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Why PR & SEO really do love each other - Worthing Digital 10.04.18

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Learn why PR and SEO compliment each other so well and about marketing activities that will keep both of them satisfied.
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Why PR & SEO really do love each other - Worthing Digital 10.04.18

  1. 1. Why PR & SEO really do love each other
  2. 2. Understanding PR The PR and SEO crossover Search intent Using trends Getting links Custom landing pages Reviews Narcism Local SEO Key takeaways
  3. 3. PR is what, exactly? Public Relations is the discipline which looks after reputation, with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behaviour. It is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics. CIPR “ “
  4. 4. And you all know what SEO is
  5. 5. Where the love story begins SEO Adding to the knowledge graph Attracting visitors and serving them engaging content Conducting online activities to increase the visibility of a brand and its products/services in SERPs PR Getting inclusions and links from high-value media and influencer sites Generating and seeding engaging content Raising a brand’s profile on and offline
  6. 6. Intent Who What Why When Where How
  7. 7. Tapping into trends
  8. 8. Link inclusions Asking politely Asking for them to be added later Giving a reason to Applying editorial justification in advance
  9. 9. Custom landing pages
  10. 10. Review accessibility Reviews influence buying activity Choose and focus Implement a strategy See negative reviews as an opportunity 84% of PeopleTrust Online ReviewsAs Much As Friends’ Recommendations.
  11. 11. Narcissistic Social Media
  12. 12. Local SEO Citations – local directories, local review sites, local bloggers Local partnerships – sponsorships, complimentary services Competitions/Giveaways – could lead to blogger mentions and brand links Events/charity fundraisers – local media like good news and people stories Remember to think ‘local’
  13. 13. Include local content on your website
  14. 14. Google Posts
  15. 15. Make your content right for your audience Mentions and citations on credible websites benefits SEO Two contextual links per web page is enough Don’t be afraid to ask for links Take the time to build dedicated landing pages Don’t spread those precious customer reviews too thinly Key points
  16. 16. • Marketing, PR, SEO, Design &Web services • Keyword research service • 121 training/consultations • Free drop-in #ShakeItHUB help sessions in Sussex Thank you! @ShakeItCreative More help