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While I'm Away Guide

A complete visual guide to the new out-of-office application - While I'm Away...In Beta This Holiday(http://www.whileimaway.email)

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While I'm Away Guide

  1. 1. “Fr SETTING UP YOUR OUT-OF—OFF| CE USING While I4 m Away Ea CREATE YOUR OUT-OF-OFFICE IN 60 SECONDS BY TELLING OUR SIMPLE WIZARD: YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WHEN YOU ARE GONE WHO'S COVERING YOU >. .'< WE THEN EMAIL YOU YOUR OUT-OF-OFFICE MESSAGE: / / .4 l - . . " ti ‘_ (_ _, ‘ ’ V“ V ‘I ‘V M" F“ - Mark Unread . @ Q ‘ 1 . Delete Rt-pl-, i RUDI) forward -I _ , ‘ W | _l W . Move 7. . lp FOHOWUD _ Translate - Zoom Add to All ‘ ' Everncitz‘ S De ere Fieipcind Quid. 3ii‘[)S - More tags - Editing Iocrn Lerncte n ’-': ;_-_’; :;. ’’I‘. ' lg; _ Including 2 Simple Links To , °”"°"°""° copy 6 Paste Into Any Platform Thank you for your email. I am out of the office and will return January 3rd, 2015. Please let me know if this can wait until I get back or if you need assistance sooner by choosing an option below: g. H3 We put the decision in the hands of your contacts to click on one of two links - This can't wait (Urgent) ll OPTION #1 This Can Wait giiiiiiiiiiii 8 IIIIIIII IIIIIIII g_, ,,, _,, ,j, _ IUIIIII Most messages simply aren't urgent. .._cgntaCi§ Eon V‘ HHHIHIIII se a quic remin er for both of you to A Connect when you Just in case you're checking get back to the office email, we send you a subject line notification "Relax. ..This Can Wait‘ W'IIc I In In»-N ‘Q Have urgent issues H ' roufted to a designated """" "“, '."' ea " , _ , , appliEoEr>T: jinoresbI| up , ,M. essages, °. i:: ::: .“; .*: ; are Roasted Email SMS Text Optional - ‘Interrupt My Trip text message if they need you and only you Email Routed To Team CO-Workers love it and deal with less issues _ ‘ i . 5 : :l: L': r:. .’: :.W. :zi 7777 as information is never 1 4 revealed in your out- ’l Of-office reply to / '4 Q Commas‘ 4 Provides Assistance ’ / / V / V ® / I Via / / r V I‘ ly i Lb! ’ Your team can update V‘. L[__ the status and -V‘ / _ comment on whether issues were resolved Or remind you to connect with contacts when back in the office Team Can Update Status Over 75% of workers dread their first day back due fO the high number of emails sitting in their inbox . - 0 CC‘: 2 Instead of wostin your first day baci sifting through hundreds of emails, Come back focused Without the need to AWAY DASHBOARD Chose People down to see what was taken care of. Imagine having the tracked urgent messages and those that requested to be contacted when you're back. ..a| l in one place. While I4 m Away http: //WhilelmAway. email