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MBA Chai Wala Presentation.pptx

  1. Sub: Entrepreneurship Development Prof: Sagar Sarik Sir Presented by: Pruthviraj Abhiman Chavan Roll No: 08
  2. About MBA Chai Wala R e a l N a m e : M r . P r a f u l l B i l l o r e D a t e O f B i r t h : 1 4 J a n u a r y 1 9 9 6 A g e : 2 6 Y e a r B i r t h P l a c e : D h a r , I n d o r e , M P P r o f e s s i o n : B u s i n e s s m a n
  3.  Prafull Billore, 26 year old, is a graduate.  He wanted to get into Indian’s top most MBA institute i.e. IIM Ahmedabad.  Due to not being able to get into his dream college he got depressed and shut himself from the outside world.
  4.  After some time, he started exploring new places.  To support himself financially, he started working at MacDonald's.  Tea was the only thing that was keeping him sane.  That’s how he got the idea to start something similar to Coffee Cafes.
  5. He started working towards his dream. He asked his father for 15k rupees. It took him almost 45 days to set up everything. His friends were discouraging him he was determined towards his goals and he knew that he could achieve it if he put in the right amount of hard work.
  6. STRAGY THAT GOT VIRAL  A cafe in Ahmedabad decided to celebrate Valentine’s day in an unique way and it is none other than MBA chai wala. Prafull used Facebook to promote his marketing strategy.
  7. GROWTH OF MBA CHAI WALA  Within only few years, Prafull Billore made a name for himself. His cafe’s success skyrocketed. One simple tea stall has now transformed into a chain of franchises and cafes.  His income from sponsorships and YouTube combined is more than 3 Lakhs Rs. his annual income is around 3 Cr. and his monthly salary is over 25 Lakhs.  Apart from focusing on his business, Prafull supports many social causes like women empowerment, economic upliftment of underprivileged people and raise funds for may noble causes.
  8. Prafull Billore's journey is an essential lesson to everyone that even if our dreams seem useless or small to others, but we have full faith in them then we should not stop pursuing them. At first, it might look like a monumental task but we shouldn't get scared. We should break our goals into smaller and achievable goals and start working towards them. Failure won't change anything, but it just provides us the opportunity to introspect and improve and therefore make an accurate decision for our next step.