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MS SQL Database Recovery Software

SQL Recovery Software is the advance and a brilliant tool to recover both primary and secondary (MDF and NDF) database. The software is able to repair large sized MDF file with all database objects like table, views, rules, triggers, stored procedure etc. It recovers deleted SQL Server Database table’s data and supports all versions of SQL Server.

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MS SQL Database Recovery Software

  1. 1. MS SQL Database Recovery Tool
  2. 2. MS SQL Database SQL Server is a Microsoft product used to manage and store information. Basically SQL Server is a “Relational Database Management System” (RDMS) and is used to store SQL (Structured Query Language) code which creates database files and stores all the information in it and is managed in such a way that could be retrieved whenever required.
  3. 3. What SQL Server Does? SQL Server database widely used for managing database related tasks in easy, secure and dynamic way. SQL service is related from any level. SQL server specially used in Big firms where large data process is needed.
  4. 4. SQL Database Files MDF NDF
  5. 5.  Triggers Other Features SQL Server Database used for doing various types of user information and objects and below you’re going to see some of them.  Tables  Views  Store Procedure  Programmability  Default and functions
  6. 6. SQL Database Recovery Tool SQL Database Recovery Software is designed to help SQL Database user when their SQL database file MDF and NDF gets become corrupted. You can learn more about SQL Server database recovery Tool with the help of the link below: www.databasefilerecovery.com/ms-sql-database- recovery.html