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China city integrated emergency response system industry indepth research and investment strategy report, 2011 2015

China city integrated emergency response system industry

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China city integrated emergency response system industry indepth research and investment strategy report, 2011 2015

  1. 1. 2011-2015 年中国城市应急联动系统行业 深度调研与投资战略规划分析报告 China City Integrated Emergency Response System Industry Indepth Research and Investment Strategy Report, 2011-2015 前言 城市应急联动系统是一项利国、利民的工 程,也是城市信息化工程的一个重要组成部 分。建立城市应急联动系统是一个城市走向 现代化、 国际化的重要标志。 城市应急联动系 统的建立将帮助城市管理者提高城市管理水 平,改善投资软环境,突出政府对市民生命 财产的关怀,体现以人为本的管理思想,更 是政府为提高行政管理效率、保障市民福祉 的重要体现。 中国 IT 和通讯技术正在迅速发展,有线 GPS 定位、 通讯、 无线通讯、 网络传播、 视频技 术、数据库管理等方面技术融合加快,使得 应急联动系统的搭建得以商用化,也推动了 系统的升级,将逐渐由模拟集群转为更为稳 定可靠的数字集群系统,向智能化、可视化 演进发展。目前,中国大部分地区没有建立 集群调度指挥网,市场潜力巨大,预计在未 来3-5 年内数字集群系统将得到迅猛发展, 中国将建成全国范围先进、 高效、 高可靠的调 度指挥网。 中国的应急联动体系正在不断走向完善, 从2005 年1 月,国务院常务会议审议通过了 《国家突发公共事件总体应急预案》 ,到2009 City integrated emergency http://en.qianzhan.com/report/detail/3938144ec5e64ec7.html§ response system is a project benefit the nation and people as well as an important part of city information project. The construction of city integrated emergency response system is a significant sign of modernization and internationalization for a city. It will help city manager to improve the city management level and investment soft environment. Moreover, it gives government’s expression to care for citizen’s lives and properties. There is a fast development of China IT and communication technology and speed-up technical integration for wire communication, wireless communication, network communication, GPS positioning, video technique and database management. It promotes construction commercialization of integrated emergency response system and upgrade of the system which develops from analog cluster to more reliable digital cluster system, then to intelligentization and visualization. Most areas in China have not yet established a cluster scheduling command network at present. The market potential is enormous. It is predicted that digital cluster system will fast develop in the following 3 to 5 years. China will establish a cluster scheduling command network of advancement, high-efficiency and reliability in nationwide. China integrated emergency response system is gradually perfecting. The State Council executive meeting examined and adopted the Overall Emergency Plan on National Public Emergency in January, 2005. The formal 年,正式部署全国性应急管理平台系统的建 deployment of national emergency management system construction in 2009 设,各级政府对于城市应急联动能力的提升 reflects that governments pay more and more attention to the upgrade of city 越来越重视。据统计,政府在应急联动系统 integrated emergency response capability. According to statistics, 建设领域的投资由2006 年的12.5 亿元增长到 government investment on the field of integrated emergency response system 2009 年的23.8 亿元,市场规模每年以20%construction grows from 1.25 billion Yuan in 2006 to 2.38 billion in 2009. 30%的速度迅速上升。目前,北京、上 And the annual growth rate of market scale is 20%- 30%. The integrated 海、 天津、 重庆、 深圳的应急联动系统在加紧 emergency response system in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing and 扩建、 完善升级中,成都、 南京、 广州、 杭州、 Shenzhen are under construction and upgrade while that in Chengdu, Nanjin, 济南、扬州等城市的应急联动系统也在积极 Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Jinan and Yangzhou are under actively planning. 筹划中。全国大约有20 多个城市正在筹划建 Among the over 20 cities which are constructing the integrated emergency 设应急联动系统,除南宁和潍坊二市属于试 response system, except Nanning City and Weifang City are experimental
  2. 2. 点型的中小城市外,其余均为直辖市或沿海 经济发达地区的城市。 随着应急体制的逐渐完善,中国信息化投 资比重不断加大,中国应急联动市场将保持 持续快速增长。假设在全国不同规模的城市 都建设不同规模的应急联动系统,省会城市 和大城市平均投资1亿元,约需40 亿元;240 medium small cities, the others are municipalities or coastal economic developed cities. Along with the gradually perfecting integrated emergency response system and increase input of China informationization, there will be a continuous fast growth for China integrated emergency response market. Suppose there will be different scale integrated emergency response system in different kinds of cities, that averaged investment for provincial capitals and big cities is 100 million Yuan and the total investment is about 4 billion Yuan; 个中等规模的地级城市,每个平均要投资 4000 万元,将近100 亿元;在2000 多个县或 averaged investment for medium-sized regional level cities is 40 million Yuan and the total investment is about 10 billion Yuan; for over 2,000 县级市,每个平均要投资400 万元左右,约 counties the if the averaged investment is about 4 million Yuan then the total 需80 亿元,以上三类城市累计需要投资220 亿元。 在未来5 年内,后续系统升级换代及工 investment will be about 8 billion Yuan. All together, the investment for the 程投资额约为200 亿元。 系统建成后,每年会 three kinds of cities will be 22 billion Yuan. Moreover, investment for the latter system upgrade and project is about 20 billion Yuan in the following 5 产生10-15%的服务费用,即42-63 亿元,三 years. After the system construction there will be 10%-15% service fee 项总计近500 亿元的投资额,加之相关产业 的投资,预计中国城市应急联动市场总规模 annually that is 4.2-6.3 million Yuan and 50 billion Yuan for all the three 将达到800 亿元。中国有望在15 年内建成一 projects. Together with investment for other related industries, total market 个全国性的城市应急联动系统,届时中国的 scale for China integrated emergency response market may reach 80 billion 城市应急联动系统市场规模将突破1500 亿元。 Yuan. China is hopefully to establish a nationwide integrated emergency 本报告利用前瞻资讯长期对城市应急联动 response system in 15 years. Then the market scale of China city integrated 系统行业跟踪搜集的市场数据,全面而准确 emergency response system market will break through 150 billion Yuan. 地为您从行业的整体高度来架构分析体系。 With Forward’s the long-term tracking and collecting market data of city 报告主要分析了城市应急联动系统行业发展 integrated emergency response system industry, we roundly and accurately 环境;国内外城市应急联动系统建设情况; analyze the structure system for you from the view of mastering the whole 中国城市应急联动系统市场现状和前景预测; industry. This report mainly analyzes the following aspects: development 城市应急联动系统的设计及应用;城市应急 environment of city integrated emergency response system industry; 联动系统行业主要竞争者经营情况;城市应 construction condition of domestic city integrated emergency response 急联动系统行业发展机会及风险提示。同时, system industry; status and prospect forecast of China city integrated 针对目前国内城市应急联动系统行业发展中 emergency response system market; design and application of city integrated emergency response system industry; major competitors’ operation condition 存在的问题提出了战略性的建议。 本报告最大的特点就是前瞻性和适时性。 in city integrated emergency response system industry; development 报告通过对大量一手市场调研数据的前瞻性 opportunities and risk of city integrated emergency response system industry. 分析,深入而客观地剖析中国城市应急联动 In the meantime, we provide strategic suggestions for the existing problems 系统行业的市场规模、 竞争状况。 是城市应急 in the current domestic city integrated emergency response system industry 联动系统厂商、投资企业准确了解城市应急 development. 联动系统行业当前最新发展动态,把握市场 Major characteristics of this report are forward-looking and timeliness. Base 机会,做出正确经营决策和明确企业发展方 on the forward-looking analysis of massive research data, we further analyze the development scale and competitive landscape of city integrated 向不可多得的精品。 本报告在撰写过程中得到了国家经济信息 emergency response system industry. Along with the industry development 中心、 国家统计局、 国际信息研究所、 中国商 route and our practical experience, we analyze and predict the future 务部研究院、 清华大学图书馆、 国务院发展研 development prospect of city integrated emergency response system industry. 究中心市场经济研究所、北京菁华前瞻市场 This report contains a high value for both industry manufacturers and 研究中心等机构的大力支持,在此我们表示 investment corporations to accurately know the latest industry development
  3. 3. 特别感谢! 前瞻资讯行业研究中心 城市应急联动系统行业研究小组 trend, obtain market opportunities and determine an insightful operation strategy and development direction. Here, we’d like to express our sincere gratitude to National Bureau of Statistics of China, International Information Institute, National Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, National Tsing Hua University Library, Institute of Market Economy of the State Council Development Research Center, and Beijing Qinghua Forward Market Research Center, etc. Thank you so much! Forward and Intelligence Co., Ltd. Industry Research Center Research Team of City Integrated Emergency Response System Industry