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Getting started with sync.in

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Getting started with sync.in

  1. 1. Go to: http://sync.in/
  2. 2. Creating a Public Note
  3. 3. Click the ‘Create a new If you want to havePUBLIC NOTE’ button to more features and start creating a note for security, click ‘Getfree. There is no need to Sync.in PRO SIGNUP sign up/register. NOW’.
  4. 4. This is your Public note. Now youcan start using it.
  5. 5. Editing tools
  6. 6. Tools to edit Insert bullet Undo and redoyour writing. list. what you have written.
  7. 7. Sync.In Tools
  8. 8. Show the timeline of the edited note.Note view option. Save note. Export note in different format.
  9. 9. Sharing a Note
  10. 10. List of users. You can change your name here.Click ‘Invite’ or ‘Share thisnote’ button to invite andto collaborate with other users.
  11. 11. Copy this link and send it to people with whom you wantYou can send the to share this note. link given by inserting emailaddress or other sharing applications. Then click ‘Share Now’ button.
  12. 12. Chatting
  13. 13. You can view what you have chatted here. Type what youtaught at this box to start a chat.

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