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TBS Rebranding campaign powerpoint

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TBS Rebranding campaign powerpoint

  1. 1. Rebranding Campaign TBS Facility Services Group, LLC & Phoenix Reintegration Project Rebranding Marketing Plan Submitted October 1, 2016 by: Randi Payton Marketing Consultant
  2. 2. TBS Rebranding Goal TBS Facility Services, founded in 2006 by its President and CEO Tasha Berry Monroe, is a fast growing and unique family and women-owned company, which has quickly grown to become a go- to, efficient government agency contractor of-choice for moving thousands of U.S Government employees, furniture and computers.  The goal of this marketing and rebranding campaign is to expand TBS federal and commercial business and grow from a small business to a mid-size company. By replacing "Old-School" movers with new technology, evaluations of clients that help to improve computer networks during move by TBS IT experts.
  3. 3. REBRANDING MESSAGING The rebranding campaign includes marketing, business develop and public relations that promote awareness of TBS’s stellar reputation to potential clients. The focus of the marketing content is to compete against corporate and government relocating contractors by positioning TBS as an innovative and reliable office relocating contractor that reduces cost, chaos, and provides evaluations of the client’s move from the old to new facility. Unique to the Moving industry, the evaluations provide recommendations on ways to improve the new facility’s floor plans, computer work stations, and IT networks.
  6. 6. MARKETING STRATEGY Media Campaign: • Strengthen TBS’S uniqueness and news worthiness to media and potential business clients • Write and distribute press releases • media alerts • feature stories • social media content and daily updates • Promote TBS’s nonprofit - Phoenix Reintegration Project • Promote TBS as an influential business leader • Hosting of tours Chinese Educator tours to public schools in the Washington Metro Area • TBS giving campaigns • Thanksgiving food baskets • Winter coats, hats, sharfs, boots drive • Christmas Surprise grocery shopping by TBS members • Document and promote PRP employee training activities
  7. 7. PRESS RELEASE Promoting TBS’s news worthiness through trade, business, community, and multimedia campaigns TARGET AUDIENCES: 1. Federal and State government agencies 2. Corporations, Nonprofits, Conventions, Small Businesses 3. Community and Job-Ready organizations, and programs that support reintegration of exoffenders, welfare-to-work and Veterans
  8. 8. t Increase B2B relationships and partnerships: •Expand community and industry presence •Develop list of key business and networking events •Identify calendar of supplier related events, job fairs, convention briefings for suppliers, municipal supplier RFPs, etc. •Produce an exhibit for booths at supplier industry events B2B ENGAGEMENT
  9. 9. PHOENIX REINTEGRATION PROJECT (PRP) NONPROFIT 501 (c) 3 The Phoenix Reintegration Project (PRP), a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 founded by Tasha Berry-Monroe to support workforce development, reintegration of Ex-Offenders, Veterans, and Welfare-to-work recipients into society. Phoenix Reintegration Project (PRP) and Community Citizenship Develop a marketing and sponsorship campaign for PRP Identify corporate, state and foundation grants Build network of resources that provide training, licensing, and job related services Compile testimonials from success stories to share with media and online Schedule radio and Interviews • Produce Corporate sponsorship proposal •Research state and federal RFPs and funding sources for workforce development training and hiring
  10. 10. COMMUNITY CHARITY 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Baskets OCTOBER 30-NOVEMBER 15 .Winter hats, socks, gloves and scraf drive TBS will hand out on the streets of DC on the coldest days of YEAR. OCTOBER 20-FEBRUARY 28 Winter coats for 20 ages 6yrs to 12yrs OCTOBER 15-NOVEMBER 15 . Drop off locations: TBS Facility Services 535A East Braddock Road Alexandria VA 22314 Too Tight Embroidery 8023C Penn Randall Place Upper Marlboro MD 20774
  11. 11. Youth and Charity