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Getting started with google docs

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Getting started with google docs

  2. 2. Go to: http://www.google.com.my/
  3. 3. Creating a Google Account
  4. 4. At the right topcorner of Googlehomepage, click ‘Sign in’. Then, click ‘Sign up for a new Google Account’.
  5. 5. Fill in the requiredinformation. Click ‘I accept. Create my account’.
  6. 6. Creating Google Documents
  7. 7. Click ‘CREATE’ button and choose any type of thedocuments to After creating astart creating. Google account and log in, go to ‘More’ at the Google page and select ‘Documents’.Or, you can click this icon to upload you existing document in Google docs.
  8. 8. (a) Creating Document If you click ‘Document’, this is your viewing page. To rename this document, click ‘Untitled document’.This is your toolbar You can type your with editing document similar to a functions. word processer.
  9. 9. (b) Creating Presentation This is the presentation If you click toolbar with the editing ‘Presentation’, this is functions. your viewing page. Create yourAdd new presentations here slide. similar to a power point presentation.
  10. 10. (c) Creating Spreadsheet If you click ‘Spreadsheet’, this is your viewing To rename this page. spreadsheet, click at ‘Untitled spreadsheet’. This is your spreadsheet toolbar with the Start using yourediting functions. spreadsheet here similar to excel format.
  11. 11. Click ‘Add item’ to add Click ‘Theme:Plain’ questions or to choose from If you click ‘Form’, others in your many of the this is your form. interesting forms’ viewing page. themes. Click here to give your form a title. You can edit, Example of a duplicate and question. delete your questions.
  12. 12. Sharing
  13. 13. To change your sharing setting and invite others to collaborate with your documents click the ‘Share’ button. This icon showsyour document is private and onlyyou can access it.
  14. 14. Choose your sharing setting and click ‘Save’. To invite specific peoples, enter names,Then, click the email addresses or ‘Done’ groups. button.
  15. 15. Viewing Comments
  16. 16. Click ‘Show commentstream’ to seeany comments regarding the documents. Choose your comment’s notification settings. Then, click ‘OK’ button.