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De impact van mobile en internet of things op direct marketing

  1. De impact van mobiel en IoT op Direct Marketing @ronalddegroot | @mobileloyaltyYZ |
  2. •  Reeds meer dan 10 jaar actief in mobile marketing. Met een passie voor digitale innovatie, artificial intelligence, iOT. •  Mobiele divisie opgezet met klanten als PostNL, TNT Express, ING Sprinters, Walibi, Deloitte, Scotch & Soda, Yellowbrick, Nationale Nederlanden, ONVZ. •  Als eerste bureau QR-codes commercieel ingezet voor FMCG Go-Tan (Quick-Recept). •  Direct Mobile Marketing geïntroduceerd via een eigen ontwikkelde platform Adbridge. •  Layar ontwikkeld voor PostNL. •  Initiator en gastdocent van de minor Mobile business en design op de Hogeschool van Utrecht. •  Trainer Mobile Marketing als onderdeel van de Next Marketeer B opleiding. •  Momenteel co-founder van het label Mobile Loyalty.
  3. @ronalddegroot | @mobileloyaltyYZ | #mobileloyalty | #mobilemarketing Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through and with any mobile device or network.* Definitie Mobile Marketing * Definitie volgens de Mobile Marketing Association
  4. @ronalddegroot | @mobileloyaltyYZ | #mobileloyalty | #mobilemarketing The “set of practices” includes “activities, institutions, processes, industry players, standards, advertising and media, direct response, promotions, relationship management, CRM, customer services, loyalty, social marketing, and all the many faces and facets of marketing.” Set of practices
  5. @ronalddegroot | @mobileloyaltyYZ | #mobileloyalty | #mobilemarketing To “engage” means to “start relationships, acquire, generate activity, stimulate social interaction with organization and community members, [and] be present at time of consumers expressed need.” Furthermore, engagement can be initiated by the consumer (“Pull” in form of a click or response) or by the marketer (“Push”). Engage
  6. @ronalddegroot | @mobileloyaltyYZ | #mobileloyalty | #mobilemarketing Through and with any mobile device or network
  7. @ronalddegroot | @mobileloyaltyYZ | #mobileloyalty
  8. Computers have changed the world We are part of a digital evolution
  9. Computers are evolving rapidly We are part of a digital evolution
  10. An evolution on (very high) speed
  11. All of these fits now in Your pocket (and your kids will laugh at this picture)
  12. It’s not about calling anymore
  13. It’s about being online 24/7
  14. How does the customer feel if the smartphone is not around? No-mo-pho-bia Is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. It is the most common phobia today .
  15. Mobile Dominates Digital Time Spent
  16. The How, why and from who We buy has changed. Just like marketing.
  17. Marketing makes a u-turn * a useful guide to the brand u2lity, Ingmar de Lange en Jeroen de Bakker
  18. A shift in marketing Blasting Via mass advertising Based on who they are Using point in time campaigns Across few / isolated channels With unclear objectives Nurturing As individuals Based on what they do Continuous dialogue Wherever they are Always directed towards a goal
  19. Companies needs to be customer-centric
  20. Customer-centric companies are in the pocket of their customers Amazon on Bunq Apple Starbucks Picnic Target Walmart AirBnB Uber
  21. It may even save Lives ;)
  22. @ronalddegroot | @mobileloyaltyYZ | #mobileloyalty | #mcommercenow Traditional marketing doesn't work anymore
  23. @ronalddegroot | @mobileloyaltyYZ | #mobileloyalty | #mcommercenow
  24. Fueled by a combination of disruptive technologies
  25. @ronalddegroot | @mobileloyaltyYZ | #mobileloyalty | #shoppingtoday The challenge of today’s marketer
  26. In this world
  27. With challenging new always connected customers
  28. With challenging always connected customers In the next 5 years, people that grew up with mobile will start earning money
  29. These new @customers talking a different #language
  30. They prefer other communication channels
  31. This is not a phone… It’s our life remote
  32. The smartphone is a gateway to a world of experiences
  33. 37 billion things will be connected to the internet By 2020
  34. The Things Network Hard towards global iOT coverage
  35. IoT is going to change the relationship between brands and consumers to a relevant and personalized 1:1 relationship.
  36. ‘Things' become digital touchpoints
  37. Light become smart
  38. The idea: use the means and creativity you have available for advertising to create a promotional service Brands create brand utilities * a useful guide to the brand u2lity, Ingmar de Lange en Jeroen de Bakker
  39. Why is this happening? * a useful guide to the brand u2lity, Ingmar de Lange en Jeroen de Bakker There’s too much advertising and it’s becoming less effective
  40. There is logical link between the ‘Utility’ and the ‘Brand’!
  41. Walgreens makes life easier for their customers
  42. Walgreens discovered that shoppers who use the app spend 6X more than shoppers who don’t
  43. 73,6 milion ($) mobile sales 60% growth in mobile sales
  44. Tapped into the zero- moment-of- truth via mobile with a brand utility
  45. Alle ingrediënten zijn aanwezig 1:1 Intimate & key to social life Contextual Real- time fast & direct response Convenience & simplicity Location based Advanced Always on Mobile: The right marketing cocktail ingredients
  46. @ronalddegroot | @mobileloyaltyYZ | #mobileloyalty | #mcommercenow Pushnotifications In-App message BeaconsMobile Coupons Instant Messaging Geofencing Tagging: NFC/QR Data over audio marketing App Links Augmented Reality Mobile offers new possibilities for direct marketing
  47. @ronalddegroot | @mobileloyaltyYZ | #mobileloyalty | #mcommercenow
  48. Conversational commerce in the Netherlands?
  49. @ronalddegroot | @mobileloyaltyYZ | #mobileloyalty | #mcommercenow
  50. Zalon Messenger - uw persoonlijke stijl Advies van mode-experts - De app voor mode, mode trends en inspiratie
  51. The ‘Future’ of conversational commerce
  52. Now you can order by talking with ‘Dom’
  53. The ‘Future’ of mobile…
  54. Bedankt! Vragen?! @ronalddegroot | @mobileloyaltyYZ |