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  1. o Authority can be defined as the power and right of a person, a. to use and allocate the resources efficiently, b. to take decisions c. to give orders while achieving the organizational objectives. o All people who have the authority should know what is the scope of their authority is and they shouldn’t mis-utilize it. o Authority is the right to give commands, orders and get the things done. o The top level management has greatest authority. Authority always flows from top to bottom. Authority can be delegated. o Authority should be accompanied with an equal amount of responsibility.
  3. o It is the duty of the person to complete the task assigned to him. o A person who is given the responsibility should ensure that he completes the tasks assigned to him. o If the tasks for which he was held responsible are not completed, then he should not give explanations or excuses. o Responsibility without adequate authority leads dissatisfaction among the person. o Responsibility flows from bottom to top. Responsibility can not be delegated. o The middle level and lower level management holds more responsibility. o The person held responsible for a job is answerable for it. If he performs the tasks assigned as expected, he is bound for praises. While if he doesn’t accomplish tasks assigned as expected, then also he is answerable for that.
  4.  It means giving explanations for any variance in the actual performance from the expectations set.  Accountability means being answerable for the end result.  Accountability can’t be escaped. It arises from responsibility.  Accountability can not be delegated.  For example, if ‘X’ is given a task with sufficient authority, and ‘X’ delegates this task to ‘Y’ and asks him to ensure that task is done well, responsibility rest with ‘Y’, but accountability still rest with ‘X’.  The top level management is most accountable.
  5. Wide span of control (Flat Organization) - It is one in which a person can supervise and control effectively a large group of persons at one time. According to this span, one person can effectively and efficiently handle a large number of subordinates at one time. The features of wide span are,  It leads to less overhead cost of supervision  We can get prompt response from employees  Better communication can be happened in group while working  Better supervision is possible  Better co-ordination is possible
  6. Narrow span of control (Tall Organization) – In narrow span of control, the work and the authority is divided amongst many subordinates. A supervisor doesn't supervises and control a very big group of people under him. The person supervises only the selected number of employees at one time. The features of narrow span are,  It is useful where the work requires tight control and supervision, for ex., handicrafts, ivory work, etc. which requires craftsmanship, there narrow span is more helpful.  Co-ordination is difficult to be achieved.  Communication gaps can come during work.  Messages can be in distorted form.  Specialization work can be achieved.
  7. Matching Human need with job Needs The supervisor must firstly identify description of job to be done for the particular activity. The written statement which include all detailing about work to be performed by worker is called as job description. The detailing could be in the form of nature of work, procedure or method to carry the work, type of technology, time required to complete work, safety precautions etc.  After identifying job supervisor must find right people to perform defined job description. Supervisor must be clear about sort of person he is looking for. For this he must be clear about all requirements of the job.  Job description and finding people for performing this job both are different activities as both require different skill set.
  8.  The major role of supervisor is to match right people for right job description. It is also called as matching people to job needs. It is very complex and time-consuming activity. Success of organization will only follow after careful matching of people to job.  If matching process is not done properly then we may not get right person, even by offering high salaries, by various manpower sources, by carrying expensive recruitment drives will not give right person.