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  1. 1. RAJEESHUN ARUDCHELVAM 77 Fulton Crescent, Whitby Email: rajeeshunn@yahoo.com ON L1R 2E1 Mobile: 647-449-7439 Home: 905-666-8630 Page 1 of 3 Profile Summary Software professional with 14 years of experience in designing & developing web and windows applications using following technologies and tools: Asp.Net, C#, VB.Net, MVC 4,Web API, AJAX, SQL Server 2008 R2/2005, VSTO, Oracle, SSRS, Crystal reports, JavaScript, HTML, Bootstrap, Infragistics, DevX, SVN, VSS, EPICOR 9 ERP and WebSphere. Work & Project Experience IT – Lead Developer Oct 2013 - Present Canadian heart research center (CHRC) (www.chrc.net) Projects: 1. QuestionAF: Bilingual web application for physicians to evaluate stroke risk and improve the outcome in patients. All the information of the patients stored in encrypted database and User permissions are handled by ASP.Net membership and SQL server roles. SOAP based Web services are responsible for exchanging information between other web applications, owning by other healthcare organizations. 2. AnswerAF: Bilingual web application for cardiologists to continue their education and acquiring credits to update their licenses. All the information of the patients stored in encrypted database and User permissions are handled by ASP.Net membership and SQL server roles. Roles:  Designed and architected the solution and led the development team to deliver above two bilingual web applications on timely manner.  Core development using ASP.Net, C#, MVC 4, SOAP Web service, .Net Web API, JavaScript and DevX controls.  Designed and developed SOAP-based web services to transfer physician information to other healthcare organizations and receive the appropriate credits from them.  Designing the database, writing the stored procedure, functions and views in SQL server 2008  Involving in team building and interviewing the candidates. 3. BCVoice: A small web application for British Columbian Physician to get their feedback on recent changes on the treatment for diabetes mellitus type 2 using DPP4 Role: Core development using ASP.Net, C# and JavaScript.
  2. 2. Business Application Developer Sep 2012 to Oct 2013 H.Paulin & Co Ltd. (http://www.hpaulin.com) Responsibilities:  Developed windows form applications and customizing the existing applications in C# (Visual Page 2 of 3 Studio 2010 / .Net 4.0)  ETL - Extracting data from AS400 and various applications, transferring them into the database and integrating with the existing systems using C#, VBA, and VSTO  Customizing and implementing EPICOR 9 ERP system (Order management, Material management & Finance) according to Paulin business requirements using C# / VB.Net, SQL Server and generating reports in SSRS  Generating SSRS reports from SQL server database and publishing to production environment  Database designing, Writing Stored procedures, functions, Views in MSSQL Server 2010 Programmer Analyst Apr 2010 to Aug 2012 Re: Sound Music Licensing Company (http://www.resound.ca ) Projects: 1. https://myresound.ca: Web application for Music performers and makers to register their profiles and maintain their repertoire lists for royalty billing, developed using ASP.Net, C#, Web forms, Infragistics controls and JavaScript. Roles: Led the development, core developer, database designer and implementer 2. Radio Log Automated Processing System: Designed and architected the solution to process different format of data files (Excel, Word, CSV, text file etc) and imported into various applications using in C# & VSTO (Visual studio office tool) 3. Application Enhancement Tool: Designed and architected the solution in WPF to assign, manage and monitor the tasks assigned for a particular project / job 4. Payment information: Windows Forms application to show consolidated payment and Revenue information and other financial information for distribution department (C#, WCF) Other tasks:  Customized and implemented EPICOR 9 to Finance, Distribution & Customer service department using C#, SQL Server and generated many reports using Crystal report & SSRS  Setting up VMware, XenDesktop, publishing applications on XenDesktop / Citrix environment Achievement: Awarded as best employee for Q1/ 2011 for developing the RLAP application that saves 80K/year.
  3. 3. Senior Developer Aug 2007 to Mar 2010 TCE Ltd (http://www.tcegroup.com/) Projects: 1. Automated Refill Reminder: Designed and developed in VB.Net 2008 to remind the customers on their medicine refills via Telephone, Emails using C#, SQL Server, Crystal report and XML 2. Product Management: This is an application developed in C# to store, manage and maintain Page 3 of 3 the Medical drug information in DB2 database and update the WebSphere 3. Price list Generator & Loader: To provide information of the medicines from DB2 / WebSphere to various online pharmacies using C#, XML schemas. 4. Broadcast agent: To build advertisement campaigns to broadcast through phone system (C# & XML schemas and SQL Server 2005) Roles: For above 5 projects, sole developer and did designing, coding, testing and trouble shooting, implementing and post production support Team Lead / Senior Developer May 2002 to July 2007 Emirates Airlines, Dubai (http://www.emirates.com/ca/English/) Projects: 1. MICE: This is an event management system for inbound tourism company to manage Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Exhibitions and it has Web and Windows front ends. Role: Lead developer for this 3 year project. Developed using ASP.Net, VB.Net, VB6 and Oracle 9i 2. Messaging: Application to record, maintain day to day business activities of a leisure company 3. Management Information System: Lead Developer 4. Fleet Management Application: Lead Developer: Role: Core developer for this 3 year projects. Developed using VB6 and Oracle 9i Award: Star performer award for successful accomplishment of MICE system Software Developer Jun 2000 to May 2002 Prudential Technology Ltd, Colombo, Sri Lanka Programmer / Trainee Programmer: Jan 1999 to Jun 2000 Prosoft Ltd. Colombo, Sri Lanka Education and Certifications  Bachelor of Computer science from Colombo Open University – 1994 to 1998  Web Application Development with ASP.Net 3 From Seneca college, Toronto: 2009  MBCS: Honours Diploma from British Computer Society (BCS): August 2005  Microsoft certificate professional developer – ASP.Net, 2002  MCP for Visual Basic 6 – 2001  Honours Diploma in Network cantered Programming form NIIT: December, 2000