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China new type urbanization report (2014-2018), construction path and investment strategy

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China new type urbanization report (2014-2018), construction path and investment strategy

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China new type urbanization report (2014-2018), construction path and investment strategy

  1. 1. China New-type Urbanization Report (2014-2018), Construction Path and Investment Strategy Preface The central work conference on urbanization was held in Beijing. The conference requested that the primary task is to promote human-centered urbanization and achieve orderly citizenship and to adhere to green cycle low-carbon development. The conference put forward six tasks. One, to promote citizenship of agricultural displaced population; two, to improve the efficiency of urban construction land; three, to build diversified fund security system; four, to optimize urbanization layout and formation; five, to raise the level of town construction; six, to strengthen the management of urbanization . The deployment of new-type urbanization of the conference reflects three" news ": institutional innovation,” new” urban planning, and “new economic drivers. In 2014-2020, China's urbanization will present unstoppable momentum of development. This report is based on long-term market tracking information by Forward Intelligence on new-type urbanization construction. It uses international scientific analysis models and analyses comprehensively and accurately the structure system from the overall height of the industry for you. This report is divided into seven parts. The first part introduces the development background and future potential of new-type urbanization; The second part is about land and analyzes the origins of the land system reform, land use and inventory optimization, envisions of land system reform of new-type urbanization ; land finance, collective-owned land circulation and international land system and land transfer mode ; The third part is about fund safeguard mechanism and analyzes the fund scale of new-type urbanization construction and several possible funding sources ; The fourth part is about urban planning and layout and analyzes the layout of metropolitan area, overall strategic planning of urbanization; The fifth part is about household registration and analyzes the origins of the household registration system reform and the reform of the household registration system bonus ; The sixth part is about industrial investment opportunities and analyzes investment scale and opportunities in the fields of transportation infrastructure, construction engineering , environmental protection, smart city, medical health, real estate and other fields ; The sixth part is about path design and international experience and analyzes design paths and development models for China to adopt in new-type urbanization construction, the main international urbanization development models and experience. Meanwhile, based on first-hand market data of the whole industry in the past five years, it can allow you to fully and accurately grasp market trends and developments trends of new-type urbanization construction. The greatest feature of this report is forward-looking and timeliness. Based on the development path and years of practical experience, it makes careful analysis and prediction of the future development trends of new-type urbanization construction. It is a rare quality for new-type
  2. 2. urbanization construction companies, research institutes and investment companies to accurately understand the latest developments in new-type urbanization construction grasp market opportunities make the right business decisions and clear corporate directions. This report will help new-type urbanization construction companies, research institutes and investment companies accurately understand the latest developments of the industry and early detect blank points of industry market, opportunities, growth and profitability points ...... it will help prospectively grasp unmet market needs and trends of the industry and become a good advantage for sustainable development, effectively avoid the investment risks from the industry, more efficiently consolidate or expand appropriate strategic target markets, and firmly grasp the initiative authority in market competition. During the writing process, the report is supported by the National Economic Information Center, the National Bureau of Statistics the National Bureau of Customs, the International Institute of Information, Ministry of Commerce of China, Tsinghua University Library, Market and Economy Research Institute of the State Council’s Development Research Center and other institutions. We express our special thanks! Pls note: This report includes a lot of market data, especially enterprise ranking data, it is for business reference purposes only, we hope corporate advertising clients do not use for advertisement ranking comparison. Otherwise, all the consequences caused, Forward Business will not bear! Special Notes: Neglection of some subtle signs of dramatic changes in the external environment and untimely update the strategic decisions with environmental changes can lead to loss of competitive advantages. Truly successful enterprises (organizations), consciously or unconsciously, will do scientific analysis of the external environment and thus formulate crucial and scientific business strategies! Qianzhan sincerely wishes every ambitious enterprise can develop a high-quality business decisions and continue to achieve success! Qianzhan Industry Research Institute New-type Urbanization Construction Research Group Part 1: Background Chapter 1: Background of China's new-type urbanization construction 1.1 analysis of development background of China 's new-type urbanization construction 1.1.1 analysis of impacts of lagged-behind urbanization of China 1.1.2 analysis of development background of China's new-type urbanization 1.1.3 analysis of challenges of new-type urbanization for China 1.2 analysis of the status quo of urbanization development level in China 1.2.1 analysis of the development course of urbanization in China 1.2.2 analysis of characteristics of China's urbanization development
  3. 3. 1.2.3 dynamic mechanism of the government in urbanization process 1.3 analysis of influence of Chinese new-type urbanization 1.3.1 the impact of the new-type urbanization on China 's economic growth 1.3.2 the impact of the new-type urbanization on China 's fiscal and monetary policy 1.4 analysis of policy framework for China's new-type urbanization construction 1.4.1 analysis of previous policies of promoting urbanization 1.4.2 related industrial policy planning of China's new-type urbanization 1.4.3 institutional design and policy framework of new-type urbanization 1.5 forecast of China's future urbanization potential and space 1.5.1 comparison of China's urbanization with the international 1.5.2 the potential of rural population transformation base 1.5.3 feasibility based on the urban population growth rate 1.5.4 feasibility based on job offers for urban population Chapter 2: Analysis of dynamic mechanism of China's new-type urbanization 2.1 impact of government regulation on urbanization construction 2.1.1 analysis of the guiding role of government regulation on urbanization 2.1.2 analysis of the promoting and supporting role of government regulation on urbanization 2.1.3 analysis of the constraint role of government regulation on urbanization 2.2 impact of economic environment on urbanization construction 2.2.1 analysis of the promoting role of economic strength on urbanization construction 2.2.2 analysis of the promoting role of industrial development on urbanization construction 2.3 impact of the flow of production factors on urbanization construction 2.3.1 analysis of the promoting role of capital investment on urbanization 2.3.2 analysis of the promoting role of labor capital on urbanization 2.4 impact of natural environment on urbanization construction 2.4.1 analysis of the impact of geographical conditions on urbanization 2.4.2 analysis of the impact of natural resources on urbanization 2.4.3 analysis of the impact of environmental conditions on urbanization 2.5 analysis of dynamic mechanism of different stages of urbanization 2.5.1 analysis of dynamic mechanism of the start-up phase of urbanization 2.5.2 analysis of dynamic mechanism of the take-off phase of urbanization 2.5.3 analysis of dynamic mechanism of the growth phase of urbanization 2.5.4 main driving factors of three phases of urbanization Part 2 : Land Chapter 1: analysis of land system and urbanization process 1.1 analysis of land reform process and urbanization 1.1.1 analysis of urbanization process of the first two land reforms 1.1.2 analysis of urbanization process during People's Commune Movement 1.1.3 analysis of urbanization process after the household contract responsibility system 1.2 analysis of constraints of land system on new-type urbanization 1.2.1 analysis of ownership factors of vague land rights 1.2.2 analysis of market factors of poor land use right transfer 1.2.3 analysis of program factors of irrational land acquisition Chapter 2: analysis of status quo of land use and inventory optimization
  4. 4. 2.1 analysis of the land system and land rights 2.1.1 analysis of land ownership and land use rights 2.1.2 analysis of land division of grade 1 and grade 2 and rights 2.1.3 analysis of use of different land categories 2.2 analysis of supply constraints of land urbanization 2.2.1 analysis of constraints of natural endowments 2.2.2 analysis of constraints of land management system 2.2.3 analysis of constraints of construction land index 2.2.4 analysis of constraints of " policy of hungry land " 2.3 analysis of stock optimization of land urbanization 2.3.1 analysis of re-use of inefficient urban land 2.3.2 analysis of space of stock land optimization More In : http://en.qianzhan.com/report/detail/1d5b63b2cbc248b2.html Or Contact : carter@qianzhan.com.cn