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Research Trends in Latin America

We invite you to join our experts from Latin America as they discuss three aspects of trends and change facing LatAm.

2020 – what has stayed the same, what has changed? What has worked, what has not?
2021 – assuming we still have the COVID-19 virus with us, how might research respond?
Looking beyond 2021 – what are the key things research and insight need to do to be relevant in 2025 and 2030?
Our Panel, moderated by Ray Poynter

Adriana Rocha, President and co-CEO of eCGlobal, Miami
Alain Mizrahi, CEO de Grupo RADAR, Uruguay
Laura Bright, Independent Consultant in market research and marketing strategy, Mexico

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Research Trends in Latin America

  1. 1. Research Trends in Latin America Panel Discussion with Ray Poynter, Adriana Rocha, Alain Mizrahi & Laura Bright 3 December 2020
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  3. 3. Research Trends in Latin America • Welcome: Ray Poynter • Sponsors • Introductions • Panel Discussion • Closing announcements
  4. 4. Panel Discussion Laura Bright Alain Mizrahi Adriana Rocha Ray Poynter
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