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Why You Should Avoid Email This Holiday

Check out these stunning facts on why you should avoid work email during the holidays…

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Why You Should Avoid Email This Holiday

  1. 1. EMAILIIIIIIIIIIT U These facts should motivate you to disconnect this holiday season. .. "’ :4 WORK & EMAIL HABITS PRIOR TO THE HOLIDAY _ I3.5HOURS The number of hours 28 /0 Workers are tied to I Percentage of the workweek we email during an average spend sifting through our inbox 5 Over # of - -— vacation : ‘A : days . ! . ’I‘ ; r 5 Americans Check work email routinely on : ‘ Z yeaasrted each their phone under the toble TUUNPLU WE SCARED BUT WILL OUR EMAIL HABITS FINALLY CHANGE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON? PROBABLY NOT. .. 5 0 of Americans will > check their work email 0 0 this holiday season ll'I'lrIl'Il'lr1l'll'I'lIl'l'iI1l1llHI1llrll'lI I O, iimimniimim : T 52 ll'IIlllII'I‘lI‘llIIllI‘II'I‘II‘llllI‘IlII‘II DONT CONSIDERIT WORK IS CHECKING WORK EMAIL AN EMPLOYER ISSUE. .. OR AN EMPLOYEE ISSUE? : EEL OBLIGATED Il‘IllrIl'Il1l‘Il'IlIlIl'l'IlIl1l‘I'IIl‘1l"llIHl‘ _ % lllllllllllllllllllltllllllllllllllllll 38 Average # of Times You'll Unlock Your Smartphone Per Day This Holiday Season SO, WHY DO WE NOT DISCONNECT? OUR EGOS, FOR ONE. .. THINK No one else can do theirjob 2 35% To be seen as replaceable _ 200/0 BUT REMEMBER THIS HOLIDAY. .. OUR KIDS & FAMILIES ARE AISO STARVING FOR OUR ATTENTION 69 PERCENT OF CHILDREN FEEL THEIR PARENTS ARE ADDICTED TO THEIR SMARTPHONE SO. ..lS IT TIME TO GET RADICAL? TAKING WORK-LIFE BALANCE TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL I Q C Germon outomoker Doimler recently implemented a radical new program that not only outo-replies to email sent while staff is owoy, but deletes it outright. THIS IS A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION, BUT. ..WHAT WOULD YOU RETURN TO? e% KN EMPTY INBOX — BUT ANGRY CUSTOMERS IT'S TIME TO RETHINK THE OUT-OF—OFF| CE MESSAGE SINCE = of us will still g 0 dread our first day 1 0 back at work. .. Let Us Help You Disconnect this Holiday Season While |4m Away I http: //www. WhiIe| mAwoy. EmoiI Sources: http: //www. mc| <insey. com/ insig hts/ hig h_tech_telecoms_internet/ the_social_economy http: //www. ccl. org/ leaders hip/ pdf/ research/ AlwaysOn. pdf http: //wwwl. good. com/ about/ press-releases/161009045.html http: //traveleffect. com/ researc h/ assessment-paid—time—us http: //traveleffect. com/ research/ overwhelmed-america http: //www. huffingtonpost. com/2014/07/23/parents-tech-addiction-ulosurvey_n_561l304.html http: //us. randstadcom/ content/ aboutrandstad/ news-and-press-releases/ press-releases/2009/20090520002.xml