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  1. 1. Rasook Mohamed Rishaf Email:razookrishaf@gmail.com Mobile:+94 710963803 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Personal Details Educational Qualifications G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination 2009 G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination 2012 Professional Qualifications Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Date of birth: 26.07.1993 Nationality: Srilankan Marital status: Single NIC No: 932081938v Gender: Male 1.Mathematics 2.Science 3.Tamil & literature 4.Health & science 5.Religion 6.Commerce 7.General english 8.Art 9.History Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Distinction Credit pass Ordinary pass Very good pass Very good pass 10.Sinhala 1.Business studies 2.Ecconomics 3.Accounting 4.General english Distinction Distinction Distinction Ordinary pass No: 69,Masjid Road, Puttalam 1.Completed Advanced Diploma In Management Accounting(Managerial Level). 2.Following Strategic Level.
  2. 2. University of Sri Jayewardenepura 1.Undergraduate Of B.Sc In Business Administration (Special). Association of Accounting Technicians 1. AAT Finalist. International Accreditation Organization (U.S.A) 1.Completed Diploma In Computerized Accounting. International Computing & Management 1.Completed Diploma In Business Management At Institute Of Social & Technical Studies Which Is Accredited By IAO U.S.A. Extra Curricular Activities 1.Participated in the semi finals representing the North Western Province at the all Island Inter School Television Quiz Program 2011 organized by Securities And Exchange Commission Of Srilanka. 2.Certificate In Provincial School Educational Software Competition. 3.Certificate In Provincial Language Competition. 4.Participated In Leadership Training Program Organized by U.G.C. 5.Certificate In All Island Art Competition. 6.Certificate In Inter School Sports. Referees informations 1.A.R.M.Ramzi B-Com (Hons), M.A.(econ)-Managing Director of global higher education centre T.P: +94 773830897 2.M.M.Muhammad -In service advisor (art)-zonal education office puttalam. T.P: +94 775326735 I do here by certify that the above particulars furnished by me are true & accurate to the best of my knowledge.