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China city tv station report (2014 2018), transformation and business model innovation

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China city tv station report (2014 2018), transformation and business model innovation

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China city tv station report (2014 2018), transformation and business model innovation

  1. 1. China City TV Station Report (2014-2018), Transformation and Business Model Innovation Back in 2006, a survey of IBM’s managers of global 765 companies and departments son the issue of innovation showed that nearly 1/3 of them treated business model innovation as the priority. And for those focusing more on traditional innovation, as shown on the right picture, for product or process innovators, their operating profit growth in the past five years is even better than their competitors. The above examples of the survey indicate that business model is important for an enterprise. Competition in the market developed from product to price, brand, strategy and is now competition of business model. From the perspective of the world's most successful companies, they are successful in business model first, and then strategy and management. Facing unique advantages of CCTV and provincial-level TV stations in terms of policy, capital, technology, personnel, etc., a huge number of China’s city TV stations will undoubtedly become vulnerable. They are facing dual pressures of competition from the outside and internal rigid institutional mechanisms. In addition, the rise of online video and other new media cause a greater impact to the development of city television stations. In the current environment, how to achieve breakthroughs of innovation of profit model and how to implement operation of "all media" have been a key for city television stations to reverse the situation. This report focuses on the research of innovation and development of profit model of city television stations and operation of all media, explores the feasibility of successful model and critical factors and provides experience for the development and expansion of domestic city television stations. Special note: This report is the industry’s first on specialized research on expansion of profit model of city television stations and development strategy of all media. Qianzhan sincerely wishes every ambitious enterprise can develop high-quality business decisions, so as to effectively circumvent risks from the industry and continue to achieve success! Qianzhan Industry Research Institute City Television Station Industry Research Group Chapter 1: Background of operation of Chinese city TV 1.1 analysis of Chinese TV industry chain 1.2 characteristics of operation of domestic and foreign TV industry 1.2.1 characteristics of operation of foreign TV industry 1 market competition and monopoly operation
  2. 2. 2 diversification integration and scale operation 3 multinational development and global operation 4 legal management and operation of its own 1.2.2 characteristics of operation of domestic TV industry 1 dual properties and limited operation 2 advertising-based and diversified operation 3 integration of industries and local operation 1.3 analysis of status quo of operation of Chinese TV station 1.3.1 development course and pattern of TV station 1.3.2 analysis of the number of channels and TV station 1.3.3 analysis of production and broadcasting of TV program 1 production of TV program (1) number of TV programs (2) production time of TV program 2 broadcast time of TV program 3 analysis of coverage of TV program 1.3.4 analysis of TV ratings 1 changes of TV viewing volume 2 audiences’ characteristics of TV viewing volume 3 channel distribution of TV viewing volume 4 time distribution of TV viewing volume 5 daily and weekly distribution of TV viewing volume 1.3.5 analysis of TV revenue 1 analysis of scale of TV revenue 2 analysis of status quo of TV advertising market (1) the amount of TV advertising (2) the amount of types of advertising in various channels (3) the regional pattern of TV advertising (4) the industry distribution of TV advertising (5) analysis of brand of TV advertising 3 development trends of TV advertising market 1.3.6 analysis of TV competition pattern 1 market structure of TV viewing (1) the overall competition pattern (2) differences in competitiveness of channels 2 market structure of TV advertising 1.4 analysis of operation of related industries of Chinese TV 1.4.1 analysis of operation of advertising industry 1 market scale of advertising industry 2 market share of advertising in various medias 3 operation of advertising industry 4 operation of advertising companies 1.4.2 analysis of operation of TV series industry 1 scale of TV series industry
  3. 3. 2 production situation of TV series 3 broadcasting of TV series 4 viewership of TV series 5 competition pattern of TV series 1.4.3 analysis of operation of movie industry 1 development scale of movie industry (1) scale of cinema chain (2) scale of output of movie (3) scale of audience of movie (4) scale of income of movie e (5) scale of overseas sales volume 2 competition pattern of movie industry (1) regional competition pattern of box office (2) competition pattern of box office of movie (3) competition between domestic and imported movies 3 forecast of movie industry 1.4.4 operation of other traditional media industries 1 operation of broadcast industry 2 operation of audiovisual industry 3 operation of periodicals industry 4 operation of newspaper industry Chapter 2: Analysis of survival and development environment of Chinese city TV 2.1 overall development of city TV 2.1.1 scope of city TV 2.1.2 review of development of city TV 2.1.3 development pattern of city TV 2.2 analysis of operation of city TV 2.2.1 quantity of city TV 2.2.2 viewership of city TV 2.2.3 operation of main enterprises 1 operation of CCTV 2 operation of provincial-level TV 2.3 analysis of operation environment of city TV 2.3.1 analysis of policy environment of the industry 2.3.2 analysis of technology environment of the industry 1 quantity of patent applications of the industry 2 quantity of patent disclosures of the industry 3 analysis of types of patent of the industry 4 analysis of enterprises leading in technology 5 analysis of hot technologies of the industry 2.3.3 analysis of social environment of the industry 1 fragmentation of TV program audience 2 period of television program audience 3 seasonal property of TV program audience
  4. 4. 4 positioning of television program audiences 2.4 SWOT analysis of city TV 2.4.1 competitive advantages of city TV 2.4.2 competitive disadvantages of city TV 2.4.3 development opportunities of city TV 2.4.4 development threats of city TV More In : http://en.qianzhan.com/report/detail/7006e9dd98a8453a.html Or Contact : carter@qianzhan.com.cn