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Employee engagement in a high-pressure environment

  1. #QualtricsConverge Employee engagement in a high-pressure environment
  2. + #QualtricsConverge Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Nathaniel Johnston ENGAGEMENT AND TALENT LEAD // TWITTER: @n8_tweets
  3. #QualtricsConverge Who we are
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  8. #QualtricsConverge In a health context…
  9. #QualtricsConverge “There is a clear relationship between the wellbeing of staff and patients’ wellbeing” - The Kings Fund, 2012 Engagement = better healthcare
  10. #QualtricsConverge Additional evidence shows that healthcare organisations with higher levels of staff engagement have: FEWER HOSPITAL ACQUIRED INFECTIONS SIGNIFICANTLY FEWER MISTAKES BETTER OUTCOMES LOWER MORTALITY RATES A BETTER PATIENT EXPERIENCE Engagement = better healthcare
  11. #QualtricsConverge • Bottom 20% of NHS organisation for our engagement score • Lowest scoring hospital Trust in London • Low response rates • Fatigue at frequency of surveys • Lack of input from staff on survey design and sharing results • No “you said, we did” output from surveys Where were we?
  12. #QualtricsConverge OUR TRUST OUR VOICE 6 What did we do?
  13. #QualtricsConverge This is our overall outcome measure. Going forwards, it will enable us to track engagement levels over time. It is calculated from a combination of three factors: • Advocacy: How likely people are to recommend Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust to friends and family as a place to work • Motivation: How motivated people self-report feeling motivated to give their best effort at work • Satisfaction: Overall how satisfied people say they are with their job Overall engagement OUR TRUST OUR VOICE
  14. #QualtricsConverge Creating more good days for staff… 1. Staffing 2. Leadership 3. Culture 5. Teamwork 6. Efficiency 8. Pay and CPD 4. Working conditions 7. Capacity 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280 300 400 500 Support & understanding Line-management Organisational management Senior leadership Direction 10. Change 9. Well-being MORE STAFF! Adequate staffing levels Recognition, appreciation & praise Value staff Respectful and friendly culture Positive attitudes No bullies Improved environment Improved facilitates (fix the lifts) Provision of food and drink for staff Not 3 sites Control aircon Teamwork & teambuilding Communication across & within teams Accountable and responsible A good IT system Efficient processes Pro-active planning Admin support Less paper work Resources & equipment Decreased workload / more time Reduce waiting. Manage bed / room capacity. Training & development Higher, fairer pay Career progression Shift flexibility Improve staff morale. Social / well-being activities Time for breaks / finish on time Empower staff Listen Staff voice Research & innovation Address issues TOP 10 over- arching themes OUR TRUST OUR VOICE
  15. #QualtricsConvergeOUR TRUST OUR VOICE Top reasons for high overall job satisfaction
  16. #QualtricsConverge 1. Staffing 2. Demands 3. Efficiency 5. Support 6. Culture 8. Invest in staff 4. Teamwork 7. Management 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 400 Resources & equipment Manageable workload Less patients / not overbooking Admin time or support Patient flow Less pressur e 10. Empowerment 9. Work conditions Address staff shortages – enough staff to work with A better IT system Less inefficiencies & time wasting Less paperwork & bureaucracy More planning, less chaos Easier processes Communication (less emails) Teamwork & team building Can do attitudes Support & understanding Good management Safety / speak up Strong leaders Recognised & valued Respectful attitudes Address bullying Positive attitudes Less blame Shift flexibility Performance management Fairness & equality Role clarity & direction Provide feedback Focus on care Training & development Work-life balance Fair pay Care about staff Better environment Improve facilities Temperature control Food & drink Less travel Consulted & listened to Empowered, not micro-managed Change & innovation More transparent TOP 10 over- arching themes OUR TRUST OUR VOICE Creating fewer bad days for staff…
  17. #QualtricsConvergeOUR TRUST OUR VOICE Top reasons for low overall job satisfaction
  18. #QualtricsConverge Recognition & Value Contribution & Control Safety & Wellbeing Connection & Support Direction & Purpose OUR TRUST OUR VOICE Our Engagement drivers...
  19. #QualtricsConverge Our Engagement drivers Engagement increases when people feel respected for who they are, and that their efforts are noticed and valued. Recognition & value The Harvard Business Review says successful teams receive five times as much appreciation as criticism. Focus on ensuring: • Recognition and appreciation • How we want to recognise good work or efforts • Specifically, what would people like to notice and appreciate in the team? OUR TRUST OUR VOICE
  20. #QualtricsConverge Our Engagement drivers Engagement increases when people are able to develop their skills, strengths and ideas and put them to good use. Contribution & control Gallup research shows people whose managers focus on their strengths are twice as likely to be engaged as people whose managers focus on their weaknesses Focus on ensuring: • People know what each other’s strengths are in the team • Managers know what skills or areas people want to develop • People know how to help each other to do their best work • We nurture more ideas OUR TRUST OUR VOICE
  21. #QualtricsConverge Our Engagement drivers Engagement increases when people feel safe from poor behaviours, and that their work contributes to their wellbeing. Safety & Wellbeing A BMJ article showed rude or bullying behaviours make patient safety errors much more likely to happen. Focus on ensuring: • We reduce bullying at work. • Identifying behaviours teams want less of and reducing them • Identifying how teams can support each other when things are really busy • How we make it safer to ‘speak up’ OUR TRUST OUR VOICE
  22. #QualtricsConverge Our Engagement drivers Engagement increases when people feel a good sense of teamwork and support in their team, with other teams and from leaders. Connection & support In an NHS study, a 5% increase in team-working scores in staff surveys correlated with a 3.3% fall in mortality rates Focus on ensuring: • People know what a ‘real team’ looks like and what support they want from each other • Teams know what other teams want from them and how they could change how they work • Teams get what they need from other teams and are clear what they need from them OUR TRUST OUR VOICE
  23. #QualtricsConverge Our Engagement drivers Engagement increases when people find meaning in their work, understand what’s expected of them, and see that in others too. Direction & purpose Studies have shown that managers can increase engagement by setting challenging SMART goals. 1 Focus on ensuring: • People are clear about what’s expected of them – individually and as a team • Individual objectives help to meet the team’s objective • People are clear about their expectations of each other • People are positive about what we are doing? Refresh of the Trusts corporate objectives that are cascaded during the appraisal process so all staff have a “line of sight” to how their role delivers the organisation’s mission OUR TRUST OUR VOICE
  24. #QualtricsConverge How did we take this further?
  25. #QualtricsConverge “I have worked in the Trust for 15 years and after this session, I feel like I’ve been really listened to and heard” - Advanced Nurse Practitioner Photo: HIV/Sexual Health team meeting, Nov 2016 In the shoes of our people
  26. #QualtricsConverge You said, we did
  27. #QualtricsConverge • Gone from “worst 20%” and jumped two levels to “average” • 9% response rate increase • Highest engagement score since 2012 • Action plans received from all directorates (first time ever!) • Over 700 staff participated in an “In our Shoes” workshop • Renewed energy and motivation around engagement “Following changes to the work environment, we have seen improvements in our patient “friends and family experience tracker”- so that is a real pat on the back for the MRI Scanning Team” Where are we now?
  28. #QualtricsConverge • Gearing up for the second year of the Our Voice, Our Trust survey • New development programme educating managers on their role in employee engagement currently in design • Toolkit resource on engagement and retention activities for managers • Continued roll out of the In Our Shoes listening exercises • Moving forward on our journey towards being a great place to work, for all Future…
  29. #QualtricsConverge Thank you @n8_tweets

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