helps each other, has M&A's, partnerships, and consistently even after successes thinks about how to give back. That mentality is needed to be the best ecosystem for startups. Also, government support is needed..” Vijay Sharma
  9. 9. “something the entire world recognizes for creating innovative world class products. Indian software industry has to go beyond peddling different kinds of arbitrage - cost, .” Amit Ranjan
  10. 10. “Most sought after Brand in global markets, a stamp of quality, reliability, completion, innov ation & support. Must fetch price premium in a few years. Must be an attractive destination for Acquisition & Funding of younger companies. .” Hanuman Tripathi
  11. 11. “creating a unique position for themselves in the landscape of the new world order where technology is in the center. They will lead through influence and impact by doing .” Piyush Singh
  12. 12. “a significant contributor to the reason(s) why India will be a dominant world economy.” Bharat Goenka
  13. 13. “the torchbearer of India's economic progress, innovation and thought leadership.” Krishna H S
  14. 14. “Major Global Player and see Billion $ emerging from India.” Trilok H G
  15. 15. “The largest product idea based country to churn the best solutions in the world. We need to work on the domestic IT product and services to be equally strong to make the .” Ullhas Ambegaonkar
  16. 16. “A catalyst to the creation of a vibrant product ecosystem in the country, re-awakening the innovation spirit of the technology community laid dormant for a few decades of being instruction led..” Ranga Raj
  17. 17. “India has all the potential to be ahead in the curve than any country in product technologies and its adoption. Not only will it push businesses to whole new different level but will be a huge economy catalyst. I dream and wish to be part of this journey and be a contributor in whatever way I could..” Ajay Chauhan
  18. 18. “the driver of efficiency and transparency in India.” Srinivas Yermal
  19. 19. “the key driver to changing how societies function and bringing value to every participant in the society.” Rinka Singh
  20. 20. “the next silicon valley. India to lead the world in terms of IPs and innovative solutions..” Senthil Nathan R
  21. 21. “not just a catalyst for wealth creation for middle classes (which it already is), but help solve painful problems in front of us like the environmental crisis, inequality and poor .” Yogesh Pathak
  22. 22. “a catalyst to take India to next level by more inclusive growth, job creation at multiple levels and touching smaller Indian businesses. ” Milind Katti
  23. 23. “the first choice for businesses when buying software for their people, partners and customers. I dream of madein-india software products solving many problems and making .” Sangeeta Patni
  24. 24. “A manifestation of Indian creativity and intellect to solve challenging problems of the world today..” Abhijit Majumdar
  25. 25. “known, respected and valued in India and around the world for delivering solutions within India and to the rest of the world.” Sanjay Anandaram
  26. 26. “a global leader with Indian companies competing and leading against global leaders like SAP, Salesforce, google, Micro soft, Oracle. .” Sumeet Anand
  27. 27. “The prime mover of the Indian economy, enabling the software industry to obtain non linear revenues, and hence become the show case for a vibrant, resurgent India.” George John Vettath
  28. 28. “a driving force for improving the health and healthcare for all people in India and around the world! .” Remesh Kuruppath
  29. 29. “a key differentiator and a competitive weapon to take India to the forefront of world economy, an economy driven by knowledge, inspired by passion for excellence and tempered towards common good through wisdom. I dream of India being a hub for great products , Ideas and intellectual progress . Claim its rightful place in the world and history.wishing SPI the very best. .” Ramaswamy ramasubbu
  30. 30. “An ecosystem that thrives in the changing 21st century context .” Ramanan
  31. 31. “The most important part of Indian economy. A hotbed for innovation and a means of expression for our youth.” Amit Chopra
  32. 32. “one of the biggest contributors of GDP by transforming various sectors of the economy such as health care, education, and agriculture. .” Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy
  33. 33. “As a key initiative to build the next $100 Billion software industry out of India .” Seshadri Krishnan
  34. 34. “A key driver in increasing the IT adoption rate among Indian SMEs. Helping them to become competitive and world class. And also bring accountability and transparency to SME businesses as a by product. So that India as a whole can develop a culture of trust.” Rajendra Kumar Hemant
  35. 35. “a thriving culture and a status symbol of India, way bigger than what the service industry culture and status symbol is today .” Rashmi Ranjan Padhy
  36. 36. “flooded with products/services which enhance both personal and business activities and use technology to empower the billion+ bottom of pyramid people to live a healthy and safe life. .” Sudhanshu Aggarwal
  37. 37. “I dream of SPI to be able to produce consumer focused designed centric software that change the way people perceive software.” J Kuttan
  38. 38. “Key driver of Indian tech economy and having 20 billion dollar IPOs over the next 5-10 years .” Shiju Mathew
  39. 39. “A healthy and appreciable platform for enthusiastic entrepreneurs to build their dream - with more room for growth and mistakes and a global infrastructure. .” Sushant Khurana
  40. 40. “a force to reckon with internationally thru the great ideas and innovative products we create.” Ramesh Loganathan
  41. 41. “A simple solution to our complex problems.” Yashveer Singh
  42. 42. “I Dream that, SPI should be a major contributor in making india a super power by the year 2030, and bring in a positive impact on the socio economic scene in India. .” Sumesh k menon
  43. 43. “A key industry in creating lot of jobs and improving GDP.” Kesava Reddy
  44. 44. “Our vision is to have a global presence through uniqueness and comprehend strategy. We want to see the world abridge to the mobile platform by integrating different products, modules and expertise on the mobile platform. Finally to provide 3 E's that are exclusive , extricate and extraordinary products.MobiTrack helps Large Companies and SMB Companies to track their SalesForce and FieldForce and Daily Activity System on Mobile.In sales & field force tracking and real-time activity monitoring and WorkForce Management system on mobile.We specialize in Location based service for FieldForce through Mobile, RFID, NFC, Barcode, Bluetooth, Hybrid apps, Indoor GPS etc. www.mobitrack.in/case study.html .” Manoj Patel
  45. 45. “An Engine for Billion dollar IPOs .” Anand Krushnan
  46. 46. “Better place to develop useful products to help India's growth, an industry obsessed with customer and customer service.” Srinivasan.G
  47. 47. “bigger and better than Israel .” Sharad Sharma
  48. 48. “Create at least 10 companies worth more than 1Bn$ over next 5 years .” Selvakumar P S
  49. 49. “Indian Software Product Industry to become a new brand of India. Lot Of innovation which will changes millions of lives at home as well as globally.” Siddharth Deshmukh
  50. 50. “I dream of SPI (Software Product Industry) becoming the New Religion of India.” Manjunath Nanjaiah
  51. 51. “a force to reckon with across the world…..” Suresh Kumar Neti
  52. 52. “a key to improving software product and solution awareness among the users. more and more customers go for indian software products and solutions. .” Paresh Shah
  53. 53. “a leader in software products since its a known fact a majority of the leading brands like ADOBE, MICROSOFT, QUARK ETC, have over 50 % of their products being developed in India or being managed by Indians and it time to show the world now that we can make good international products independently and in-house. .” Harinder Salwan
  54. 54. “I dream of SPI becoming another sunrise industry - surpassing software and diamond industry. .” Rajesh Kothari
  55. 55. “A hub for world class technology products .” Vijay Vadlamani
  56. 56. “a key driver of revenue and jobs and an instrument for building a better world.” Cohan Sujay Carlso
  57. 57. “A friend to every businessman and a guide to every product startup in India! .” Nikhil Kumar
  58. 58. “a change agent for improving the lives of Indians and citizens of the world .” Pandith Jantakahalli
  59. 59. “A huge contributor to the GDP of India and playing a significant role in taking India from a third world country to a developed nation. .” Pankaj Kulkarni
  60. 60. “a Self Sustained platform and meeting the needs of 1.4 Billion Indians .” Praveen Singh
  61. 61. “Indian Software Product Industry should be recognized for its innovations, Ideas and contribution to the world not only from profitable angle, but also contributing towards making our planet a better place for our future generations. Every industry is known and measured by its Dollar Value, but we must emphasis on VALUES and BEST PRACTICES that drives highest level of Business Ethics, Operations Excellence and Strong Governance. These factors will certainly make us a HIGHLY REGARDED BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY. Don’t just build innovative products… build innovative value systems that becomes our Industry’s DNA. .” Raghavendra Singh
  62. 62. “amongst top 5 countries contributing to IP and Patents worldwide .” Anupam
  63. 63. “Becoming as big as the valley for software products.” Praveen Hari
  64. 64. “A medium for entrepreneurs to learn from experts about various software and compatable devices available in the market to help their business grow and be in tune with the demand of the times and future .” Sirisha Naidu
  65. 65. “Key to improving the state of the world (line stolen from WEF, not the sentiment) .” Jasminder Singh Gulati
  66. 66. “An engine of value creation, a catalyst to reduce disparity in income, healthcare, educatio n. A pillar which will drive India on the next growth Vinay simha phase.”
  67. 67. “a significant contributor to the nation's GDP and employemnt.” Kishan M Bhat
  68. 68. “...The collective, single mind of India that holds all our knowledge, enables all our actions, transcending all inherited boundaries sensitively and place new power in the hands of every man, woman and child, especially the latter. All other successes are but Sridhar Dhulipala a corollary to this. .”
  69. 69. “the torch bearer for the Indian Software Industry .” Gokul Visweswaran
  70. 70. “a key to change our own country's dependency to US software product companies... Make the software affordable to SMB & government .” Shanmugavel Sankaran
  71. 71. “the driver of innovation and build products for Indian businesses making them more efficient and driving their profitability which in turn contributes to economic growth of the country and brings prosperity to all. .” Keshav Modi
  72. 72. “bigger than services industry in India.” V V Subramaniam
  73. 73. “the mechanism, the catalyst to accelerate innovative problem solving in not just business areas, but governance and infrastructure areas as well .” Seema Joshi
  74. 74. “the back bone of indian economy going forward and is very critical for the Indian economic condition which translates to becoming richer, higher GDP and i turn lot more people will get to bed everyday with 3 square meals. .” Manjunath M Gowda
  75. 75. “An engine to economic success and overall progress of the country !” Manjula Sridhar
  76. 76. “the key driver for fueling the growth of GDP of India, much like the Tatas, Birlas and Ambanis did years ago with manufacturing industry .” Aditya Sanghi
  77. 77. “a key to invigorating innovation in India and creating awesome products that are the best in the world.” Saurab Paruthi
  78. 78. “A Key Driver and Torch Bearer for the Indian Sw industry's and country's economic growth. .” Raman N R K
  79. 79. “Incredibly cool innovations .” Pallav Jhawar
  80. 80. “I dream of SPI becoming the main catalyst responsible for the growth of Indian businesses! .” Harsha Vardhan
  81. 81. “a driver of growth for India, ultimately leading to birth of future FaceBooks and Googles from within our ecosystem.” Hareish Gur
  82. 82. “a shining guide for helping accelerate growth of startups in India to be at par with rest of the world across all stages of growth and exit.” Chintan Mehta
  83. 83. Do you want to transform India at large? Do you want to be a part of the emergence of India as a product nation? Join the Community at ProductNation.in