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We digitize your business vision

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Digitize your vision with All Inclusive Development!

Railwaymen is a team of professionals engaged in software development, delivering the most innovative solutions to clients all over the world. We focus on building functional, well-designed, fully-tested web and mobile applications.

Last year we were recognized as Global Leader and Top Ruby on Rails Developers from around the world by Clutch. Since 2015 Railwaymen is recognized as Top Developers in Poland.

Book your free tech & business analysis with our experts and Meet us at Mobile World Congress 2018: https://railwaymen.org/events/mwc

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We digitize your business vision

  1. 1. We digitize your business vision
  2. 2. We deliver innovation for companies around the world Successfully launched more than 70projects in more than 20countries
  3. 3. They do more than just code, They’ve become part of the team. Karim Helal, CEO Dubai, UAE | Montreal, Canada They are total geniuses and they can Figure out anything. Christine Boulware, Founder Chicago IL, USA I love the company and I bring projects To them whenever I can. Taylor Hou, Project Manager Austin TX, USA
  4. 4. Cloud-based Construction Software ProEst
  5. 5. AI Technology Intelligent system For various elements recognition Including its rotation, difference in scale and image noise ProEst
  6. 6. Transfer the platform to the next technology level ProEst “They want to understand a problem. If they need to go an extra mile, they do it.” Jeff Gerardi , President/CEO San Diego CA, USA
  7. 7. Bring experts to your team “When they commit to something, they deliver it. If they can’t do something on time, they tell us. It’s the first time in a long while that I don’t feel taken advantage of by a company.” ProTenders Karim Helal, CEO Dubai, UAE | Montreal, Canada
  8. 8. UX/UI Collecting Construction Data ProTenders sneak peek We created markers which show the user interesting and valuable information about the particular building.
  9. 9. Unique and convenient educational apps with gamification features BookWhiz
  10. 10. Supportive & Involved Team Akuarella “They become your extended family and treat your project as if it was of their own.” Israel Berrios, CEO Puerto Rico PATRONIZED BY: Ada Lópe
  11. 11. Visual bookmarking tool to create wishlists & complex online platform for homeowners, homebuyers and real estate HomeAhead, Wishlist
  12. 12. Concentrate on “I am impressed by how well they are able to understand our needs and add additional value to the process.“ HomeAhead Dave Cunningham, CEO Austin TX, USA Quality
  13. 13. Various online platforms With advanced matching algorithms MySoberRoommate
  14. 14. Good Communication “We're not tech savvy people, so they would take the time to explain in terms we could understand.” MySoberRoommate Emily Churg, CFO Los Angeles CA, USA
  15. 15. the users’ needs “The new website has generated impressive beta testing feedback and positive responses on its sleek, modern design and user-friendliness.” MySoberRoommate Emily Churg, CFO Los Angeles CA, USA Focus on
  16. 16. Expertise in a deployment of IoT Technology: Building hardware integrated applications Rally Charge, Safety Driving
  17. 17. Think out-of-the-box and explore new possibilities Rally Charge “We’re trying to build new things, and they bring a good perspective of what’s possible and feasible.” Cory Azzalino, CEO Los Angeles CA, USA BACKED BY:
  18. 18. Graphic Design Safety Driving sneak peek ICON & COLORS: We have used limited color pallets to keep the app minimalist. This color served as the basis for the icon design, which consists of symbols describing the operation of the app.
  19. 19. Tech-savvy IoT & Beacons: Mobile software with access to real-time data Work on all Samsung devices - smartwatches, tablets and SmartTV POSpager, eMenu PRESENTED IN SHOWROOM
  20. 20. We provide support for popular start-ups with successful exits and awarded by TechCrunch and 500startups Remark, AppGalleries
  21. 21. Flexibility in Tailoring Solutions “Railwaymen are extremely professional, up-to-date on technology trends, and a true reliable partner.” Remark Taylor Hou, CEO Austin TX, USA BACKED BY:USED BY:
  22. 22. Our Approach & Methodology 1. Your Innovative Idea Our team is always eager to talk with you and propose the best solution for your business. 2. Free Analysis We gather more information to define goals and make an initial strategy. 3. Defining Requirements After this step we’re able to fulfill end users expectations. 4. Concept Verification We provide you with the very first wireframes to verify consistency. 5. UX/UI Design Knowledge of UX and UI trends helps us in delivering fully usable apps. 6. Development Code quality and its scalability are the most important factors while building an app. 7. Quality Assurance We ensure that each product adheres to our software development standards. 8. User Acceptance Testing After technical review, there is a time for the real world testing. 9. Release We finally go live! This is the most exciting step for your product. 10. Maintenance It's not over yet! We keep your app up to date with market & tech changes.
  23. 23. Railwaymen tel: 1-415-449-4791 (San Francisco, CA) tel: +48 12 391 60 76 (Krakow, Poland) info@railwaymen.org skype: railwaymen.org