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  1. CONVERSATION In Between (MONKEY & PARROT CONVERSTION talk between two or more people in which thoughts, feelings, and ideas are expressed, questions are asked and answered, or news and information is exchanged
  2. MEET Mr. MONKEY & Mr. PARROT  Mr.Monkey Mr.parrot
  3. CONVERSATION In Between (MONKEY & PARROT  Monkey: Hello Tar the parrot!  Parrot: Hello Sam the monkey.
  4.  Monkey: How are you today?  Parrot: I am fine today! What about you?
  5.  Monkey: I feel well today too.  Parrot: What are you going to eat today? I’m going to eat seeds.  Monkey: And I think I will have two bananas and an orange.  Parrot: Do you want to go by the sea with me?
  6.  Monkey: Yes that’s a good idea.  Parrot: In order to stay by your side, I will not fly but walk along with you!  Monkey: That’s very nice of you. It’s a nice day today and the sea is so calm.
  7.  Parrot: Yes the weather is beautiful. It’s a lovely day !  Monkey: Yesterday I went to a party of Chikita, a special monkey friend of mine. I was so happy and had lots of fun there.  Parrot: Today is a special day for me because it’s my birthday. I’m ten
  8.  Monkey: Really? I wish you a happy birthday! Enjoy your day!  Parrot: Thank you so much. When is your birthday?  Monkey: My birthday is on the 3rd of May.  Parrot: Oh it’s already seven o’clock. I have to go now because it’s time for dinner.
  9.  Monkey: Bye and hope to meet soon. It was nice meeting you.  Parrot: Bye.
  10. END of THE CONVERSATION I hope u enjoyed… Made By: E.Sree Mani Prashasth 9th C