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  1. English – 6 – Quarter - 4 By:Charlotte A. Ramiscal
  2. Rules:  Do not interrupt when someone is talking. •(tag) huwag makigulo o makisabat kapag may nagsasalita  Always open your camera.  Turn off your mic if you are in the noisy place •(tag) I-off ang iyong mic kapag nasa maiingay ka na lugar  Turn on your mic when the teacher ask something or if you have question. •(tag) I-on ang iyong mic kapag may itinatanong ang iyong guro o kapag ikaw ay may mga katanungan tungkol sa inyong pinagaaralan.
  3. LESSON: Past: regular = add (d) or (ed) irregular = change spelling or retain Present: singular = (s) form plural = base form = I and you Future: will or shall base form
  4. PAST,PRESENT AND FUTURE: Past Ex. I took an exam yesterday. They visited their grandmother last week. Present Ex. I pray the rosary every night. The class secretary checks the attendance. Future Ex. I shall see her tonight. April will attend their wedding next month
  5. Past: Past sentence: Ex. 1. Mica took an exam yesterday. 2. David and his family visited his grandfather last week. 3. My sister graduated last month. 4. My mom enrolled me to the trade a while ago. 5. Anna got her card yesterday.
  6. Present: Present sentence: Ex. 1. My family watch a movie marathon every night. 2. I’ll pass my project today. 3. I got my card today. 4. I’m doing my homework now. 5. I’m cleaning the house.
  7. Future: Future sentence: Ex. 1. I’ll attend my new school this week. 2. I will practice at SCOC later. 3. I shall eat my lunch. 4. I will took my exam tomorrow. 5. My mom will enrolling my sister to the same school I’ve enrolled for this coming Friday.
  8. What’s new: Directions: Write PT if the statement is past and PR for present and FT for future. _________ 1. i shall do my homework later. _________ 2. I took an exam yesterday. _________ 3. I checks the temperature of my classmates every day. _________ 4. I will eat my lunch. _________ 5. I’ll buy some water earlier. FT FT PT PR PT
  9. What I Know: Directions: Write a sentence to past,present and future.  Past: 1. 2. 3.  Present: 1. 2. 3.  Future: 1. 2. 3.
  10. Thank you