diet coke

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Diet Coke

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diet coke

  1. 1. Diet Coke Ravi P. Agrahari (Science & Technology)
  2. 2. A 330 ml can of Diet Coke contains around 1.3 Calories (5kilojoules) compared to 142 Calories (595 kJ) for a regularcan of Coca-Cola. But that doesnt mean that Diet Coke ishealthier.For one thing, the sweetener in Diet Coke is Aspartame,and has been under controversy for some time as towhether the FDA should ever have approved it. "Some studies have also recommended furtherinvestigation into connections between aspartame anddiseases such as brain tumors, brain lesions,and lymphoma. These findings, combined with notableconflicts of interest in the approval process, haveengendered vocal activism regarding the possible risks ofaspartame."
  3. 3. But health risks of Aspartame aside, the illusion that itprovides a healthy alternative for dieters is a false one. DietCoke produces a sharp spike in insulin, which blocks thebreakdown of fat. The fact of the matter is that if your goal is fat loss, sweetproducts of any sort will block your path, regardless of theirassociated calories. Secondly, aspartame interferes with thebodies feelings of satiety by disrupting the chemical processesthat use the mouth to calculate how much youveconsumed. Basically, Diet Coke makes you keep eating longerthan you would have without it.
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