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Presidential Candidate Popularity Stats

The largest popularity contest is the race for President Of The United States. Below we have gathered facts from all over the internet to bring you one centralized place to get educated on the 2016 frontrunners. Once you get educated weigh in to express who you feel is most popular.

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Presidential Candidate Popularity Stats

  1. life background
  2. Marco Rubio Of Cuban descent. Political interest influenced by his uncle. Received his law degree at University of Florida. “Crown Price of Tea Party” started his political career in the Tea Party. republican party university of florida
  3. democratic party wellesley college Born and raised Republican, became a Democrat in 1968 during Junior year of Wellesley College. Met Bill Clinton while at Yale Law School, married in 1975. hillary rodham clinton
  4. social media
  5. rubio facebook followers INFO SINCE 2009 started in 2009 people engagements Facebook followers80,000 855,000 TWEETTHIS @QVOPOLLS
  6. rubio TWITTER FOLLOWERS 737,000 FOLLOWERS inactive users 44% active users 40% fake users 16%
  7. most important tweet real users 65% fake users 35% Traducido al español por @CNNEE mi discurso ante el Senado de EEUU sobre crisis en #Venezuela: youtu.be/A5Rldaa290s #SOSVzla RETWEETS: 10,198 FAVORITES: 2,597 most important tweet - English translation Translated to Spanish by @CNNEE my speech to the US Senate on crisis in #Venezuela youtu.be/A5Rldaa290s #SOSVzla 18,100 FOLLOWERS 11,600 instagram FOLLOWERS most important tweet Senator @MarcoRubio met with @AlvaroUribeVel in the U.S. Capitol to discuss U.S.-Colombia relations. RETWEETS: 575 FAVORITES: 273 TWEETTHIS @QVOPOLLS
  8. clinton facebook followers started in 2015 people engagements Facebook followers103,000 824,000 TWEETTHIS @QVOPOLLS
  9. clinton TWITTER FOLLOWERS 3,510,000 FOLLOWERS inactive users 46% active users 38% fake users 16%
  10. most important tweet 26,200 instagram FOLLOWERSreal users 82% fake users 18% I'm running for president. Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion. –H https://www.hillaryclinton.com RETWEETS: 104,874 FAVORITES: 107,487 TWEETTHIS @QVOPOLLS
  11. debate topics
  12. Clinton had full support on the war. Rubio struggled to give an answer. was the iraq war a mistake? clinton rubio
  13. gay rights Clinton has full support. Rubio agrees to disagree. TWEETTHIS @QVOPOLLS
  14. women’s rights clinton rubio Clinton says it’s her top priority to arrange. Rubio says it’s a state issue and not a federal issue. TWEETTHIS @QVOPOLLS
  15. Clinton supports income equality. Rubio supports budget cuts. average income clinton rubio TWEETTHIS @QVOPOLLS
  16. education Clinton is a Common Core supporter. Rubio is Anti Common Core, State and Local level.
  17. immigration clinton rubio Clinton supports legalizing illegal immigrants. Rubio is a supporter of the Dream Act but wants to tighten border control. TWEETTHIS @QVOPOLLS
  18. Clinton had her personal and work emails leaked. Rubio has none to date. public shames clinton rubio
  19. other candidates carly fiorina rand paul Former HP CEO Kentucky Senator (R)
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