QlikMaps 3.0: Create Maps Fast

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Slides from the QlikMaps 3.0 new release webinar: Create Maps Fast. With an entirely new interface that allows for quick map creation, QlikMaps 3.0 will make developers' and end-users' mpa creation lives so much simpler. You'll also get a preview of indoor and venue mapping now available with QlikMaps.

Watch the webinar on-demand at http://bit.ly/2haevSE

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  • Paradigm shift
    Simplicity of UI does not mean loss of functionality. Advanced features preserved.
    Microgeography, microlocations
  • Before we even jump into showing you how to create these fast maps in QlikMaps – want to take a step back and point out the why behind everything we do here at QlikMaps and Analytics8 – and why all of you are on this webinar –
  • At the core – it’s about thriving with the data available to us so we can succeed in business.
    Companies win when they can make sense of their data. Companies lose when they don’t.
    Companies win when they can unlock insights to make business decisions. Companies lose when they don’t.
    When you dig into the data in front of you and create visualizations to discover insights about your business, you’re helping your company keep its competitive edge. Moving from insights to action.
    It’s what we do everyday with our clients – we are enable them to make smart, data-driven decisions by unlocking valuable information hidden in their data.
  • So when we talk QlikMaps, it’s much more than just bunch of mapping capabilities and cool features.
    It’s a tool that allows you to see the full picture.
    It’s about being able to discover hidden insights through location analytics -- to see what you couldn’t before in your data.
    To spatially understand relationships between previously disconnected and disjointed information.
    Since the advent of QS, users can discover their data through traditional visualizations, and now with QM, users now have the same power in regard to geographic information… thus geospatial data discovery.
  • So when we talk about the basic tenets of geospatial data discovery, what we find is that in order to reach this goal, the OOTB mapping, while great for specific use cases, does not foster geospatial data discovery.
    What this means is that we when we’re talking about the basic tenets of geospatial data discovery over the next few slides, we’re basically contrasting QM with the OOTB approach.
  • Sometimes you do want look at multiple levels of a geo hierarchy at the same time
    Sometimes you want to see geospatial relationships of entities across associated hierarchies
    Sometimes the only relationship between data sets is geography.
    The classic example is wanting to understand potential correlations between your existing stores and prospective clients.
  • Augment Qlik data with things demographics data and weather. Real time data. Photos and other media. Google search queries.
    External data can be added as layers, or can also be added in popups.
  • While not a basic tenet of geospatial data discovery – this is very useful when working on a map to keep your visualize clear and easy to understand.
  • The lines are blurred between developer and end user. The interface allows for both to be effective.
    Paradigm shift
    Advanced features
    Microgeography, microlocations
  • One of our partners, Edisa, is doing some cool things with indoor mapping.
  • Paradigm shift
    Simplicity of UI does not mean loss of functionality. Advanced features preserved.
    Microgeography, microlocations
  • QlikMaps 3.0: Create Maps Fast

    1. 1. Join The Conversation Online: @QlikMaps #HappyMapping Join The Conversation Online: @QlikMaps #QlikMaps3
    3. 3. QlikMaps.com | @QlikMaps | #HappyMappingQlikMaps.com | @QlikMaps | #QlikMaps3
    4. 4. @QlikMaps #QlikMaps3 Patrick Vinton Analytics8 CTO Hello!
    5. 5. Why QlikMaps? What is QlikMaps 3.0? Demo Q+A AGENDA
    6. 6. 1 Why QlikMaps?
    7. 7. Thrive With Data. Succeed In Business.
    8. 8. Geospatial Data Discovery
    9. 9. Go Beyond Out-Of-The-Box Mapping
    10. 10. All dashboards and visualizations should be easy to consume, no matter the size of underlying data. 1. Making Sense of Large Amounts of Data
    11. 11. Drilling through a geographical hierarchy is intuitive. Take advantage of this natural thought process. 2. Drilling
    12. 12. Your data is not one-dimensional. Your visualizations shouldn’t be either. 3. Multi-Layer Maps
    13. 13. Reach outside the Qlik data model to provide additional context. 4. External Data
    14. 14. Provide detail without cluttering your map or dashboard. 5. Pop-ups
    15. 15. 2 What is QlikMaps 3.0?
    16. 16. Fast install and deployment Fast development Fast to transition from out-of-the-box maps Fast performance Fast user adoption Fast time-to-value FAST!
    17. 17. Completely new No difference between developers and end users Indoor and venue mapping WHAT’S NEW IN 3.0? developer/user interface
    18. 18. DEMO
    19. 19. Courtesy of Ignacio Alvarez
    20. 20. Courtesy of Ignacio Alvarez
    21. 21. Courtesy of Ignacio Alvarez
    22. 22. Courtesy of Ignacio Alvarez
    23. 23. • Built map from scratch in existing app • Converted an out-of-the-box map • Built map from scratch using raw .XLS • Retail, Field Sales Force, and Retail Healthcare examples • Indoor mapping • Venue mapping • Microlocation / Microgeography mapping DEMO SUMMARY
    24. 24. Geospatial data discovery: No difference between end users and developers Advanced requirements Indoor and venue mapping DEMO TAKEAWAYS
    25. 25. QlikMaps.com | @QlikMaps | #HappyMappingQlikMaps.com | @QlikMaps | #QlikMaps3
    26. 26. • Simple architecture: No extra server required • Simple pricing: Priced by environment or tokens • Simple compliance: All 3rd party licensing included • Simple deployment: Qlik extensions are easy to install • Simple development: Identical to other Qlik sheet objects • Simple UI: No end user training required • External Data: Reach outside with Qlik data model • Full functionality from all devices
    27. 27. QUESTIONS?
    28. 28. QlikMaps.com | @QlikMaps | #HappyMappingQlikMaps.com | @QlikMaps | #QlikMaps3
    29. 29. THANK YOU
    30. 30. QlikMaps.com | @QlikMaps | #HappyMappingQlikMaps.com | @QlikMaps | #QlikMaps3
    31. 31. Points / Markers as Circles Markers with Custom Shading Markers with Icons Polygons / Territories Custom Polygons / Territories Multilayer Drilling International Boundary Library Data Layers Qlik Sense Qlik Sense + QlikMaps QLIKMAPS VS. OUT-OF-THE-BOX MAPS
    32. 32. WMS Layers Tile / WMTS Layers Customizable Popups Geolocation Street View Add Arbitrary Markers from UI Google Search Write Back Support Data Mashups External Data Layers Qlik Sense Qlik Sense + QlikMaps QLIKMAPS VS. OUT-OF-THE-BOX MAPS
    33. 33. Spider Plots / Flow Charts Radial Plots / Density Analysis Aggregate KPI’s by Distance What-if Analysis Location Analytics Qlik Sense Qlik Sense + QlikMaps QLIKMAPS VS. OUT-OF-THE-BOX MAPS