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Rlay Resume 02 27 15 r Doc

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Rlay Resume 02 27 15 r Doc

  1. 1. Randy Lay 9609 Lakeway Circle Fort Worth,Texas 76179 214-924-8064 RandyLay@outlook.com Objective Best use ofa results oriented professional. Professional Achievements Project Management and Close Outs Aerospace & Defense Contractor  Successfully Completed Two Projects Total Of 3.5 Million  Military Production Facility, Both Projects were high security and high exposure. One project was performed at nighttime and the other was on a flight line. Both required constant attention to exposure of customer’s assets. Project Start Upand Monthly Updates Department Of Criminal Justice  Successfully set up extensive SOV’s and CPM Schedule with P6 coordinator.  Performed monthly SOV’s Billing and P6 CPM Schedule Updates  Coordinated and recommended products to Roof Consultant with choices of right products through an RFI process. Crisis Management Aerospace & Defense Contractor  Successfully worked with Facility Authorities and Liquid Supplier to remove the vessel from the property premises. Jointly made decisions with Facility Authorities for lifting and transporting the risk to a stable area. Once the vessel was stable it was removed from the premises. Public School  Successfully worked with School Facilities Management to remove furniture, carpeting, teaching materials and construction debris as result of water intrusion. Coordinated with Insurance Adjuster for Flooring, Water Restoration, Ceiling Tile and General Construction items; kept insurance cost to a minimum by managing all of the cost, we self-performed tasks that would have additional subcontractor cost. Over a short period the facility was phased back in working order and allowed Teachers and Students to return their classrooms.
  2. 2. [Your Name] [Street Address, City, ST ZIP Code] [Phone number] [E-mail address] Your Name Address, phone, fax, email Field-to-Office Management Launched Field Payroll Data Entry System  Successfully Setup remote entry application through office accounting software.  Hourly entry application is through Droid, ISO and Windows 8; Web-Based Site or APP.  Trained field employees on data entry.  System can accept Job Number, Work Task Heading and Specific Task.  The hourly entry system allows a single employee to be allocated as many times as needed. Crew’s entry can also be selected. Skills ComputerEase Job Cost Module FieldEase v2.6.10.2 Payroll Module Adobe 9.5 Quick Take Off Analysis Adobe 9.5 Quick Take Off Analysis  AIA G702-G703 SOV’s Billing  Construction Billing Procedures  Excel Work Book  Submittals  Fleet Management Employment Benco Construction Services VP Operations Fort Worth, Texas 09/01/12 to Present Phillips May Dallas, Texas Senior Estimator 07/23/2010 to 08/31/12 TDPM JV Terminal A DFW Architectural/Structural Estimator Airport, Texas 01/20/2011 to 08/31/12 References References are available on request.