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  1. ESSAY WRITING ○ Submitted by :Qurat ul ain razzak Roll no :1002. Submitted to :mam Sadia
  2. ● What is essay ? ● Classification of essay ● Parts of essay ● Characteristics of essay ● Tips to write effective essay
  3. What essay writing is ? ➢ Essay writing is basically a piece of paper ➢ The word essay is derived from a Latin word ‘exagium' meaning the presentation of the case ➢ Essay is basically a written work usually tell how well you understand the topic . ➢ Essay is generally based on a single subject or topic
  4. Classification of essay ● There are four major types of essay ✓Descriptive ✓Narrative ✓Expository ✓Argumentative
  5. Descriptive Essay ● Painting a picture with the help of words the way of writing by using words to describe something by creating a clear image in the mind of the reader ,the reader become more connected to the writing
  6. Narrative Essay ● Narration means story telling ,this type of essay allows the writer to tell a story the story may be based on actual events and imaginary events in the ye line created by the auther ,some examples of narrative type essays are fairy tales and auto biographies .
  7. Expository Essay ● Expository writing contain extra information based on facts figures statics .This type of essay seeks to explain a topic to reader by analyzing and evaluating information it is about how or why something happens
  8. Argumentative Essay ● In Argumentative essay ,you are typically asked to take position on an issue or topic and support your position with evidence .It's purpose is to persuade the reader to agree with the arguments being made .
  9. Parts of Essay ● Generally the academic essay has three parts that are as follows. Introduction body conclusion
  10. Introduction Tells the reader what the writer is going to present and what they are about to learn Body Main content that provide evidence to prove and persuade the writers particular point of view G
  11. A good essay must have these chracterististics that are Conclusion Wrapup or summerization CHRACTERICS ● Unity, order ● Brevity ● Style ● Personal touch
  12. ● Means the material and ideas must have unity Unity Order ● Order in thoughts or should not be written in irregular manner Brevity ● It must be consice,straight forward and direct
  13. Style ● It should be easy, simple ,commprehend able and clear in thoughts Personal touch ● must be inevitable ,logical ,expressive,and must have real essence