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Learn the power of Words (copywriting))

  1. Power of Words Copywriting
  2. Let me share with you an example: from a software. The software is a cloud-based video editing software. So the software owners are giving 4000 images as a bonus to their customers.
  3. - First, they wrote 4000 images in their sales copy. - One person said, hey it is not looking powerful.
  4. - You know what, how about changing this “4000 images” to “4000 HD images”? Now it is looking more powerful than the previous one.
  5. - Then they again changed it to 4000 Ultra HD images. - Then they again changed it to 4000 4k Ultra HD Images.
  6. The 4000 images remained the same, but the perception changed completely. - First, it is just 4000 images.
  7. - But after turning it into 4000 4k Ultra HD Images. The perception went high. The same 4000 images become more powerful.
  8. That is the power of words.
  9. One more example: Veg restaurant vs premium veg restaurant. Which one is looking powerful? The premium veg restaurant right. The word “premium” makes the equation more powerful and persuasive
  10. Perception is reality
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