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Kate Forrest, Port Macquarie Hastings Locals Talk speaker series

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Presented at combined meeting of the marketing and programs group, and the reference and information services group at Blacktown 7 August 2019

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Kate Forrest, Port Macquarie Hastings Locals Talk speaker series

  1. 1. LOCALS TALK Speaker series be inspired ~ local talent ~ our community
  2. 2. Overview: • In response to regular enquiries from people wanting to give talks about their field, interest or business (we were cautious of showing preferential treatment) • We invite 3 talented and inspiring locals to speak on a theme for just 10 minutes each, followed by questions and general discussion, over a scrumptious morning tea • Launched March 2018 – offered monthly March to November • Saturday morning 10:00 – 11:30am • Hugely successful from first session – room at capacity (50); media coverage for most events; positive feedback from speakers and audience • Attendance numbers have maintained into this year with 30-50 each session • Tie in with awareness months and display themes in library, both fiction and non- fiction eg. Mental health month: large pyramid of non fiction; feel good fiction & DVDs
  3. 3. Positive outcomes: • Brings new people to the library via speakers and their contacts • Offering events in addition to author and literary focussed talks, attracting different and new members of the community • Networking opportunities with speakers • Educational, interesting and informative • Dynamic, engaging and topical • 3 speaker format effective and each time a little bit magical • Flow on effect: creating new programs and partnerships -Death and Dying book club and discussion groups (x 3) -Mindfulness meditation twice weekly – new library program -Displays & exhibition opportunities
  4. 4. Themes 2018: Celebrating…. • International Women’s Day • Mindfulness in May • Health & Nutrition • Recycling • Death & Dying • Singing • Mental Health Month • Art & Creativity Themes 2019: Celebrating…. • International Women’s Day • Mindfulness in May • Making a difference heroes • Science
  5. 5. Challenges: • Staff time intensive: identifying themes and speakers; contacting speakers, chasing photos and biogs; posters and promotion; 2-3 staff needed to set up and host event • Staff organising the program both .5 part time, with an already full work load – Leanne responsible also for book clubs and author events, Kate responsible for programs, marketing and displays. Solutions: • From 2019 program offered alternate months (Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov) • Both positions increased to .7
  6. 6. Where to now: • Topical Talks – for those topics that need longer than 10 minutes and will cater for non local speakers.