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Mini Executive Summary - rCFE

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The glue that holds together the companies within the consortium.

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Mini Executive Summary - rCFE

  1. 1. Proud member of rGreen Consortium. WHAT IS rCOMMUNITIES FOR EDUCATION (rCFE)? rGreen Consortium’s business model is built upon the coupled technologies provided by Consortium partner, rFramers, Inc. The Consortium is then promoted by rCFE, the glue that holds the businesses within the consortium together to promote social good in a single, community-inclusive ecosystem.
  2. 2.  rGreenConsortium currently consists of 5 highly profitable, modeled companies all tied together with a single steering committee.  Collectively sharing resources and thus, empowering each other socially and financially for the greater good.  The foundational data derived from crowdsourcing is re-used across our tied industries for disruptive growth & expansion.
  3. 3.  rGreenConsortiumand rCFE’sunique use of “TiedIndustrieswithaMobile FirstApproach”will provide the entire Consortiumwithprofoundgrowth,whileempoweringandimplementingthe nextrevolutioncalledthe “Internetof Things(IoT).”rCFEwill helpchange the wayall businesses,governments,andconsumersinteract withthe physical world. NOTE: "Nearly $6 Trillion Dollars will be spent on the IoT solution over the next 5 years.” BI Intelligence also projects 34 billion devices being connected to the internet by 2020, up from 10 billion in 2015. IoT devices will account for 24 billion, while traditional computing devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc.) will comprise 10 billion. rCFE ultimately alongside the partners within the rGreen Consortium, supply a community with endless normal daily activities joined to provide a fully funded higher education to all children within a community!  rCFE fundsprojectsthatgivesa communitydirectpoweroveritsfuture.Our“A-Team”(Ambassadors) and theirvolunteersbringeverybodytogetherforamore social,safer, greener,healthier,andultimately, HAPPIERworld!  rCFE raisesmoneyfora community’schildren,andworkstobringawarenesstoproblemissueslike bullying, suicide,anddrugs,as well asbeneficialmatterslike childsafety,moneymanagement,andenvironmental concerns,to name a few. rCFE beginsitspromotionswithinthe school systemandultimatelyripples outwardintothe entire community. How rCFE Launches into a Community, and How “the Rubber Meets the Road” Step #1 We begin by identifying regional and local influencers within communities to create a Team Leader. From there, we start the process with rGreen Landfill, Inc. (see Item #4 for more details). Step #2 The Team Leader completes a Landfill Checklist for the community. The checklist helps rCommunities for Education (rCFE) evaluate how best to move forward with an ideally executable Community Launch Plan. This Plan will also provide rCFE with all the demographic data of the community, and an in-depth outline of the strengths within the community, as well as all areas of opportunity. Actionable planning and leadership is key. Step #3 rGreen Landfill completes a Landfill Evaluation of the Landfill Checklist. Communities with landfills that are scheduled to close within 4 - 5 years are the best prospects. There are 1600 operating landfills in the USA, and 50k closed landfills (“brownfields”).
  4. 4. Step #4 Once we have a landfill targeted, we use the data collected from the Landfill Evaluation to produce preliminary documents to enhance our approach, and begin to build a consensus around the Aerobic Landfill Bioreactor System (ALBS). To clearly identify and understand problems that may arise, we convene stakeholders, government, industry, and other voices needed to identify a) what success looks like, b) what the timelines are going to be, c) who is affected, and d) the direction we need to take so we can consummate a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Agreement, a legal and binding document. Step #5 Once an agreement is in place, we fund the ground game of rCFE. Additional top community influencers are brought onboard (our A- Team Ambassadors), and we surround them with volunteers in order to voice ourselves socially and politically. On average, we receive approximately $5 million dollars on closed landfill’s and over $20 million dollars on operating landfills. rGreen Landfill provides roughly 10% of its revenues as a marketing expense to support the RCFE boots-on-the- ground warriors. The $500,000 to $2 million provided to rCFE for each landfill is more than enough to support a community and expand operations into additional communities. Step #6 We are partnering with a nationally known and demanded non-profit organization with a similar mission to ours. Here we laser-focus on getting the entire community to download the CP Mobile app, and begin to empower and change the lives of the entire community.  rCFE generateslongtermrevenue streams.Moneyused toheal the communityfrombullying,suicide anddrug addictionempowersstudentswiththe resources,tools,andsupportneededtomake healthyandpositive choicesthatleadto lifelongsuccess.Personalandsocial changesare initiatedtomake a difference within individuallivesandtheircommunities. rCommunities for Education’s (rCFE) Greatest Tool: The Child Pro (CP) Crowdfunding Mobile app Contact me today to get the details!
  5. 5. It takes a community to raise a child. In today’s connected world, reaching out to people across the globe to make it a better place is easier than ever. The CP crowdfunding mobile app features list is impressive, the app itself world class! rCommunities for Educationand Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Internet of Things technology is the mechanism by which rCommunities for Education becomes the bridge that connects the community, business, industry, and government.  Per Business Insider, "Nearly 6 Trillion will be spent on the IoT solutions over the next 5 years.”  Businesses will be the top adopter of IoT solutions because they will use IoT to: o Lower operating costs o Increase productivity o Expand to new markets or develop new product offerings while also utilizing crowdsourcing GPS technology.  Governments will be the second-largest adopters and are focused on increasing productivity, decreasing costs, and improving their citizens’ quality of life via the IoT ecosystem  Consumers will lag behind businesses and governments in IoT adoption. Still, they will purchase a massive number of devices and invest a significant amount of money in the IoT ecosystems rCommunities for Education is present in the local community and generates revenue in partnership with those businesses by providing products and services to their consumers! Help for Merchants Example: Put Your Business on Local Customers' Mobile Phones Your customers are always on their phones. rCommunities for Education puts your business on those phones quickly, easily and inexpensively. Reach your customers via email and push notifications. Ask questions about their preferences and invite them with special offers. A tiny beacon, the width of a half-dollar coin, can sit above the business entrance door and change everything over time. With the beacon placed near the entrance to your store, you'll know exactly who your customers are as soon as they open the door. Greet them by name and make them feel special and valued! You can even send special offers to people who walk past your front door to entice them to come in. Simple Example: rCommunities for Education will be using beacon sensors throughout the community in partnership with local businesses. We provide marketing in a box. Business activity is captured and stored in our secure, cloud-based database, providing the meta-data necessary to enhance the marketing process.
  6. 6. Easy setup: When merchants receive their rCFE Beacon, they can easily register their account in less than 15 minutes – they just peel-and-stick their rCFE Beacon above their entrance door or inside their location, and invite customers to opt into their rCFE marketing rewards program. No additional hardware is needed. No point-of- sale integration. No added time or effort on theirbehalf. Our Explainer video is not yet complete; however, the value this technology delivers is huge.  Businesses learn more about their customers Ask questions, get feedback. Offer small rewards in return for providing answers and improve customer service and in-store experience. o See your customer's name o See your customer's face o See your customer's last visits o Send mobile and email profile questions to customers o Send targeted offers to customers' mobile phones and emails o Set your own rewards o See customer data via mobile devices you select o Add your own (private) customer notes o Default questions automatically sent for your category o Library of targeted offers for your category o Write your own targeted offers o rCFE writes and sends 2 questions and 2 targeted offers each month o Privacy: Consumer controls it all o Highly secure  Bring back your customers Drive your customers back to your store with offers and promotions. Everything you send reaches your customers' smartphones as mobile notifications.  Manage your whole store location directly from your smartphone Download the app for free!  No contracts Cancel at any time.  Mobile Marketing Kit 60-day free trial, $34.95
  7. 7. IoT Technologies are always being developed and will be offered by rCommunities for Education. How rCFEWorks WithinrGreen Consortium rCFE will roll out profitable tools supplied and supported by the rGreen Consortium. Promoted rCFE business tools used within the community will supply multiple revenue streams as described in this section, which will come from businesses both within and outside the rGreen Consortium. A formal Pro Forma is being developed and will be provided upon request. In addition, rCommunities for Education serves as an awesome sales and marketing vehicle available to all businesses in the community and within the rGreen Consortium:  We hostcommunityeventsinpartnershipwithlocal organizations.  We partnerwithbusinessesof all sizestoimplementInternetof Things(IoT) technologiesinordertoempower the local businessrevenuesusingthe local bigdatathat cannot otherwise be attainedwithouthumaninput,and package the data in useful waysthatlocal businesseswill utilize tointeractwiththeircustomers.  Possibilitiesincludeofferingincentives,rewards,discounts,etc.,todrive theirbusinessgrowthbystrengthening and expandingtheircustomerbase.  Benefitsofferedbythe rCommunities forEducationtothe rGreenConsortiumasa whole isfascinating:the numberof companiespursuingsocial good,thatwishtobe more focusedonsocial good,and will wanttobe involvedwithinthe (IoT) revolutionandorthe Social Internetof Things(SIoT),isquite high.Businessessimply needhelporguidance tobe involved.  Many of these companieswill turntorCommunities forEducationforenhancedgrowth,largerprofits,social good,and to avoidbeingleftbehind. When we Share our Internet of Things, a greener world of products, and our big data with small businesses, they gain tools that are invaluable to the community, bringing people together and helping them succeed! Community Organizing Example, using a Local AutoDealership: A local auto dealership runs a promotion organized by rCFE via radio and/or TV. The dealership offers 100 test drives for $40 each in order to raise funds to donate to a local charity on behalf of rCommunities for Education, who hosts the event. The dealership chooses the resulting $4,000 as their goal at the beginning of the promotion, so if the goal is reached during their event, the dealership would donate that $4,000.00 to the named charity on behalf of the rCommunities for Education (rCFE).  rCFE receives an administration fee for hosting the event and raising funds.
  8. 8.  Local companies doing business with rCommunities for Education look good socially while they may also receive a 100% tax write off by donating to a charity. Sensor Technology toEnhance Business andRewardthe Consumer Bluetooth and RFID Sensors (Beacon) for businesses of all types: Bluetooth and internet-enabled RFID Sensors that are easily placed within the business establishment transmit data (location, customer identification, customer historical info, etc.). Mobile applications can be and are fed this data. The sensors enable rCFE to collect the data that is then provided to the business owner in order to create a method to offer a reward program and/or other incentives to build their loyal customer base, ultimately increasing their bottom line. The consumer benefits tremendously as well. The business now knows what they want, what they need, and when. Not only will they save money, but their customer experience will also improve in big ways! Bluetooth and RFID Sensors for rGreen Landfill Inc.: Our Aerobic Landfill Bioreactor System (ALBS) is by far our greatest revenue stream within the rGreen Consortium. We are targeting thousands of landfills within the USA alone to be able to manage them all remotely. RFID sensors and Bluetooth devices will be placed throughout each entire facility. By measuring dynamic factors — from moisture to water pressure, the amount of air a vent is producing alongside fuel consumption, tire pressure, tools, folders, who, where, and weights over the scales — these data collectors will be used throughout the community in order to track vital dat that will keep the rCFE engine running smoothly, keeping our network of individuals and systems happy and involved. Bluetooth and RFID Sensors for personal use: Bluetooth and internet-enabled sensors that can be placed on a person or in the home are used to locate missing items and add home security features. See who is home, find your lost keys or phone, etc. If you place sensors by the entrances to a home, you can even see who stopped by. rCFE Tracker: Tired of losing your keys, wallet, or phone? Attach the coin-sized rCFE Tracker to any item - then use the CP app to locate it in seconds. Quickly ring a missing item around the home or be notified before leaving things behind. Track anything, even a stolen bicycle, car, TV, motorcycle, etc.… all can be found with our crowdsourced GPS Network. Lost your phone? Press the button on your CP device to ring your missing phone, even on Silent mode! CP’s Crowd GPS Network even updates you of your item’s latest location on a map! Separation Alerts: Forgot your phone again? Custom 2-way separation alert notifies you before you leave items behind! rCFE Home Beacon Direct Sales:
  9. 9. FREE Beacons are provided to members of CP at sign up. This product actively lives within the CP app and can send an alert to a family member or guardian should the child or loved one arrive at or leave the home. Get notified by alarm, email or text when a child gets home from school. Great for keeping up with latch key children and teenagers. 85% of children in America 11-18 years of age have a smartphone. [Installed in minutes: just peel and stick on the wall, then open the CP app and customize your settings.] rCFE CP Patch (Revolutionary) Direct Sales: We are currently working to develop a secret product with other world-class leaders in the low-power RF technology business. To learn more about what we are doing, contact me today! rCommunities for Education will be partnering with various gaming companies to offer free games as an incentive to promote downloading the CP and rGreen Bank apps. The income derived via virtual goods or services could go to a specific child or to the community. Gaming Example: Download our CP app onto your cell phone, computer or tablet device, and receive the latest game(s) as part of our licensed agreements. Games are often free; however, virtual goods and services (upgrades to get the larger gun, a second farm, a few more cows, some more tokens, etc.) are often purchased from within the app. In this case, a portion of the investment for those game enhancements would go towards your child or could be used as a donation to a local charity. A portion of the member’s investment may be a possible tax deduction. This works effectively for the gaming company as well as the consumer and community! rGreen Bank’s “Guruin Training” Programvia rCFE rGreen Bank will offer a “Guru in Training” education package that is an impartial financial education program designed to help young people, and directly supported by teachers, parents and volunteers. rGreen Bank will provide a wide range of classroom resources that are rewarding and fun. Using real-life experiences, the program will help young people develop good money habits. Tell a teacher about it today! “Relating financial education to real-life situations makes everything we do far more effective for young people.” The benefits of this model have already helped millions of young people understand how money works, and has been used to support financial education in thousands of UK schools. Builds Confidence: rGreen Bank is designed to give young people the confidence they need for responsible and effective money management. Equips children for adult life: A good financial education is one of the most important skills needed to equip young people for success in adult life.
  10. 10. Improves employability: rCFE and rGreen Bank will provide young people with skills that employers value, such as planning, organization, and money management. rCommunities for Educationalso offers marketplace technology: rKid’s Market rGreen Bank card members generate revenue toward their children’s education with every swipe of their cards – all rGreen Bank cards pay loyalty rewards of 1% when the card is swiped, and the money goes towards the child’s custodial savings account. Further, by using the card at certain businesses participating in rKid’s Market, customers save and send 10 – 15% by swiping the card. For instance, using the card at Target, 1800Lenses.com and other Marketplace stores and restaurants, and the money goes toward their child’s custodial savings account, or other savings entity set up in the child’s name. …and Members earn rewards by shopping their favorite brands Shop hundreds of your favorite retailers and get 10% - 15% of the money sent to your child’s rGreen Bank account(s). Link almost any major credit or debit cards to your rGreen Bank Wallet and get 10% - 15% of the money sent to your child’s rGreen Bank account(s). Earn an extra 1% in rewards to be sent to your child’s rGreen Bank account(s) when you use your rGreen Bank card. In addition to subscription services and revenue share income that is earned for most of the features listed herein, revenues are earned in a several more ways: 1.) Through product sales (wearables, beacons, RFID sensors, CP merchandise, safety tools/resources, etc.). 2.) By advertising and marketing for businesses both nationally and locally. 3.) By submitting your application and partnering with the rGreen Consortium to enhance any business to take advantage of your communities’ Big Data [metadata]. 4.) By organizing rKid’s Market, enabling every CP and rGreen Bank member to easily generate revenues for a selected child’s education. 5.) By taking advantage of licensing available for all mobile application features developed.
  11. 11. With rCommunities for Education and the rGreen Consortium, the possibilities are virtually endless. We create a path for real success. We change lives. We save lives. We support the community as a whole. We bring focus to personal safety, education, bullying, suicide, drugs, personal finance management tools, goal setting/achievement. We specialize in supporting local businesses. We become a loud voice, a force for social good, community wide. Our actions and accomplishments leave behind lessons the whole world can embrace for the betterment of society everywhere. We strongly believe that we can make a difference by offering a robust product and service that empowers every person and every entity within a community. We make life better! We are looking for the right relationships for our consortium of Startups! For more information, please contact: RJ Randall Co-Founder, Managing Director Phone: 1+ 407.325.6568 Email: RJR@BNKGuru.com