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Solving the Participant Crisis

  1. Solving the Participant Crisis With Shifra Cook - Ayda CEO and Founder
  2. • Market forces • Impact on Research Operations • How did we get here? • Doing as we've always done • Positive ways forward
  3. Ayda Shifra Cook The all-in-one solution for your daily ResOps needs. Where to find us
  4. The Participant Crisis Increased demand for data and insights Smaller participant pool Increased concerns around data privacy and changes in legislation
  5. Lack of New Recruiters Shrinking Participant Pool Over-working Qualitative Low Completion Rate Fraud Quantitative vs
  6. How did the industry get here? 01 02 03 Faster and Cheaper Focus on Output not Input Data Privacy and Security
  7. Understanding the Participant Perspective #1 Speed of Reward #4 The Research Topic #3 Choice of Reward #2 Communication with Researchers #5 The Brand or Company Ayda Participant Survey, 2020. 738 responses.
  8. “We have clients and other stakeholders whom we all work to ensure have a positive experience of the research process, but the participant experience is sometimes overlooked; over time this can erode trust, enthusiasm and willingness to participate. Open, clear and respectful communication and prompt and fair payment are key to ensuring that participants feel valued.” James Sainsbury, Managing Director of Criteria Fieldwork
  9. A Positive Participant Experience Participants are foundational to research Service design is essential Participant Focused vs Researcher Focused Positive relationships with researchers create trust and security
  10. How do we get there? From Output to Input Improve PX Change Perception of Research in Society Solve the Participant Crisis Now
  11. Thank You! Q&A