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Marketing plan for "Foodpanion",a cookery mobile app

  1. FOODPANION Cooking is love
  2. Executive Summary Virtually everybody knows how to cook something. It’s a basic human survival trait and even if you’re limited to Ramen, macaroni and cheese, it’s still something that you know how to do. With the our app, you can expand your knowledge of cooking and will enjoy it.
  3. Looking to rustle up something yummy and healthy, but clueless about kitchen basics?
  4. So we are proudly presenting you FOODPANION Cooking is love
  5. Brand FOODPANION Tagline: Cooking is love Core values: • Innovation. • Quality and care. • Customer satisfaction is at the core of our activities. • Always striving to give ultimate cooking experience.
  6. Overview Our app is a one stop site for thousands of delicious cuisines and those can be saved in a library for the offline use. We also provide the necessary ingredients for the recipes.
  7. How the app works? • Well we have a massive library of thousands of recipes. • All you have to do is just search a keyword relating to the recipe. • Efficient and optimised search engine • Our unique search engine provides hundreds of recipes filtered according to nutrition, cuisine, taste, ratings and many more. • There is also a facility to save the recipe to offline mode.
  8. Company overview • One stop site for hundreds of recipes filtered according to ratings, reviews, nutrition, holiday. • Audio, image and visual step by step instructions. • Effective search engine optimisation and app store optimisation. • Built-in-cart for shopping inventory. Core competencies
  9. Continued… Strategic assets • In app purchases. • Partnering with elated chefs and cooking magazines, • In app advertisements that will generate free revenue.
  10. Market overview
  11. Target Customers Elderly people Independent Cook Passionate cook Busy Mother
  12. Competitors
  13. O Opportunities • Untapped markets • Less competition • Low investments Threats • High budgets required for marketing • Global players like yummly, Big oven already grabbed a larger chunk of market share. • Relatively new concept. So it may take a lot of time to create awareness.
  14. Product line We currently offer more than 3,50,000 types of recipes filtered by holiday, cuisine, taste, diet, nutrition, allergy, cook time, technique, and many more.
  15. Goal • Create a strong brand equity. • Annual target conversion rate 4-6% • Generate great value and greater customer satisfaction • 50,000 app downloads in the first year. • 20 cr of income generated through advertisements.
  16. Strategy • Our strategy is simple and straight forward by attracting a lot of customers with our massive library of recipes at free of cost by lucrative images, ads and word of mouth.
  17. Value proposition Customer Value We offer a massive library of cuisines and our unique filters helps to sort them according to nutrition, cuisine, taste, ratings and many more. Customer satisfaction is our core priority and we always strive to enhance the value of our offerings.
  18. Company value • We always strive to improve by benchmarking global leaders. • Positive work environment. • Huge growth opportunities. • Constant performance assessment by metrics.
  19. Tactics
  20. Freebies • Basic search. • Can save up to 75 recipes. • Create a grocery lists. • No login required. • 30-day free trail. • Access to more than 1,00,000+ recipes. • Can avail 4 types of filters in the search.
  21. Premium version • No ads. • Meal planner. • Save unlimited recipes. • Detailed nutrition facts. • Can use all the filters while searching for a cuisine. • Free subscription to gourmet magazines.
  22. What so different from others?
  23. Are you tired of tired of searching vegetarian food in other apps like a needle in a haystack. Well here is the solution. We provide a whole new variety of dishes for vegans ranging from continental to Chinese to Italian.
  24. Pricing strategy Free version Will charge nothing. We generate revenue from the advertising. Premium version Monthly Subscription:$1.5 Annual Subscription :$ 15
  25. Incentives Customers Price reduction Rebates Discount coupons Monthly subscription of cookery magazines. Collaborators Recognition of worth Fee waiver in ads Staff Promotions Rewards Recognition
  26. Communication Print Media Cookery blogs Promotional videos Press release Google ads Social networking sites
  27. Distribution
  28. Implementation • Procure investments from the investors. • Hire app developers and discuss with them about the app. • Work with the chefs to prepare the recipes. • Prepare print media and advertisements.
  29. Disclaimer Created by M. Raghu Kumar Reddy, Nit Calicut during the marketing Internship by Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Luck now.