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HybridMount: Access Public Cloud at LAN Speeds

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HybridMount allows you to mount public cloud storage on your NAS and then use your NAS as a cache to accelerate access to that storage. This allows you to access your public cloud data at LAN speeds. QNAP makes a local cache volume for this purpose, and that caching also makes it possible to map cloud folders on devices through SMB or map Cloud storage through iSCSI. Hybrid Mount adds many of the benefits of private cloud to your public cloud storage to give you the best of both.

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HybridMount: Access Public Cloud at LAN Speeds

  1. 1. HybridMount The New Hybrid Cloud Gateway Local Cache Bring Clouds Closer! Allocate a part ofNAS storage to enjoy the hybrid cloud! SMB / NFS / AFP
  2. 2. Agenda 2 modes (with or without Cache Space) How Cache Space increases performance How Cache Space increases functionality Live Demo VJBOD Cloud
  3. 3. 2 Modes On Your Demand File Cloud Gateway File Station Mount Setup Method Choose”File Cloud Gateway” mode and create acache space Mount cloud drives Connections 2 life-time free connections Buylicense for more connections No limit Accessing Performance High performance due to the cachespace Depends on network speed Accessin File Station Supported Supported Access in SMB/ NFS/ AFP Supported NOTSupported Accesswith Multimedia Applications on QTS Supported Choose this! NOTSupported
  4. 4. Set up a File Cloud Gateway and Speed Up Transferring After connecting public and private cloud with HybridMount as a gateway, the transferring between cloud drives and the NAS is simplified, and the user could access files with fast local network. Meanwhile, the user can access files in cloud drives through common protocols like SMB, AFP, and NFS. Internet Local Network SMB/AFP/NFS
  5. 5. Accelerate When Reading Cached Files When first reading, the file will be downloaded from the cloud to the local cache volume and kept. When reading the cached files, it will read the files in local cache volume to avoid download again. LAN Cache Space in NAS Faster Internet Slower
  6. 6. Cache Uploading Files To Reduce Waiting Time Cache Space in NAS LAN Faster Internet (in background) Slower When uploading data to the cloud Upload the files to NAS through LAN and then upload to the cloud in the background. It helps you reduce waiting uploading in front of your computer.
  7. 7. Step 3: Enjoy Multimedia Entertainment on QTS Enjoy large storage space on cloud drives and various multimedia services on QTS: •Use QuMagie to smartly organize your photos. •Build your video library with Video Station. •Stream videos to different displayers with DLNA Server. VideoStation MusicStation QuMagie
  8. 8. Live Demo
  9. 9. RAID Cloud Object Storage Storage Pool QNAP NAS A NAS can be used as Edge Storage by connecting to a Cloud Object Storage Provider, create a Cloud Volume or LUN on the Cloud, and mount it for local application usage with accelerated performance. Local Cache Cloud Storage Cloud Volume Cloud LUN Cache Space Application iSCSI Initiator Local Clients QTS 4.4.1 first release will provide Cloud Volume feature . VJBOD Cloud: Block-Based Cloud Storage Gateway
  10. 10. QNAP Hybrid Cloud is your best choice! Copyright © 2019 QNAPSystems,Inc. All rights reserved. QNAP®and other namesof QNAPProducts are proprietary marksor registered trademarks of QNAPSystems,Inc. Other products and companynamesmentioned herein are trademarks of their respective holders.