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Automotive aerodynamics

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The file contains a seminar on Automotive Aerodynamics. It is must that you study details of aerodynamics before reading this as I didn't wrote so much about the Aerodynamics because I explained the topic orally

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Automotive aerodynamics

  1. 1. Automotive Aerodynamics
  2. 2. Introduction When objects move through air, forces are generated by the relative motion between air and surfaces of the body, study of these forces generated by air is called aerodynamics.
  3. 3. Forces on a Automotive Body Four kinds of forces may act on a body:  Lift  Drag  Weight  Thrust
  4. 4. Forces on a Automotive Body Four kinds of forces may act on a body:  Lift  Drag  Weight  Thrust
  5. 5. Lift It is the sum of all the dynamic forces on a body normal to the direction of external flow around the body. F=(1/2)CLV2A ρ Drag It is the sum of all the dynamic forces in the direction of fluid flow, so it acts opposite to the direction of object. F=(1/2)CDV2A ρ
  6. 6. Weight Its just the weight of the object in motion. It affects the acceleration of the object. Thrust Force produced in the opposite direction to drag that is higher than drag so the body can move through the fluid(air).
  7. 7. History Today’s Car
  8. 8. Effect of Aerodynamic Drag on Engine Performance
  9. 9. Aerodynamics Design Tips       Keep the vehicle low to ground. Cover the wheel wells. Avoid open Areas Make corners round instead of sharp. The body should be as smooth and continuous as possible. The should be no sharp angles.
  10. 10. Aerodynamics Design Tips Front screen should be raked as much as is practical.  All body panels should have a minimal gap.  Make use of spoilers. 
  11. 11. For Vehicle you Already own Keep your vehicle washed and waxed (reduces skin friction).  Remove mud flaps from behind the wheels.  Add a spoiler to the front or rear of the car.  Drive in closed sun roof and windows. 
  12. 12. Benefits of Aerodynamically designed Vehicle More Efficiency  More Speed (increased performance)  More stability (even at higher speeds)  Good Looking (Design Improvements) 