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Innovative Labeling Solution Round Table Oct 18-2016

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Innovative Labeling Solution Round Table
Pyxa Solutions is comprised of a dynamic team of management consultants and R&D subject matter experts specializing in cross-functional R&D delivery stemming from activities led by Regulatory Affairs.

Pyxa was founded in 2012 to provide our clients a refreshing consulting experience, through engagement with experienced industry leaders and consultants by delivery of high-quality deliverables and unique services. Pyxa is managed by a team of three seasoned partners with prior blended expertise in industry and management consulting.

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Innovative Labeling Solution Round Table Oct 18-2016

  1. 1. INNOVATIVE LABELING SOLUTION PRIVATE ROUND-TABLE EVENT BY INVITATION ONLY AGENDA: •  Strategic discussion across all par1cipants (we an1cipate 12 Pharma around the table) •  Alignment of the key challenges companies face with the Global Labeling Process •  Review and discussion of the current system landscape (and gaps for addressing the labeling requirements) •  Demo of a novel labeling soluGon that is in development by PAREXEL + Pyxa •  An opportunity to par1cipate in a new model of industry collaboraGon to drive an innovaGve and disrupGve technology •  A roadmap (and first hand view) of how this solu1on 1es in with the end-to-end RIM solu1ons (including IDMP requirements) SONESTA HOTEL 1800 MARKET STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19103 •  NOV 7TH, 2016 •  10:00AM – 3:00PM INCLUDES WORKSHOP / NETWORKING LUNCH RSVP to delsherif@pyxasolu1ons.com by Oct 31st, 2016