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Develop and Motivate a Winning Sales Team

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Can you identify your bottom, middle, and top sales professionals? Do all of your sales professionals hit quota?

In this webinar, Al Rainaldi discusses the Profiles Sales Performance Solution and how assessment solutions can help to develop a top performing sales team.

Here's what you'll learn in the webinar:

How to identify your top, middle and bottom performers
How moving sales professional to the from the bottom to the middle or the middle to the top can have dramatic effects on increasing revenue.
How three critical components provide sales leadership with a unified platform for selecting salespersons and further developing their performance

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Develop and Motivate a Winning Sales Team

  1. 1. Welcome to the Sales Solutions WebcastAccelerating Sales PerformanceAn Overview of the Profiles Sales Solution Set Presented by Al Rainaldi
  2. 2. Diverse Base of Marquee Customers Financial Services Retail & Consumer Travel & Hospitality Education & Government Technology Healthcare Energy & Utilities Business Services Customer Highlights • Global employee assessment solutions company • Full range of instruments to select, evaluate and develop sales people • Exceptional science, web-based delivery technology and client service • Assessments used in over 120 countries worldwide • In business for over 20 years • Proud to work with exceptional clients2
  3. 3. Why  we’re  here  today… How to get the most of out what you have to maximize your sales productivity.3
  4. 4. Let’s  look  at  what’s  possible…I’d  like  to  thank  Profiles  International  for  their  excellent  work  on  the  case  study we have been using with the Lens Care Group. These are the forty-fivesales representatives who took a product line from $80,000/month (or a milliona year) to $1 million a month in six months. They projected $7 million the firstyear and ended up at $10.5 million.4
  5. 5. The  Profiles’  Sales  Solution Process • Objective sales analysis of the current sales team(s) (Sales Utility Analysis) • Identifies and separates the teams into three distinct production groups Top – “Stars” Average – “So-So’s” Bottom – “Passengers” • Objectively identifies strengths and weakness in both hard and soft skill areas • Build customized coaching and training for each team member. • Consistently monitored improvement • Provided real-time feedback to leaders5
  6. 6. The Development of Your Sales Team Profiles Sales CheckPoint™ Utility Profiles Sales Analysis Assessment™ Profiles Sales Profiles Sales CheckPoint™ eLearning System
  7. 7. Sales Utility Analysis “Utility analysis is a quantitative method that estimates the monetary value of benefits generated by any intervention based on the improvement it produces in worker productivity, including computing a return on their investment in  implementing  it” - Bernstein,  Allen  L.  “A  handbook  of  statistical  solutions  for  the  behavioral  sciences”.   New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston.7
  8. 8. Example…”Al’s  Sales  Team” • 10 Salespeople • Total quota of $8,400,000 • Total sales of $8,203,000 • Average sales of $820,3008
  9. 9. The results of the analysis revealed • Top (2): – Total sales: $2,200,000 – Average quota Performance: 184% • Middle (3): – Total sales: $2,960,000 – Average quota Performance: 115% • Bottom (5): – Total sales: $3,043,000 – Average quota Performance: 67%9
  10. 10. Worrisome Gaps • Bottom Performers average just 67% performance against quota • Middle Performers average 115% performance against quota - 48%-points more than Bottom Performers • Top Performers average 184% performance against quota - 68%-points more than Middle Performers & 116%-points more than Bottom Performers10
  11. 11. So What? • Top performers prove more can be done • No one was hired for Middle or Bottom performance • Every Middle or Bottom performing position is an opportunity cost to ClientCo • Sales are being lost unnecessarily • Something can be done11
  12. 12. Imagine  the  Possibilities…   Performance Additional New Improvement Annual Sales Total Sales Raise one Bottom to average level quota $452,467 $8,655,467 performance of Middle Raise ALL Bottom to average level quota $2,262,333 $10,465,333 performance of Middle Raise one Middle to average level quota $603,667 $8,806,667 performance of Top Raise ALL Middle to average level quota $1,811,000 $10,014,000 performance of TopRaise the ENTIRE TEAM to the average level quota $7,211,000 $15,414,000 performance of the Top12 12
  13. 13. So how can we help you? …make  profound  and  sustainable changes without adding  additional  sales  people….13
  14. 14. A Good Starting Point Profiles Sales CheckPoint™  Utility Analysis Profiles Sales Assessment™ Profiles Sales Profiles Sales CheckPoint™ eLearning System
  15. 15. Profiles Sales CheckPoint™15
  16. 16. The 7 Universal Sales Competenciesand their 19 Skill Sets are listed below1. Entrepreneurial Approach 5. Manages Selling Process • Reflects entrepreneurial attitude •  Understands  client-centric selling • Time optimization •  Establishes rapport • Sets effective goals •  Identifies  prospects  needs •  Counsels  prospect2. Understands the Prospect •  Recognizes  buyer  behavior 6. Closes the Sale •  Understands  the  purchasing   •  Explores  prospects  options process •  Presents  ideal  solution •  Overcomes  objections3. Develops Appropriate Solutions •  Closes  effectively •  Uses  feature  and  benefit   solutions 7. Manages Sales Relationships •  Knowledge  of  products •  Secures  the  relationship •  Develops  the  relationship4. Prospects Proactively •  Identifies  prospects •  Gets  appointments
  17. 17. Feedback is reported in the followingsections:• Executive Competency Overview• Skill Set Summary• Critical Skills Alignment Summary• Executive Summary• Skill Set Analysis• Survey Summary of the 79 Items• Survey Comments• Development Overview
  18. 18. Profiles Sales CheckPoint™• Precisely targets developmental needs• Enables more effective coaching and communication• Aligns sales priorities• Improves productivity and retention18
  19. 19. Critical Skills Alignment19
  20. 20. Profiles Sales CheckPoint™Your Action PlanYou cannot risk leaving your sales development to chance; planning is essential. How manytimes have you stated to yourself or others your intentions to act but fall back into oldhabits? Successful sales people follow through on development plans when the developmentneed is directly linked to a sales challenge or pain point. The most significant developmentopportunities take place on the job and are totally under your control.People tend to play to their strengths – choosing to utilize one sales skill over another due totheir personal proficiencies. They have the knowledge and experience to use certain skills inalmost  any  situation.  If  you  don’t  favor  or  simply  lack  proficiency  with  a  sales  skill  that  is  deemed important to being successful, there are two steps you can take immediately. Development Summary Overview1. First, if you know what to do differently to improve a skill or behavior, do it!2. Second, create an Action Plan. Your plan need not be complex. section reviews the average ratings for each Skill Set. Both ratings for you and your Sales Manager are shown. In this This Most often, your best course of action for personal and professional growth and development is obvious and Skill Sets based on the average ratings and where they fall in relation to the Favorable Zone. section we have grouped the easy to recognize. The results for each Skill Set are sorted and grouped together based on whether you and your Sales Manager identified themThe results from the Sales CheckPoint you recently completed identified the following grouping, scores are sorted by the average scores of your Sales Manager. Here is how your results as critical. Within eachDevelopment Opportunities, although there might be others thatare grouped: as you go are identifiedthrough this process. • Mutually Selected Strengths – The Skill Sets shown here are those which both you and your Sales Manager rated in• Identifies prospects – Recognizes the characteristics of ideal prospects and focuses These are clearly strengths that should be emphasized, but they should not be glossed over as there the Favorable Zone. time and activities on those with the highest probability of becoming is always room for improvement. Discussions should focus on how to use these strengths to help develop those areas good clients. that may need improvement.• Uses feature and benefit solutions – Develops and offers solutions by communicating • product characteristics and identifying how those characteristicsSelected Strengths of Sales Manager – These Skill Sets are those where the average scores of your Sales Manager will satisfy the prospects needs. were in the Favorable Zone. There should be open communication between you both to determine reasons for the differences between these ratings. It is important to align your expectations with those of your Sales Manager regarding• Secures the relationship – Stays in front of client and prospects needs and establishes these Skill Sets. opportunities to generate contacts and do more business with them. • Selected Strengths of Sally – You rated these Skill Sets in the Favorable Zone, but your Sales Manager did not agree. Meet with your Sales Manager to help you understand why some of your behaviors were found wanting. Work together to align your expectations with regard to these Skill Sets. • Areas for Development – Obvious opportunities for development are the Skill Sets that neither of you rated in the Favorable Zone. Training should be considered to help you become more effective in your sales activity. Pay particular 20 attention to those Skill Sets identified as critical by either you or your Sales Manager.
  21. 21. The Next Step  Profiles Sales CheckPoint™  Utility Analysis Profiles Sales Assessment™ Profiles Sales Profiles Sales CheckPoint™ eLearning System
  22. 22. Profiles Sales Assessment™22
  23. 23. Can they do the job? How will they do the job? Do they want to do this job?23
  24. 24. Sales Rep Matched to the Performance Model • Expected Behaviors • Coaching Recommendations24
  25. 25. Behavioral Considerations• Mr. Smith generally focuses on timely results. However, his pace may lag when attending to several clients at once.• He is moderately energetic; his work pace will be stable and methodical for the most part. What can I expect However, when the workload reaches extremes, you may notice an increase in his response to stress. from him?• On occasions that require extra hours of work, he may feel more stress as the duties of this sales position make demands on his personal time. Management Considerations• Mr. Smith acts with a sense of urgency if he takes timeMaintain openon occasion. • to reenergize communication and observe his energy level, providing opportunities when possible, for him to gather his reserves. Congratulate his efforts to stay driven and energized in his sales activities. • Provide a structured environment in which to work and maintain short-term goals to help him What will he require monitor his effectiveness for achieving long-term sales goals. from me? • Discussions with him should explore the possibility that the pace of this sales position may sometimes lead to frustration and an eventual reduction in satisfaction and performance. • Coach him on effective time management techniques and provide occasional rewards for efficient and timely sales results.ProspectingMr. Smith understands the need for prospecting and is willing to invest some of his energy in doing so.He tends to be most effective in prospecting when it is done in brief spurts of activity rather than Development Areaover an extended period of time. He tends to enjoy a great deal of self-sufficiency and flexibility in hisapproach to developing a list of projects. 25
  26. 26. Seven Critical Sales Behaviors Critical Sales Behaviors 1. Prospecting This section describes what kind of sales behavior Ms. Brandes could demonstrate if properly trained for the position under consideration. If 2. Closing The Sale she is a good match to the position this information is very important. If Ms. Brandes is not a good match to the Job Match Pattern you have 3. Call Reluctance developed for this position, you should disregard the comments made in this section. However, if you have other sales positions available you 4. Self-Starting should re-run the Profiles Sales Assessment with the Job Match Patterns developed for those positions. Should she be a good match for any of these other positions, then use this section of the report to support your 5. Working With A Team decision. Prospecting 6. Building and Maintaining Ms. Brandes will usually pursue prospects until she has them appropriately qualified. Sara understands the need for prospecting and Relationships is willing to invest some of her energy in doing so. Trusting her own ability to develop an approach, she will tend to display innovation in developing a list of prospecting and qualifying them for a sales call. 7. Compensation Preference Closing the Sale Ms. Brandes is usually willing to move toward a close from the very beginning of the presentation. Her confidence and competitiveness are quite high. Sara is willing to adapt her closing approach to fit the situation, demonstrating good perseverance in the need to make the sale. She also has the relatively high level of drive to be motivated by the process of making a sale.26
  27. 27. Follow with Sales Training  Profiles Sales CheckPoint™  Utility Analysis  Profiles Sales Assessment™ Profiles Sales Profiles Sales CheckPoint™ eLearning System
  28. 28. Profiles Sales eLearning28
  29. 29. Profiles Sales eLearning29
  30. 30. Profiles Sales eLearning Pro Selling Client-centric Solution Selling for Entrepreneurial Professionals Sample lessons • The Entrepreneurial Mindset • Understanding Your Attitude • Selling Time & Activity Optimization • Understanding Buyer Behavior • Understanding the Purchasing Department • Understanding Features, Benefits & Solutions • Knowledge of Products, Services and Solutions • Identifying and Targeting Your Prospects • Getting a Meeting • Overview of Client-centric Solution Selling • Establishing Rapport and Starting a Relationship • Uncovering  Your  Client’s  Needs • Exploring Options in a Consultative Way • Presenting the Ideal Solution • Overcoming Objections • Closing the Sale • Securing the Relationship • Growing the Relationship30
  31. 31. Testing for Understanding • Module Quizzes to test understanding of concepts • Learner can retest and request coaching before testing again • Course Certification • Testing and tracking drive accountability, which helps drive results.31
  32. 32. Facilitation Meetings • Sales Coaching & Advising • Help drive accountability • Help reinforce concepts as needed32
  33. 33. Profiles Sales eLearning • Over 50 modules and 184 specific lessons target all “needs  improvement”  areas • Not  a  “one  size  fits  all”  process • Custom fit for each team member • Nothing is left to chance33
  34. 34. Re-Evaluate Your Sales Team  Profiles Sales CheckPoint™  Utility Analysis  Profiles Sales Assessment™  Profiles Sales Profiles Sales CheckPoint™ eLearning System
  35. 35. Profiles Sales CheckPoint™• 19 Skill Sets grouped into 7 Universal Sales Competencies• Precisely targets developmental needs• Enables more effective coaching and communication• Improves productivity and retention35
  36. 36. Critical Skills Alignment36
  37. 37. The Development of Your Sales Team Profiles Sales CheckPoint™  Utility Profiles Sales Analysis Assessment™ Profiles Sales Profiles Sales CheckPoint™ eLearning System
  38. 38. What’s  next? 1. Select a sales team that has at least 3 salespeople 2. Profiles will complete a comprehensive analysis of that team (complementary) 3. At the very least, have the bottom performers enroll in  the  “Sales  Solution  Set” 4. Everyone enrolled this month will receive a minimum 20%  savings  on  the  best  decision  you’ll  make  this   year38
  39. 39. Q&A Questions?39
  40. 40. Accelerating Sales Performance Thank you for attending our webcast!40
  41. 41. Contact Us Profiles Assessment Asia (Pte.) Limited An Authorized Strategic Business Partner of Profiles International14 , Robinson Road, #08-01A, Far East Finance,Singapore 048545Email: info@profiles.com.sgTelephone: 65717031Fax: 63334636Website: http://www.profiles.com.sg Share , Connect and Follow Us Know your people..Grow your business